Charlie Brown Christmas

How not to be a knob on social media at Christmas

Lauren Bravo Premium, Trending 2 Comments

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, every creature was tweeting – via touchscreen or mouse... Social media has entrenched itself in Christmas as firmly as sprouts or Michael Bublè, but that doesn't mean it always comes in peace. Here are the most common festive pitfalls to avoid being the knob everyone unfollows…

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Mr Whisper takes the Instagrammer of the Year crown #ShinyShinyAwards

Staff Writer Gadgets & Apps, ShinyShiny Awards 2014 1 Comment

Instagram and its snap-happy community have grown a great deal over the last year, with more than 60 million photos now uploaded each day. Our shortlist for the Instagrammer of the Year award celebrated some of the app's top emerging talent, chosen for the way they use Instagram to showcase their creative photography, provide fans…

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Fireworks, and seven other photos that are always disappointing on Instagram

Lauren Bravo Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

It's ok, we believe you. They looked better in real life. Fireworks It is one of life's great injustices that fireworks photograph so badly. Perhaps it is their way of reminding us all to live in the moment, appreciating their transient beauty for a few fleeting moments before it fades rather than selfishly trying to preserve…

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North Korean women prefer mobile phones to engagement rings

Diane Shipley Fun Stuff, Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Despite living under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world, people in North Korea are just like us: when they get engaged, they want a ring. On the phone, that is. According to The Guardian, mobile phones are an increasingly popular engagement gift in North Korea. The country’s brides don’t traditionally wear wedding…

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Instagram filters on coffee photo

How Instagram made me a better person

Lauren Bravo Gadgets & Apps, Must read 4 Comments

We’re all narcissists now, had you heard? But of course you had. The news is everywhere. Self-promotion is the opiate of our masses, and vanity the virus that will eventually cause our slick, buzzy, digitally-enhanced lives to short circuit and blow a fuse. For every selfie and belfie and knelfie (that’s a photo of your…

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China’s great firewall: the major websites that are currently blocked

Sadie Hale Trending Leave a Comment

As pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong continue into a fifth day, the world's attention has honed in on China. The Chinese government is well-known for its tough censorship and heavy media intervention, and has attracted international criticism for often-unexplained decisions which restrict the freedom of expression outlined in China's constitution. It has threatened artists, blocked popular websites and regularly bans Western films.…

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China’s reportedly blocked Instagram due to Hong Kong protests

Diane Shipley Trending 1 Comment

What do we want? #democracy! When do we want it? [Censored]. Yep, it looks like everyone's favourite photo-sharing service is now blocked in China. Boo. As filled with other people's shoes, food, and engagement rings as Instagram can be, it's also a great way for people to record what's happening, especially when huge global events…

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Adverts will appear on Instagram from today

Tom Pritchard Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Adverts are the necessary evil in the internet world, without them we'd have to pay for everything individually and despite how we might hate them we have to accept them. Instagram is following the example from people like Facebook and Google, launching adverts that will appear in the UK version of the service from today.…

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What we learned from London Fashion Week SS15: streaming, social media and fibre optic frocks

Lauren Bravo Style Leave a Comment

If your name's not down, you're still coming in With 90 per cent of LFW shows being streamed live online this season, actually being there isn’t nearly as on-trend as it used to be. Which means your new excuse is 'oh of course I was invited – but who needs the hassle of the crowds…

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Collage of digital (social) networks, Tanja Scherm

10 social network ideas that might just make us rich

Lauren Bravo Features, Fun Stuff, Social networking 1 Comment

When Miranda July’s truly social new app Somebody launched last week, it inspired a vast spectrum of responses – ranging from ‘MY HEART IS WARMED AND HUMANITY IS SAVED’ to ‘strangers keep hugging me and now I hate the world more,’ with a lot of ‘but… why?’ in the middle. Meanwhile, we were thinking: what…

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Hyperlapse: Instagram launches new time lapse video app in the UK

Becca Caddy Gadgets & Apps 1 Comment

Instagram has launched a brand new app built to capture high-quality videos while you're moving. Think of it as a time lapse video, but you don't have to sit pointing your phone at a river or comet shower for 72 hours. It's like awesome time-lapse in a much shorter time frame. In a post on the…

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10 Ways to make your Instagram photos more awesome

Becca Caddy Gadgets & Apps, Photo Week Leave a Comment

We've all been taking photos of mundane things, squeezing them into awkward square frames and furiously filtering them for a good few years now. So, we don't blame you for getting a bit bored of the same stuff (and by stuff we mean cats, hashtags, burgers you definitely didn't eat and of course a healthy dose…

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10 annoying photo trends that need to be stopped, including ring selfies and yoga posers #PhotoWeek

Diane Shipley Fun Stuff 1 Comment

There's no shame in being an amateur photographer: smartphone cameras are so much better than they used to be, it would be stupid to waste them. But as much as I enjoy scrolling through the photos of my closest online acquaintances, or seeing what our oversharing-est celebs are up to on Instagram, there are some…

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photographer with vintage camera

What professional photographers really think of your Instagrams #PhotoWeek

Lauren Bravo Features, Gadgets & Apps, Instagram, Photo Apps, Photo Week, Photography Leave a Comment

One of the best things about the advent of apps, sharing sites and high-tech cameras in recent years is the way we all get to pretend we’re photographers. Thankfully the days of getting your holiday snaps back to find a roll of 30 blurry, thumb-obscured disasters are a mere memory – one that we’ve quickly…

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Comic book selfies

Pouting, Paint & Contrast: an ode to Myspace selfies #PhotoWeek

Lauren Bravo Gadgets & Apps, Photo Week Leave a Comment

Warning: this article features examples of extreme pretension and self-promotion. Readers of a weak disposition may wish to consult their GP before continuing. We know by now that selfies have been around for longer than we have. There’s Robert Cornelius’ first effort back in 1839, the Edwardian lady with her Kodak Brownie and at least…

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Welcome to #PhotoWeek – shinyshiny explores the exciting worlds of photography, Instagram & futuristic cameras

Becca Caddy Photo Week 1 Comment

Over the next week the shinyshiny team will be exploring all things photography. But we're not talking the same old camera reviews and run-of-the-mill tips, we're going to be bringing you an insight into the futuristic world of medical photography, telling you who to follow on Instagram and why, bringing you the best photo apps…

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Our 8 favourite photo editing apps of all time for the iPhone [part two] #PhotoWeek: Instagram, Camera+, Snapseed

Becca Caddy Gadgets & Apps, Photo Week 1 Comment

If you missed my first post all about my favourite photo app collection (click here to catch up), then I've rounded up the best in iPhone photo editing goodness to make your images pops and your creations sparkle. Let me know if you think we're missing any vital apps in the comments below, I'd love…

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Amanda Seyfried

10 celebrities you need to follow on Instagram #PhotoWeek

Hayley Minn Fun Stuff, Photo Week Leave a Comment

We all know that Instagram can be so addictive, using photos to get a glimpse into the lives of complete strangers, and nine out of 10 times making you extremely jealous that you’re not eating that massive burger and chips. sitting on a beach or sipping on those gorgeous looking cocktails - and that’s just…

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