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10 social network ideas that might just make us rich

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When Miranda July’s truly social new app Somebody launched last week, it inspired a vast spectrum of responses – ranging from ‘MY HEART IS WARMED AND HUMANITY IS SAVED’ to ‘strangers keep hugging me and now I hate the world more,’ with a lot of ‘but… why?’ in the middle. Meanwhile, we were thinking: what…

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'Squirt' baby food spoon. Exactly what it sounds like.

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Babies. Not exactly the tidiest eaters, are they? In fact, wouldn't it be easier if, rather than doing the whole "here comes the aeroplane!" thing every time you wanted them to eat something, you could just take aim and ...squirt...the food into their mouths? Well you can. And the gizmo that lets you do it…

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iPhone onesie from iPop My Baby

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They brought us the iPod onesie, and now, after a swift name-change, the people who used to be would like to invite you to pop your baby instead, becoming iPopMyBaby, and producing this cute iPhone onesie. Instead of the familiar iPhone navigation, you'll find "functions" on this one which include "crawl", "nap", "pee" and…

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Shiny Poll: Do kids need their internet space?

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Apparently, there are people out there who, before agreeing on their new baby's name, check to make sure that the domain name is available. And others who check if the Gmail address is still available. And still others who create a foetus Facebook page. So, the internet is rapidly being reserved for whippersnappers who have…

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Goo-goo baby grow makes your offspring look like a search engine

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As most parents will tell you, having a baby can seriously eat into your online time. If you're really missing Google, though, this 'Goo Goo' baby grow is search-engine inspired, and will help you begin that important process of turning your child into a geek. Also available as a t-shirt, so you make your older…

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CES 2007: The Mini Washer that'll put babies and pets in a spin

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There's no way we could possibly introduce this video better than Stu did over at Tech Digest, so we didn't bother... Look, I'm a bit confused by this gadget, so I'll just quote the text on the sign next to it in full: "Personal private washing machine for ladies. For your beloved babies. For your…

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