You might need to change the way you date to meet the love of your life.

Five great reasons to change the way you date #LoveWeek

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If you're looking for love, but it keeps evading you, you might be doing it wrong. That's not me telling you that: it's science. A host of studies have shown that the typical ways we try to date and mate don't always have the results we want. That's probably because our expectations about everything from…

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Our favourite dating apps for people in relationships.

After Tinder: Seven dating apps to keep your love alive #LoveWeek

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You might've found the love of your life thanks to Tinder or Happn or OK Cupid, but that doesn't mean you don't need to use dating apps again. Now instead of using them to look for someone new, you can use them to keep your relationship fresh, track how happy he or she is making…

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Hinge – the ‘classier Tinder’ – launches in London today

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We've heard loads about it from the States, but dating app Hinge, self-described as a 'classier Tinder', finally launches today in London. The app aims to make online dating more natural by connecting users with friends of friends. Research by Hinge has revealed that on average Londoners will only meet 3% of their friends’ friends organically, and Hinge unlocks the potential…

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Great news, cheaters! Ninety-six percent of your friends won’t tell on you

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If you want to find out if your partner’s cheating, you’d better start rifling through his credit card receipts or work out the password to his phone quick smart, because you can be all but certain that his friends will never tell you. And the flip side is true, too: if you’re being unfaithful, your…

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14 best dating apps: Tinder, Clover, Happn, eHarmony

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Online dating no longer has a stigma attached to it with so many people using different apps to bag a date, get introduced to new people or even meet a future husband/wife each day (even if we do still lie to ourselves and others about it all of the time). With it being one…

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FACEBOOK: Would Love 2 lets you date (not bang) your mates

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Last week we were all exposed to the horror that was Bang With Friends, a Facebook app thing that hooked you up with mates that you want to "bang", who also want to "bang" you, because apparently the world of the internet isn't gross and sleazy enough and some people find it really hard to…

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12 WTF Sites from the weird and wonderful world of online dating

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If you're not in a relationship it can be hard to find a decent girl or guy who isn't a complete scumbag or just incredibly boring, but we want you to be able to have lots of sex and run through meadows and send each other cute emails and all of that other stuff that…

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Cupid's little helpers: Top 10 dating apps

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There was a time when online dating was considered only as a last resort for the lonely hearts of the world, a reserve of the desperate and needy littered with the photos of loveless catowners. Over the past couple of years everything has changed. The stigma has fallen away, the success stories are rolling in…

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Grindr goes mainstream – but what will it take to make it in the straight market?

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Grindr - the hook-up app currently being used by over 700,000 gay, straight and curious men - is sure getting some airtime. Shortly after Steven Fry explained the concept to Jeremy Clarkson and the viewers of Top Gear, The Guardian's Polly Vernon asks whether the app constitutes 'a new sexual revolution'. With an app for…

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Porn industry blames $74m decline on the rise of online dating

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Contrary to everything ever written, it seems that people are actually getting a bit tired of porn on the internet. Turns out they'd rather engage in flirtatious chat, profile skimming and all the other things that comprise online dating. It seems the porn industry has lost $74m recently and it blames the rise of online…

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Fancy a Virtual Date? Weopia adds virtual dates to the online search for love

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Apparently, people find online dating a bit frustrating. Daters spend a lot of time searching profiles but alliances and flirtations formed online don't always translate into to good dates in real life. New site Weopia claims they bridge the gap between Instant Messaging and real life encounters - providing a virtual date space that your…

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Hot fuss: why is online dating still treated as though it's mysterious and new?

Cate Tech 1 Comment

Cate Sevilla writes... Can we get over this whole "online dating" thing and stop calling it a phenomenon? After its initial boom and mystery practically 10 years ago, why are we still freaking out about it? I suppose that it's still technically new, and that the Internet and social networking and meeting people online is…

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Weird Website of the Week:

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It's the reason the internet was created. It's the ultimate destination for Social Networking. It's a completely voyeuristic look into people's relationships, and a great place to realise that at least your ex-boyfriend wasn't *that* horrid. is a site where women go to bitch. Or alternatively, warn other women about the losers they have…

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