Kitten-filled parody Gone Purrl makes Gone Girl much less scary (plus five other films that need cute remakes, stat)

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Fun, Trending Leave a Comment

Forget about Amazing Amy, this week the internet’s all about the amazing kitties in The Pet Collective’s fantastic new video: an all-kitten remake of Gone Girl, called (naturally) Gone Purrl. ('The hallmark of a sociocat is a lack of empathy.') And rightly so – it might be the best thing that's ever happened. In fact,…

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It looks like a Hello Kitty mobile but it's not

Lucy Hedges Tech 3 Comments

It's Hello Kitty again, adorning a totally random object that bares zero relevance to its ever ubiquitous name (but then again, what does?). If you love glittery charms hanging from your phone, but just want it to do more, like talk to you or at least flash - you might like this. It doesn't just…

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Hooray! You found our Mimobot piece of the puzzle

Susi Weaser Tech Leave a Comment

There's been a web-like scavenger hunt over the past few days, as Mimoco unveil their latest series of cute USB drives - Core Series 2. You've just found today's release, which is Fairybit Fairybot. There's only 2,000 of her about (and we've got three of them for you) and she's one of nine new Mimobots…

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