Amazon wants to make its own films to release in cinemas and online

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Amazon is starting to make a name for itself by producing quality original programming, and now the company has announced that it's expanding its slate of video content by releasing twelve features films every year. Amazon's Original Movies will initially debut in cinemas before migrating over to Prime Instant Video six to eight weeks later,…

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‘Deep frying’ graphene could help us develop longer lasting batteries

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Graphene has long been touted as the miracle material, with scientists promising us all the wondrous things it could help us accomplish. One of those things is better batteries, and a new process could help that happen. Scientists in South Korea have created a highly conductive, stable electrode by spraying droplets of graphene into a…

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Google wants you to buy gig tickets from the search results page

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All sorts of things are popping up in Google search results page these days, whether it be weather forecasts, sports results, or facts about your favourite films. Google isn't stopping that feature with trivia and news, because it's going to start selling you tickets directly from the search results. For the past year, Google's 'answer…

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Onda claims to have built a tablet running Android and Windows side-by-side

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There are countless Chinese companies out there building smartphones and tablets, but not many of them actually get much recognition here in the UK. Chinese company Onda claims that it has developed a device none of us can actually ignore: a tablet supposedly running Windows 8.1 and Android KitKat side-by-side. The V919 3G air, as…

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Ryanair is testing a system that streams video directly to passengers’ devices

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When you're on a long haul flight you kind of expect there to be some sort of in-flight entertainment, even if it's just a projector and a set of headphones. Sadly when you fly budget those luxuries are usually scrapped to keep the costs down. That could soon be at an end. Ryanair has announced…

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Google Translate’s real-time translation feature is coming sooner than expected

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On Monday a report from the New York Times claimed that Google Translate was going to be getting a real-time translation feature sometime in the near future. That future was nearer than expected, because Google has now officially announced it as a feature. According to a Google blog post, new updates to the Google Translate…

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