InTheFrow Victoria

shinyshiny speaks to InTheFrow’s Victoria: the fashion and beauty blogger with a PhD

Holly Brockwell Beauty, Looking good, Trending

It's hard to miss Victoria, better known as InTheFrow (pronounced 'fro' – it's short for 'front row') if you're looking for fashion, beauty or lifestyle inspiration. In fact, I was blithely shopping for dresses the other day when she popped up modelling a Little Mistress number, and they're far from the only brand desperate to borrow a bit of…

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Zoe Sugg at VidCon 2014

Teach me, Zoella! Going back to school with the beauty vloggers

Lauren Bravo Beauty, Looking good, Trending

Age is a funny thing. I’m currently 26 and a half. The half never seemed important until this week, when I decided to initiate myself with the world of international YouTube darling Zoella – who is only two years, but apparently also a million light years, younger than me. ‘Over 25? Chances are you’ve never…

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