CES 2015: Sennheiser’s Momentum headphones have had a stylish wireless update

Diane Shipley #CES2015 Leave a Comment

Sennheiser’s just updated its range and now its Momentum headphones (both in-ear and over-ear) are wireless and noise-cancelling. As the company said at CES in Las Vegas, where it unveiled the new models this week, their aim is to provide even better convenience and sound quality. While they’re only revamping cans they debuted a few…

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CES 2015: These Phaz headphones charge your phone while you listen

Becca Caddy #CES2015, Tech Leave a Comment

Audio newcomer Phaz is hoping to make waves at CES 2015> this year with its P2 headphones. These chunky, over-the-ear phones are juiced up by a built-in 1200 mAh battery. The interesting bit is that the battery will also charge up your mobile phone via USB while you listen to your favourite tunes on-the-go. If…

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Sleepphones review: blocking out my rhino of a neighbour with Bluetooth

Holly Brockwell Tech 1 Comment

My upstairs neighbour is a rhinocerous. This is the only conclusion I can come to, considering the noise he makes tramping around on his wooden floorboards every night. Given the total absence of any kind of soundproofing in rental flats, this has been keeping me awake every night  – and I've had it. I've tried earplugs…

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Wireless earphones from FreeWavz also track your fitness

Sadie Hale Tech 1 Comment

Regular readers of shinyshiny will know that we recently covered a story about OwnPhones' 3D printed earbuds, and now there's another exciting Kickstarter project underway: FreeWavz wireless, fitness-tracking earphones. As the first 100% wire-free smart earphones with built-in fitness monitoring, they are useful for all forms of exercise. With runners' complaints in mind, the smart earphones have…

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The ‘Audio Engineers Hoodie’ means you can listen to music, even with your hood up!

Craig Fox Tech Leave a Comment

We've all seen products, allowing us to carry a million devices on us at the same time, from the Ayegear to the ScotteVest. These also let you seamlessly thread your headphone cable around the hood and into your ears, which is great for in-ear headphones but kind of leaves over-ear enthusiasts out in the cold when we want…

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Headphone round up: Sennheiser RS 160s, Goldring NS-1000s and Beyerdynamic DTX 101s

Hayley Minn Tech Leave a Comment

Since the rise of the iPod, smartphones and tablets, the popularity of headphones has sky-rocketed - and so too has the number of sets on the market. We know that the amount of models out there can be overwhelming, so here is a group that we think you should check out. Beyerdynamic DTX 101s If…

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OrigAudio's innovative Epishock speakers – Video

Ashley Norris Tech Leave a Comment

This year's Gadget Show was chocka with companies selling headphones and speakers. None were quite as noisy though as US firm OrigAudio. It displayed a range of personalised headphones, costing between £40 and £50 - think everything from Union Jacks to pics of your cat - as well some fun £35-£40 mini speakers called the…

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Do you like the look of the world's first recyclable designer headphones?

Becca Caddy Tech Leave a Comment

All kinds of brands are increasingly pioneering recyclable products, we particularly love the efforts from shoe companies like Urshuz, but we haven't seen much recyclable tech in the past few years that really impresses us. Well today we came across these lovely headphones on Springwise and couldn't believe that they're recyclable and look good too.…

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REVIEW: Atomic Floyd SuperDarts the ultimate headphones for music lovers

Becca Caddy Tech 16 Comments

A lot of headphones claim to bring us good quality sound that'll rival anything we've ever tried before. Most of them are good, but don't really stand out in a sea of similar products that all deliver in terms of sound and look good too. However, we were sent a pair of Atomic Floyd SuperDarts…

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Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones that are also speakers

Becca Caddy Tech 2 Comments

These may look like regular headphones, but the clever Zumreed X2 Hybrid Headphones actually double up as speakers too. When you're using them as headphones they offer high quality sound and the cushioned cups eliminate any outside noise. However, when you want to share your music with other people (at parties and things please NOT…

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5 Cool and colourful earbuds to see in winter: Urbanears, Hed Kandi and Skullcandy

Becca Caddy Tech 1 Comment

Although we may be experiencing an 'Indian summer' at the moment, the cold, dreary and dull days of winter aren't too far away. If you can't afford bright and shiny new gadgets to lift your mood, try a set of colourful and affordable earbuds instead. Here are five pairs that are guaranteed to add a…

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REVIEW: Ministry of Sound Headphones MOS004

Anna Leach Tech 3 Comments

We had a quick try-out with the Ministry of Sound Headphones - the MOS004s - selling for £19.99 on the Ministry website. They boast: "Stereo headphones with single sided cable, soft-touch and detailed logo. These distinctive headphones pack a punch with 40mm drivers that deliver the purest sounds. High grade leatherette pads give complete comfort…

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Urbanears – colourful Scandinavian headphones

Anna Leach Tech Leave a Comment

If you like to make a statement with your headphones you should definitely check out the urbanears range of slender colourful fashion headsets. If you prefer chunky, hard-wearing headphones, these might be a little too fragile for you, but apparently the sound is good and they do look a treat. If you've a got signature…

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