iPod 1st generation with G5 iMac computer

First love: me, myself and iPod

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Last week, we discovered that Apple has quietly killed the iPod classic. While I shrug off the news of most tech deaths with a ‘que sera, sera’, circle-of-life-ish pragmatism, this one has unleashed a wave of nostalgia that I wasn’t quite ready for. I’ve fallen into a Spotify hole and not climbed out for three…

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Google hires super hackers to protect you

Craig Fox Rumours Leave a Comment

Google, a present day supergiant we all know and probably deal with daily has launched a super hacker team to work on its illusive 'Project Zero'. Google announced only yesterday that it has put together a project in the search to reduce the amount of 0 days vulnerabilities floating around cyber space, in the article itself Google says;…

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ipod touch

How Apple has changed the face of digital music

Hayley Minn Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

As Apple's $3bn deal with Beats by Dr Dre has finally been confirmed, everyone's been wondering just what Apple has in mind for the headphones brand, especially as the deal wasn't even mentioned at the WWDC. However, thinking about it, Apple has been widely credited with accelerating the first digital music revolution, so the global giant…

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