10 Christmas presents inspired by our favourite shows

Diane Shipley Feeling good, Fun

Want to get something for the box-set binger in your life, but aware they've already got every episode ever made, including the blooper reel? Not to worry, thanks to production companies recognising the enduring appeal (and money-spinning potential) of merch, you have lots of other options, whether a programme's still on air (or Netflix) or…

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Everyone needs to stop spoiling Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead now!

Hayley Minn Fun

We all know how annoying it is when our favourite TV shows get ruined by great big massive spoilers on Twitter or Facebook, and now it has been revealed that this has happened at least once to three quarters of Britons. With Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead being the most commonly…

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Q&A: Vince Gilligan talks Breaking Bad ahead of UK Netflix launch

Becca Caddy Fun

UK audiences will finally get a chance to catch up with hit US TV show Breaking Bad when it's launched on Netflix over the weekend. So to celebrate Shiny Shiny was invited to an exclusive preview of the new episodes along with the chance to interview the show's creator, the awesome Vince Gilligan. For those…

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