Cute overload #1: Red squirrels born in Essex

Hayley Minn Fun Stuff, Web Fun Leave a Comment

We all cooed with excitement at how cute these baby red squirrels, born in Barleylands Farm, in Billericay last week, are. The kittens of the bushy-tailed rodents, which arrived at the park in July last year, are incredibly cute, and will be released into the wild when they are old enough. Usually squirrels can only…

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It looks like a Hello Kitty mobile but it's not

Lucy Hedges Hello Kitty 3 Comments

It's Hello Kitty again, adorning a totally random object that bares zero relevance to its ever ubiquitous name (but then again, what does?). If you love glittery charms hanging from your phone, but just want it to do more, like talk to you or at least flash - you might like this. It doesn't just…

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Hooray! You found our Mimobot piece of the puzzle

Susi Weaser Accessories, Competitions & Promotions, USB Memory Leave a Comment

There's been a web-like scavenger hunt over the past few days, as Mimoco unveil their latest series of cute USB drives - Core Series 2. You've just found today's release, which is Fairybit Fairybot. There's only 2,000 of her about (and we've got three of them for you) and she's one of nine new Mimobots…

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