InTheFrow Victoria

shinyshiny speaks to InTheFrow’s Victoria: the fashion and beauty blogger with a PhD

Holly Brockwell Inspiring Women Week, Style 1 Comment

It's hard to miss Victoria, better known as InTheFrow (pronounced 'fro' – it's short for 'front row') if you're looking for fashion, beauty or lifestyle inspiration. In fact, I was blithely shopping for dresses the other day when she popped up modelling a Little Mistress number, and they're far from the only brand desperate to borrow a bit of…

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shinyshiny speaks to London Beauty Queen about blogging, apps and Twitter trolls

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If you haven't heard of London Beauty Queen, then where have you been? Hayley Carr started the blog as a side project, while working as a brand manager in the cosmetics industry, writing about all things beauty from an insider's perspective - what does the product really do and is it worth the money? After…

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Could Evernote-linked be the next big blogging platform?

Becca Caddy Apps, Trending Leave a Comment

In the same way Medium is particularly appealing for those already using Twitter, is a simple blogging platform that's specially designed to link up with Evernote. Although is still in beta, this week the service has rolled out a premium tier for its users, which works out at $5 a month or $50…

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JustMigrate makes your Posterous to Tumblr move quick, easy and free

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We've all had a little cry about the fact Twitter is closing down Posterous at the end of April (well, the three of us that still used it), but now you're over the shock phase it's time to think about what to do with all of your Posterous content before it withers and dies. There…

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Posthaven – an exciting new blogging platform on its way

Ashley Norris Blogging Leave a Comment

Still hurting from the news that Twitter is going to pull the plug on blogging service Posterous? Worried that your current blog format might do a Posterous/Vox etc and head off to that great blogging platform in the sky? Well the team behind Posterous may have an answer. In an intriguing move Posterous co-founder Garry…

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Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 15.38.36

TUMBLR EYE CANDY: 10 Beautiful Tumblr themes for photos, galleries & portfolios

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Normally the term "eye candy" refers to half naked guys and girls, but here at Shiny Shiny we unashamedly get all hot and bothered when it comes to themes. Especially Tumblr themes. The popularity of what we've dubbed "the Pinterest look" (think grid-like posts and lots of lovely images) means that everyone from The Next…

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5 Laugh out loud Tumblr blogs to follow: When in London, Suri's Burn Book

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Ahh Tumblr, news publications have their own blogs now, businesses have turned to the platform to create quirky homepages and it's done wonders for the fashion industry, hasn't it? But you know what we think Tumblr is best for? Funny blogs and gifs with snarky captions, that's what. Over the past week we've been indulging…

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The best free and simple Tumblr themes: London Calling, Ultralite and Simplify

Becca Caddy Blogging, Top Stories, Trending 7 Comments

Pinterest has made us all go a little crazy for the grid-like, photo collage look when it comes to blogging. But, if you want the focus to be on your images rather than the way they look together, or you'd just like your words to stand out more, then try out one of these clean…

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Jux evolves and allows you to add more than one blog (or Jux) at a time

Becca Caddy Social networking, Trending 2 Comments

Jux seems to add a cool new feature to its blogging platform a few times a month and last week it got an interesting new release, you can now have a different Jux for different purposes. Bear with us on this one... The Jux team have explained to us: 1. "Jux" is presented as another…

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Jux introduces new commenting system, watch out Tumblr

Becca Caddy Blogging, Social networking 3 Comments

This week Jux, the dark horse of the blogging world, has rolled out a new commenting system to its users. Big, bold blogging platform Jux may still be in its infancy, but since we first wrote about its potential last year we've seen more people using it and more awesome updates being made to the…

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Top 10 Tumblr themes that look like Pinterest for awesome photo blogs

Becca Caddy Social networking, Top Stories 6 Comments

Although Tumblogs have always had a rather unique default layout, the growing popularity of Pinterest has made everyone crazy for the grid-like look, which ensures your photos REALLY pop. So, here are our top ten Pinterest-style themes for Tumblr lovers. Whether you love it, hate it or used to love it and now just get…

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I AM: Why Beyonce's new Tumblr works so well

Becca Caddy Features, Social networking 9 Comments

Last week the internet got VERY excited about Beyonce's long-awaited foray into social media, but why has Tumblr played such a central role? The internet freaked out last week when the awesome and usually super private Beyonce published her first ever tweet and launched a shiny new Tumblr. Even those who aren't obsessed with her…

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Tumblr: More popular than ever with 15 billion+ pageviews per month

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Today at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich, the founder and CEO of popular micro-blogging platform Tumblr, David Karp, revealed that the site and its many, many blogs attract more than 15 billion pageviews every month. Although that statistic is huge, it comes as no surprise given that there are (as of right now),…

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New blogging platform Jux looks VERY cool on the iPhone

Becca Caddy Mobile phone apps Leave a Comment

We've written about our love for quirky and (relatively) new blogging platform Jux a few times in the past. We even made it fight Tumblr and it won! So today we thought we'd let you know just how amazing Jux now looks on the iPhone. Regardless of the device you're using, Jux has always centered…

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Jux updates its blogging platform: Now looks even better AND works faster

Becca Caddy Trending 4 Comments

One of the Shiny team's favourite new blogging platforms, Jux, has had a revamp today, which means the site now doesn't just make our blogs look better, but content also loads much faster too. We've written about our love for Jux a few times in the past, we made it fight Tumblr (it won!) AND…

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Blogger no longer looks like rubbish vintage wallpaper

Becca Caddy Google, Trending 3 Comments

As if Google hasn't launched, changed and tweaked enough stuff over the past few months, its blogging platform, Blogger, has now had a shiny new revamp. Everything looks much more neat and sparse than before and luckily that gross grey/brown sludge colour, which looks a bit like wallpaper from the 70s is long gone, replaced…

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