Our top 10 coffee makers and machines for a stylish caffeine hit

Diane Shipley Fun 3 Comments

Ah, coffee. Bringer of energy, enthusiasm, productivity… And, yes, a shaky, tear-filled meltdown mid-afternoon if you have too much. But that’s all the more reason to make your morning cup of caffeinated nectar one to savour. With all the coffee makers and machines on offer, there’s sure to be something that fits your taste and…

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The Shiny Shiny guide to Espresso Makers and Coffee Machines

Ashley Norris Fun Leave a Comment

Even when times are hard, our commitment to 'proper coffee' is looking like it's here to stay, with many of us still willing to fork out the equivalent of your lunch budget for a cup of the ol' Joe each morning. However, as our addiction has set in, so has our increasing demand to reproduce…

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10 Coffee machines & milk frothers for the best caffeine hit

Becca Caddy Fun Leave a Comment

There are lots of coffee machines on the market today and we've collected together some of our favourites, whether it's because they're all singing, all dancing and can do pretty much anything with a coffee bean, cheap and cheerful or bright and good-looking for your kitchen. We've also added in a couple of milk frothers…

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