demon cat

Hello Kitty! Here’s the ‘demon cat’ that’s captivated (and terrified) Japan

Sadie Hale Trending Leave a Comment

A black cat with long ear-fur resembling horns has caused quite a stir in Japan’s cyberspace. Photos of the feline fiend have spread across the internet, prompting a surge of comments, shares and likes from users of the website Cats are well-known for their cold, somewhat devilish traits, and Japan has a history of…

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The devil clock tick tocks the time in hell (or the office)

Zara Rabinowicz Home Appliances Leave a Comment

"The Devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape", said Shakespeare, and I think I'd agree that this clock looks wickedly good int the style stakes. Puns just fly fast and furious as regards this device, whether it's 'the devil making work for idle hands' or even that it's "Better the Devil you know than…

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