Sutro Digital's week in social media: Facebook Social Inbox, iTunes Fail, & Qwiki

LauraScott Tech Leave a Comment

It has been a busy week on the Social Media Front with Facebook announced their "Social Inbox", Social Browser RockMelt came out, and the lazy person's Wikipedia - Qwiki launched. Check out the full round up from our friends over at Sutro Digital below. Qwiki way to get new information If you like Wikipedia you'll…

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Parlophone release some limited edition vinyl for National Record Store Day

Anna Leach Tech Leave a Comment

Remember vinyl? Of course you do - vinyl records are still around, still in use and still probably the coolest (though least practical) way to store your music. Well it's National Record Store day on 17th April and Parlophone Records (and its imprint label, Regal) are releasing a series of limited 7" vinyl records to…

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Top ten hottest new websites and iPhone apps of 2010

Ashley Norris Fun, Trending 34 Comments

I thought it was time to do a little round up of ten social media apps and sites that may just become the next big thing. It is interesting that while the first wave of social media sites focused on networking, these have a slightly different approach. Many have strong networking elements, but they also…

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Shiny Poll: How important is the Beatles/iTunes debate?

Susi Weaser Tech Leave a Comment

There are currently 248 news articles on Google News regarding whether the Beatles back catalogue is coming to iTunes or not. Some say it's on. Some say it's not on. Apple are cross. Michael Jackson is cross. Has anyone asked how you feel about it though? No, I bet they haven't. Typical, right? Well, here…

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We all live in a Beatles-themed Yellow Submarine iPod

Sara Kalmus Tech Leave a Comment

Now don’t get too excited because this is *just a rumour*, but it seems that Apple might be planning to sell a Yellow Submarine iPod. That would be a limited edition, Beatles themed iPod, pre-loaded with every single Beatles album ever, in yellow! Before you go out and start buying a yellow handbag and shoes,…

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