INSIGHT – Wearables and mindfulness: Should we really be outsourcing our sense of wellbeing and awareness to a gadget?

Becca Caddy Feeling good

The latest wave of fitness trackers claim to be able to help you achieve magical things, like lose weight, get motivated and exercise more. However, the fundamental idea behind most of these gadgets and services is that the more you know about how you’re living your life, the more you can identify the changes you…

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Could Microsoft’s new wearable be a wristband, not a watch?

Diane Shipley Tech

We’ve known for a while now that Microsoft was gearing up to launch a wearable device, but the watch we were expecting might not be a watch at all. Instead of competing with Google and (we expect) Apple on that front, well-connected blogger Paul Thurrot’s sources say that Microsoft’s wearable will be a fitness-tracking wristband.…

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