InTheFrow Victoria

shinyshiny speaks to InTheFrow’s Victoria: the fashion and beauty blogger with a PhD

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It's hard to miss Victoria, better known as InTheFrow (pronounced 'fro' – it's short for 'front row') if you're looking for fashion, beauty or lifestyle inspiration. In fact, I was blithely shopping for dresses the other day when she popped up modelling a Little Mistress number, and they're far from the only brand desperate to borrow a bit of…

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Zoe Sugg at VidCon 2014

Teach me, Zoella! Going back to school with the beauty vloggers

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Age is a funny thing. I’m currently 26 and a half. The half never seemed important until this week, when I decided to initiate myself with the world of international YouTube darling Zoella – who is only two years, but apparently also a million light years, younger than me. ‘Over 25? Chances are you’ve never…

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Want to get your banking business noticed? Get people semi-naked in central London

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A massive group of people decided to get their clothes off in central London today, but, if you're thinking the Naked Bike Ride isn't until July, this was all in the name of TransferWise. Along with 100 other 'revolutionaries', the two founders Taavet and Kristo took their naked selves down to Liverpool Street Station, the…

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