Robotbase’s Personal Robot wants to be the personal assistant of your dreams

Diane Shipley Gadgets, Tech

A U.S company called Robotbase is developing a personal robot in part thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, which has already raised $74,701 (of a $50k goal) with twenty days still to go. Informatively (if not imaginatively) called Personal Robot, their design consists of a 1m 27cm stand on a round base, with a round screen…

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Magnet smart jewellery lets you literally keep in touch

Diane Shipley Tech

Wearables can do all kinds of things, from monitoring your dog’s health to diagnosing diseases. But Magnet smart jewellery offers something a bit different: the chance to literally keep in touch with someone you love. Only sold in pairs, it’s designed for two people to use. It can be worn on an attached bracelet, added…

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Articulate clutch bag

Meet Articulate, the security-conscious clutch bag

Holly Brockwell Tech

The amazing-looking Articulate Clutch just closed for funding on Kickstarter, having raised six times its $10,000 goal. Not surprising given that in addition to being a classy, colourful little bag to take out with you, it comes with some pretty smart features for protecting your money. The main one is RFID-blocking, which is becoming popular with the rise of…

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Impossible is a new electric bike you can keep in your backpack

Diane Shipley Fun

We’ve seen folding bikes before. We’ve seen electric bikes before. What we haven’t seen before is a portable electric bike that’s stylish, relatively light, and easy to carry around. Yet despite its name, as PSFK points out, the Impossible is all of those things. Or it will be, anyway. It’s currently a prototype: its inventors…

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Brilliant lighting

Insight – How intelligent lighting is set to change your home

Chris Price Fun

Chris Price looks at some of the latest developments which are about to revolutionise your home’s lighting, including smart bulbs which can be controlled via your mobile phone and systems that can be integrated effectively with your home’s security - even provide multi-room audio! Our homes have been utterly transformed over the last 100 years.…

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Falco’s electric bike converter is powered by your heart

Diane Shipley Tech

There are a lot of electric bike converters out there, but they don’t all have this much heart. Weirdly enough, I mean that literally. Electronics company Falco is currently raising money on Kickstarter for Fusion Sports Drive, its converter kit that can turn any bike into an electric bike, so you’ll never have to struggle…

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Eight futuristic running and fitness gadgets to look forward to

Diane Shipley Tech

Running brings all kinds of rewards – from providing time to listen to your favourite songs to preventing disease. But like everything else, it's even more worthwhile if you can add some fun tech to the mix. There are some great gadgets and wearables on the market already, but here are some we'll see over the…

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The first 4-colour 3D printer could be coming to market

Diane Shipley Tech

Interest in 3D printing (whether for organs, chocolate or, potentially more violently, guns) has boomed in the last few years, but the designs available can be a little lacking when it comes to colour choice. That’s why one London-based entrepreneur wants to make 3D printing more vibrant. Felix Chan is raising money on Kickstarter to…

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