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UK Facebook users can now pick from over 70 gender options

Sadie Hale Tech 2 Comments

Facebook announced today that its UK users will be allowed to choose from over 70 different gender options when inputting their profile information. Under the ‘custom’ category, UK users can now select options such as ‘androgynous’, ‘cis male’, or ‘trans female’. There are also UK-specific terms, including 'intersex man’, ‘asexual’ and ‘hermaphrodite’. The super inclusive…

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Girls and Gadgets: women read the instruction booklet

Anna Leach Tech 2 Comments

Yes they do - it's statistically proven. Consequently they are slightly better at using the aforementioned gadgets. This is such universally-accepted truth that the story was carried on the BBC. After reviewing 75000 calls taken in a month between September 25 and October 23, a UK gadget helpline released information about who called it, what…

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Are Apple ripping off women?

Susi Weaser Tech 4 Comments

Shiny Towers is awash with Apple opinions this week, folks. If it's not data charges for the iPhone, it's whether anyone actually needs 160GB of storage. And I heard an interesting one today: Apple hates women. Or specifically, they're aiming to rip off innocent young ladies. Ridiculous? Certainly. A grain of truth? Possibly. Specifically, this…

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Science Monday: flick of the switch causes female mice to spontaneously forget anniversaries

Susi Weaser Tech Leave a Comment

Nature versus nurture has been a science lesson staple for many, many years. In particular, the question of differences between genders - men generally being more aggressive, women finding it easier to empathise (nothing like a bit of stereotyping on a Monday afternoon). Is it biological, or a result of boys not being allowed to…

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