A lot of young adults are addicted to the internet, says survey

Diane Shipley Health & Fitness Leave a Comment

We all joke about being 'addicted' to checking Twitter or updating Instagram, but according to a new survey, 16% of 18- to 25-year-olds really are addicted to the internet. Marketing agency Digital Clarity questioned 1300 people in that age group and found that 16% of them spent more than 15 hours a day online, which,…

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Google working on a more subtle, less ridiculous version of Glass

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After years of ridicule and 'glasshole' comments, it looks like Google is making an effort to ensure its Glass wearable looks a little more subtle and a little less ridiculous in the future by packing its all important tech within the device itself. According to Gizmodo, Google has filed a new patent that includes the photo above.…

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New wearable diagnoses diabetes complications

Diane Shipley Health & Fitness 1 Comment

Taiwanese scientists have invented a wearable that looks like Google Glass, but can diagnose a common and devastating side-effect of diabetes. Autonomic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage that can occur in either type 1 or type 2 diabetes, and which can affect some of the body’s most essential functions, including the digestive system,…

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Online conversation analysis reveals wearables are more popular with women

Sadie Hale Gadgets & Apps, Twitter Leave a Comment

Women are much more positive about wearable technology than their male counterparts, a social media monitoring platform has found. Brandwatch partnered with Brilliant Noise to gather and analyse more than eight million online conversations about wearable technology between the months of January 2013 and July 2014. While it found that men dominated the conversation (65%), female authors were 42%…

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Google Glass – now you can grab a free demo

Craig Fox Rumours 1 Comment

Until recently Google Glass has been a bit of a rarity in the wild with it only being available to developers and anyone prepared to pay the high price of $1500. However, according to Cnet, the company is now offering demos of its flagship wearable. Yesterday emails were sent out inviting Google users to 'sit down with a Glass Guide'.…

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MindRDR: This Google Glass app lets you take photos and share them – just by thinking

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The ability to mind-read is fast becoming a reality, thanks to a brand new app for Google Glass, which allows you to take photos and share them using only your brainwaves. Called MindRDR, the app was developed by London-based user experience company This Place and requires the NeuroSky EEG Biosensor to work. It's this additional sensor, which…

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Google Glass: Diane von Furstenberg makes the geeky wearable more stylish

Becca Caddy Style 1 Comment

In a bid to steer its Glass eyewear away from the realms of geeky wearable and into a must-have mainstream fashion accessory, Google has teamed up with designer Diane Von Fursternberg to dream up the "DVF | Made for Glass" collection. According to sources, the collection will be available from Net-A-Porter on the 23rd of…

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Google Glass is now available to the public, but will anyone buy it?

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Today Google has launched its highly-anticipated eyewear device, Google Glass, to the masses. But how many will cough up the cash for the controversial new wearable? If you weren't one of the "chosen ones" (officially known as Explorers) to trial Glass early AND didn't get up in time for the exclusive 24 hour sale, then…

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5 Google Glass alternatives: GlassUp, LaForge Acis, WeOn Glasses

Becca Caddy Google, Wearables Leave a Comment

For one day only this week anyone (well, anyone in the US with cash to burn) could get their hands on a pair of Google Glass. However, with such a small window to buy them, a large price tag and a lot of criticism about how they look, we bet a lot of early adopters…

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Google tries to make Glass cool with Ray-Ban and Oakley deals

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Just a week after Google published its kinda cringeworthy list of Google Glass Myths, that addressed outlandish claims like "Glass Explorers are technology-worshipping geeks" (you said it guys, not us), it's been revealed that the tech giant has signed a deal with Luxottica, the company behind brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley and Burberry, to design versions…

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Google takes to Google+ to defend Google Glass

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It seems Google has finally had enough of people criticising its new Glass wearable device and has taken to its Google+ Google Glass page (of course) to explain why it's awesome and not creepy/stalkery/lame. A post called Top 10 Google Glass Myths discusses a number of top myths, like Glass is the ultimate distraction from…

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Forget smart watches, are smart textiles and implants the future?

Ashley Norris Accessories, Gadgets, Smart watches Leave a Comment

We are only months away from an almighty battle for the smart watch market. Apple is rumoured to be beefing up its iWatch team, Samsung is working on a similar device and Sony has been in the market for a while with its range of watches. Might however the smart watch be a small blip…

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Video spy specs that will give the Daily Mail kittens

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As you probably already know Google's Glass is a gorgeously high tech product that have huge number of uses from offering sat nav type directions to enabling a person to have instant access to emails. Except that the good old Daily Mail thinks that we will only be using them for one thing. Its take…

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Google Glass not coming in 2013 says Schmidt

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Waiting for Google to release its Google Glass headset? Well you might have to wait that little bit longer as the company has revealed their launch isn't going to be any time soon. As TechDigest reports Speaking to Radio 4's World at One time over the weekend, Google's executive chairman (Schmidt), revealed that it'll be…

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Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at 'new products' – the iWatch?

Ashley Norris Apple Leave a Comment

Interesting stuff over night as Apple CEO Tim Cook faced investors and business journos poring over the company's latest financial figures at its annual shareholder meeting. The CEO is facing a mini revolt from investors who aren't keen on the fact he is taking a 51% rise in his base salary. Details here. So no…

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Google Project Glass goggles used at New York Fashion Week

Becca Caddy Google Leave a Comment

Back in April Google revealed limited details about Project Glass, which is essentially a code word for a pair of super sci-fi goggles complete with built-in Augmented Reality tech, the ability to capture photos and video, a 3G connected display, voice commands and a whole load of other awesome features. Although the glasses aren't available…

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