Calm down, our Kindles aren’t going to kill us

Diane Shipley Trending

Sure, Christmas parties can be fun. But the introverted book-loving types among us know the best thing about this time of year is having the chance to go to bed early, crank the electric blanket up to 11, sip a hot chocolate, and cut a swathe through all the books that’ve piled up on our…

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A Florida university’s opened the first ebook-only library

Diane Shipley Tech

Florida Polytechnic University has just opened to students, and has unveiled an 11,000 square-foot library that cost £36 million to build – but doesn't contain a single book. Well, that's not quite true: it has books, they're just not visible; they're in the cloud. Students can read paper textbooks if they want to, thanks to…

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Nook Video service launches in the UK with Ultraviolet

Becca Caddy Tech

Nook has brought its video service over to the UK this week, which will allow those with Barnes & Noble's range of eReaders to watch movies and TV shows from their tablets. The service, called Nook Video, will offer content from HBO, NBC Universal, BBC and Warner Bros as well as many more channels and…

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We Tell Stories for Penguin using Google Maps and well-known authors

Staff Writer Tech

Penguin's latest attempt to harness the power of the Internet and bring reading to the computer generation is cleverer than most. Taking it one step beyond asking a clutch of familiar names to knock out a short story, the site uses interactive technology to bring the tales to life. Six classic books will be reworked…

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