INSIGHT – The 10 things I want to see from Apple’s iWatch: female focus, awesome design, best in class tracking

Becca Caddy Tech

The Apple iWatch is quickly becoming the Loch Ness monster of the tech world. I've heard rumours about its existence for as far back as I can remember (okay a year), but as of yet we've had no concrete evidence that it's going to be an actual, real life thing anytime soon. Of course a…

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MacUser "iWatch" mockup with user interface examples

Apple iWatch will come in different sizes and have ten tracking sensors

Becca Caddy Trending

Apple's iWatch is rumoured to be launched in October and this week WSJ has revealed some pretty interesting details about the highly-anticipated new wearable. According to WSJ's source, the Apple iWatch will be available in a range of different models and sizes. This is music to our ears here at shinyshiny because wearables are so…

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Has an Apple exec inadvertently confirmed the iWatch?

Ashley Norris Tech

Apple's iWatch is of course the worst kept secret in the tech world. Yet no Apple execs have acknowledged its existence. Well not until now.. Bill Campbell, Apple board member and Silicon Valley veteran, gave a talk to employees at Intuit, the software firm to which he acts as chairman where he shared his views…

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