Harvard’s created a miniature robot army (but don’t panic)

Diane Shipley Gadgets & Apps Leave a Comment

Computer scientists at Harvard University have assembled an army of robots that can act independently and work together. But we probably don’t need to worry about them invading us (yet) because each one is only around the size of a coin. There are 1024 of them, they’re powered by two small, vibrating motors apiece, and…

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Bubble wrap doubles as test tubes, who knew?

Diane Shipley Health & Fitness Leave a Comment

Bubble wrap might just seem like a fun toy an incredibly useful way to wrap things so they don’t get broken but it turns out, it has a scientific purpose, too. A new report by scientists in the journal Analytical Chemistry shows that it can actually be used to contain, protect and transport medical samples.…

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Chocolate you inhale: breathable food Le Whif hits UK shops

Anna Leach Random Stuff 2 Comments

Breathable chocolate is not just some wacky Willy Wonka idea - it's a reality. A commercially available reality. You can now buy food aersols "Le Whif" in House of Fraser outlets across the UK. Available in three chocolate and one coffee flavour, you don't bite swallow or chew to imbibe these Le Whif foods, you…

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