demon cat

Hello Kitty! Here’s the ‘demon cat’ that’s captivated (and terrified) Japan

Sadie Hale Trending Leave a Comment

A black cat with long ear-fur resembling horns has caused quite a stir in Japan’s cyberspace. Photos of the feline fiend have spread across the internet, prompting a surge of comments, shares and likes from users of the website Cats are well-known for their cold, somewhat devilish traits, and Japan has a history of…

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Japanese developer rebrands the Boyfriend Log spying app

Becca Caddy Apps 1 Comment

A Japanese developer has been forced to tone down a new application which sneakily tracks people using GPS without them knowing. Kare Log, meaning Boyfriend Log, was first released at the end of August and could be downloaded to mobile devices or laptops which are then tracked via GPS without letting on that the app…

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Apple Japan website says iPhone 4S will be 30% cheaper than iPhone 4

Ashley Norris Apple, iPhone, Phones 1 Comment

Great spot by the team at 9to5Mac who noted the early arrival of the iPhone 4S on Apple's Japanese website. The interesting part is that the phone will retail for 10,800 yen, which is apparently 30% cheaper than the iPhone 4. So maybe those rumours about an cheaper iPhone to take on the Android handsets…

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Married by a robot – Japanese couple do it a bit differently

Anna Leach Random Stuff, Robots, Top Stories 1 Comment

So perhaps fewer people in the UK are religious these days, but while people might choose to get married in a registrar's office rather than a church, not many would want their nuptials presided over by a robot. In Japan, of course, it's different. A couple in Tokyo were married by a four-foot tall robot…

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A Wrist-Watch that looks like broken glass and charges by USB

Anna Leach Accessories 3 Comments

A watch that looks like broken glass and can be recharged by USB? If that sounds like some crazy Japanese invention, well that's because it is, but it's also commercially available and looks kinda cool. Released by Tokyoflash Japan, the Kisai Broke does to the traditional two-handed watch face what Battle Royale did to my…

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App Review: Japanese Smash Girls

Anna Leach Mobile phone apps, Reviews Leave a Comment

How you could you resist an app that promises to keep you up to date with the Japanese indie scene, lets you watch Japanese grrl rock stars smashing guitars and simulates you smashing a guitar by buzzing your iPhone and making painful screechy noises. I certainly couldn't - but, though fun it is too good…

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The First Official ShinyShiny Twitcast

Anna Leach Twitter Leave a Comment

We reviewed Twitcasting here. Then we did a meta-review of Twitcasting on Twitcasting: watch it on Ashley's account here. Pros: it is really easy to do Cons: that iPhone camera isn't amazing, pictures are jerky and the sound isn't audible at some points. It works best when you're right next to the camera and that…

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The Robovie-II: at last, a robot that does the shopping

Anna Leach Robots, Top Stories Leave a Comment

Why carry your shopping yourself when you can get a robot to do it? Okay, they still have trolleys rather than robots in the average British Tescos, but in Japan... they have bag-carrying robots. FTW Japan. The robotic shopping assistant from company ATR is designed to make shopping more convenient and entertaining for the elderly.…

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The Kuma phone is basically an overpriced teddy bear

Lucy Hedges Phones, Prototype Leave a Comment

Where else in the world could this wacky Kuma phone originate from but Japan? I'm not saying the Japanese are wacky, I'm just acknowledging that a lot of 'out there' gadgets and design concepts often originate from this tech savvy country. Willcom could have made a bit more effort though and used a stuffed bear…

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Have a baby, slap his/her face on a bag of rice

Lucy Hedges Fun Stuff, Random Stuff Leave a Comment

Ahhh, the weird and wonderful world of Japan. How is that our customs always look a bit... unimaginitive next to theirs? We have cigars to celebrate births, they have bags of rice that weigh the same as the baby. And have its face on the front. This is clearly *way* cooler. If you're au fait…

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This is what happens when Gameboys and platforms collide

Lucy Hedges Geek chic clothing, Random Stuff 3 Comments

Some things should NEVER be allowed to merge together. In this instance, it's Gameboys and ridiculously clumpy, ugly and cheap-looking shoes. OMG where do I start with this eyesore, this monstrosity, this absolutely hideous piece of, dare I say it, fashion. Apparently these awful *awful* boots are highly popular with teenagers all over, yep you…

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Tech savvy women have started a gadget revolution (we could have told you that)

Lucy Hedges Columns & Opinion, Tech News 1 Comment

As the world gets increasingly tech-orientated, women are apparently at the forefront of what's hot in the world of tech. Gone are the days where we're associated with cutesy/pink/sparkly/basic gadgets. According to Sony Ericsson, we spend more on gadgets than we do on shoes - on average, £391 a year. That's a total of £17…

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The Robot massager gets rid of muscle ache: Claustrophobics need not apply

Zara Rabinowicz Health & Sport, Personal Grooming Leave a Comment

You have to love Japan, and not just for their crazy addiction to Hello Kitty, but for all the other weird and wacky gadgets they produce. They've just given us details of their new massager, the Auto Healther Reiz DZ-270, which sounds ever so pleasant. You lie in its murky womb-like confines, and lower the…

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You don't need an explanation…it's a Hello Kitty washing machine!

Lucy Hedges Hello Kitty, Home Appliances Leave a Comment

How much do you love Hello Kitty? Enough to purchase a washing machine emblazoned with Japan's favourite feline? I thought not. Is it me or is this pushing it just a tad? I can only imagine this slightly hideous contraption would find itself a home in a really pink and frilly house. Perhaps it could…

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The world's first 3D TV (only available in Japan, of course)

Lucy Hedges Columns & Opinion, TVs and Home Cinema Leave a Comment

Like most innovative and must-have pieces of technology, the world's first 3D television has been released in Japan. So, all those people over there with half a million yen lying about (that's £2,500 to us) and an urge to watch everything in third dimensional form will be among the first to experience television 3D style.…

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The Wi Fi umbrella will make you long for rain

Zara Rabinowicz Geek chic clothing Leave a Comment

I didn't think there were many things that could actually make me crave the wet salty droplets of sky-tears, but the possibility of being able to photograph my fellow commuters and rain splattered buddies is simple to great to ignore. This hi-tech brolly includes a built in camera, which adds a whole James Bond spy…

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