10 miniature medical miracles: tiny tech that could change our lives #HealthandFitnessWeek

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Health, Tech, Wellbeing

Smartphones might be getting bigger, but smart medicine is only getting smaller and more sophisticated. From microchips that can diagnose diseases or control our fertility to scientific breakthroughs too tiny to see without a microscope, there's an increasing number of impressive miniature medical miracles in development that have the potential to revolutionise healthcare in the…

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Seven ways to exercise effectively without going to the gym

Tom Pritchard Feeling good, Fitness, Health, Health and Fitness Week

Let's be honest, there are a lot of things we'd rather spend our hard earned cash on than a membership to the gym. Nobody likes going to the gym, so its easy to resent having to pay a monthly fee just to keep yourself healthy -- especially if you don't have any budget gyms nearby.…

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Binge-watching has officially been linked to depression

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Tech, Wellbeing

I know. In other news, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s not a reliable source of medical advice. I don’t think anyone’s likely to faint with surprise that binge-watching shows (on TV or via services like Netflix and Amazon Prime) has been linked to feeling low. But there’s been little research…

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7 ‘bad’ things that can actually be good for you #HealthandFitnessWeek

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Health, Health and Fitness Week, Theme weeks, Wellbeing

Every day brings a new health study about something else we need to avoid if we want to live to 90, and they're frequently things we used to think were OK: jogging, red meat, even VITAMINS, for goodness' sake. And who knows what else we'll be warned off in future, or whether people who eschew…

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Twitter can predict rates of heart disease

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Health

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have found that they can use Twitter to accurately predict rates of heart disease in specific areas. Coronary heart disease (where arteries become clogged with fatty plaque, making it harder for blood to move around the body) is the leading cause of death worldwide. Risk factors include stress, a…

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CES 2015: The eSkin Thermometer is an innovative (and cute) way to keep track of children’s health

Diane Shipley #CES2015, Feeling good

A new, useful, but above all cute invention designed to improve children’s safety is making its debut at CES in Las Vegas this week. Silicon Valley company VivaLnk Inc has developed the eSkin™ Thermometer, an easy, non-invasive way to monitor children’s (or even adults’) health. A thin sticker in the shape of a teddy bear,…

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CES 2015: Garmin launches stylish Vivofit 2 fitness tracker

Becca Caddy #CES2015, Feeling good

At CES 2015 this week, Garmin is set to unveil two new additions to its Vivofit range, adding a new lick of paint and some extra functionality to its already successful fitness tracker. The Garmin Vivofit (which we reviewed last year), has had a new refresh for 2015 with the mouthy Vivofit 2 and the…

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Danes are the happiest people in the world, apparently

Diane Shipley Tech

Sarah Lund might be surprised (and no doubt, unimpressed) to hear it, but Danish people are the happiest in the world. That’s according to the United Nations, which, as The Telegraph reports, has ranked the world’s countries according to factors like life expectancy and individual freedoms. All of the Scandinavian countries made the top 10,…

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Jawbone unveils UP3: its most advanced fitness tracker yet

Becca Caddy Tech

Jawbone has unveiled a new activity tracker today called the UP3. The brand's most advanced device yet, the UP3 is built for fitness with a heart rate monitor and sensors capable of recording different stages of sleep. Described by Travis Bogard, the VP of Product Management at Jawbone, as 'the world's most powerful tracker in the smallest…

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Insomnia’s linked to an increased risk of dying accidentally

Diane Shipley Tech

If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, you should probably watch where you step and think about getting the bus or train to work. Seriously. According to new research reported in Psych Central, insomnia doesn’t just make you grumpy and absent-minded, but actually increases your risk of injuries and fatal accidents. (Sweet dreams!) Lars…

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Ten wonderful women who changed medicine for the better #InspriringWomenWeek

Diane Shipley Feeling good

Women may have been discouraged from entering the medical profession for most of history, but whittling this list down to ten still wasn't easy: our gender's made up for being ostracised for so long by achieving some incredible things in a short space of time. Some of the women on this list changed medicine by…

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Ten wonderful ways wearables are changing medicine for the better #WearablesWeek

Diane Shipley Tech

When you think about wearables and health, you might think of devices that measure how well you sleep or how fast you run. And they can be great: there's no doubt many people find them motivating and enjoy having more insight into their habits. But the health benefits of wearables go further than you might…

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shinyshiny speaks to Bangs about running motivation, fitness tech and why mentoring is so important #RunningWeek

Becca Caddy Tech

Here at shinyshiny I get the opportunity to speak to inspiring people from the worlds of tech, design and fitness on a daily basis. But the interview today holds a very special place in my heart because it's with a blogger I've followed, admired and learned a hell of a lot from over the past few years,…

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Welcome to #RunningWeek – the world of fitness tech, workout gear & interviews with inspirational women

Becca Caddy Tech

Over the next week, the shinyshiny team will be exploring all things running, workouts and getting active. We'll help you choose the right running shoes, bras and accessories for you, explore the merging of fashion and fitness, provide you with some much-needed Pinterest and YouTube-related motivation, take a look at some of the best (and worst!)…

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Star 21 fitness tracker

Star.21: The £19 fitness tracker that aims to make you healthier in just 21 days

Becca Caddy Tech

Even though we've all got arms full of fitness trackers, the Star.21 is a wearable with a difference. Not only does this basic band help you form healthy habits really slowly over 21 days (rather than throwing you in at the deep end like other wearables), it also costs just £19. Launched on crowd-funding website…

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TAKE OUR QUIZ – Which fitness tracker should you buy?

Becca Caddy Tech

Here at shinyshiny we're dedicated to bringing you news, reviews and tips about the coolest tech, lifestyle products and must-have apps on the market. But no matter how clued up you are, sometimes figuring out which gadget, product or service is right for you can still be confusing -  especially when there's so much to choose…

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