Impossible is a new electric bike you can keep in your backpack

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We’ve seen folding bikes before. We’ve seen electric bikes before. What we haven’t seen before is a portable electric bike that’s stylish, relatively light, and easy to carry around. Yet despite its name, as PSFK points out, the Impossible is all of those things. Or it will be, anyway. It’s currently a prototype: its inventors…

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Falco’s electric bike converter is powered by your heart

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There are a lot of electric bike converters out there, but they don’t all have this much heart. Weirdly enough, I mean that literally. Electronics company Falco is currently raising money on Kickstarter for Fusion Sports Drive, its converter kit that can turn any bike into an electric bike, so you’ll never have to struggle…

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Electric Bikes, the sub-£100 gadget that's top of our Christmas list and the £60 tablet

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Over at Shiny's brother site Brandish you'll find lots of news and features about gadgets, fashion, sports and more. Here is a selection of the site's most recent posts How to buy a vintage racing cycle - video which explains what you need to look for. Does a bit or rust matter? Should you keep…

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