iPhone separation causes psychological problems, researchers say

Diane Shipley Feeling good Leave a Comment

In a study that sounds like it was sponsored by Apple (although it apparently wasn’t), researchers have found that iPhone users being without their beloved devices causes psychological, physiological, and cognitive issues. Russell Clayton and Glenn Leshner from the University of Missouri recruited subjects for what they told them was an experiment to test a…

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Holly Brockwell with iPhone 6

I’m a die-hard Android fan. Here’s what happened when I tried the iPhone 6

Holly Brockwell Tech 84 Comments

With thanks to EE for the handset I'm one of those intensely crappy people who have a passionate alliance to one side of a tech war. In fact, I have several. I'm firmly PC over Mac (though I'll probably go Chrome OS when it's more developed), digital media over physical, and Android over iOS. I…

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Hipster, hippie or Kim Kardashian: what type of ancient phone user are you?

Lauren Bravo Trending Leave a Comment

It's official: Kim Kardashian uses an ancient phone! Not two tin cans tied together with string, but pretty damn close – a Blackberry Bold, which they don't even sell anymore. So devoted to her favourite B'berry is Kim that she even buys spare handsets on eBay and hoards them for future use. 'I like to…

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Uh oh, people are reporting that their iPhone 6 Plus bent while in their pockets

Tom Pritchard Tech 6 Comments

Everything has its teething problems, and the iPhone has never been an exception to that rule. Who can remember the iPhone 4s that didn't make calls because of a design flaw? There seems to be another design flaw going around at the moment, because people are noting that iPhone 6s are starting to warp and…

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iOS 8 is already causing problems with battery and Wi-Fi for some people

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Tech is fickle by nature, and any variation in hardware or software can cause rather unexpected consequences. Take the recent launch of iOS 8 for instance, most people will consider it to be an improvement on iOS 7 -- but others are already having issues that ruin their mobile experience. Users have reported problems with…

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Apple has reportedly made Activation Lock on by default in iOS 8

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According to reports Apple has made the 'Activation Lock' theft deterrent advice in iPhones on by default in iOS 8, in order to appease politicians who have been trying to get the tech company to implement a remote 'kill switch' to disable stolen devices. Activation Lock itself has been present on iPhones since iOS 7…

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Apple has released a guide for Android users transitioning to iPhone 6

Tom Pritchard Tech 1 Comment

A lot of people are impressed with the iPhone 6, and Apple certainly has high hopes for both models. So much so that it's created a guide for the waves of Android users who are no doubt going to be flocking to the phone once it's actually released. The guide includes instructions on transferring Mail, Contacts,…

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