High fat, low carb diets can help treat epilepsy

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A new study suggests that dietary changes could be helpful for patients with epilepsy. The condition causes seizures that happen when the electrical signals between brain cells are interrupted. It can be triggered by a brain injury, infection or alcohol abuse, but in most causes the cause is unclear. It affects around 50 million people…

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A new sensor lets doctors see inside the brain

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Engineers have developed a new implantable brain sensor that’s transparent, so they can see what’s happening underneath it. The team, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, used scientists’ new favourite miracle material, graphene, to make the sensor. That’s because it conducts electricity well and tends not to be rejected by the body. It also allows them…

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A new robot makes brain surgery for epilepsy easier

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Engineers have developed a surgical robot that can perform brain surgery by entering through the cheek, allowing for a much quicker recovery. It’s designed to help patients with severe epilepsy, for which the traditional treatment includes surgery to the part of the brain responsible for seizures, the hippocampus. Because this is located at the base…

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Scientists have discovered your brain’s on/off switch

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Scientists from George Washington University have discovered a way to switch human consciousness on and off – and they weren’t even looking for it. As New Scientist reports, lead researcher Mohamad Koubeissi and his team were monitoring an epileptic patient’s brain activity by sending high frequency signals to deep brain electrodes, to try to identify…

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