Silent Circle's launched a new secure platform for business.

Silent Circle launches Enterprise Privacy Platform for secure business use #MWC15

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Today at Mobile World Congress, Silent Circle has announced the launch of the world’s first privacy platform for mobile users aimed at the business market. It’s a system of devices, services, and software based on ZRTP – a cryptographic mobile protocol, built for privacy. (The fact that using it might make you feel a little…

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Vexbook instantly connects you with experts on almost every topic

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The internet has been an invaluable tool for obtaining information, but there are times when you can't rely on a combination of Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, and forum posts you found in a desperate Google search. But what about a service that lets you video call experts for a face-to-face consultation? That's what Vexbook is doing. Using…

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Cute or Not is BuzzFeed's first new app in years.

BuzzFeed’s launched Cute or Not, a Tinder for Pets (kind of)

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It used to be that only humans were objectified on the internet. But now animals are getting in on the action, too, thanks to BuzzFeed. They’ve launched a new iOS app called Cute or Not that allows you to rate other people’s pets on… well, whether they’re cute or not. (They do say the simplest…

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Spanish politicians are using WhatsApp to talk to voters.

Spanish politicians are using WhatsApp to talk to voters

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Brits aren’t the only ones with election fever – or having elections in the next few months, at least. Later this year, Spain holds its municipal elections, for city-wide leaders. And one candidate, Borja Gutiérrez Iglesias, who’s the mayor of Brunete, near Madrid, is taking his re-election campaign to the people. In the past, that…

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Natwest and RBS are adding TouchID to their iOS banking apps

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The Royal Bank of Scotland group, the owner of RBS and Natwest, has announced that from today iPhone users will be able to accessits mobile banking apps using Apple's TouchID fingerprint scanner. Setting up TouchID within the RBS and Natwest iOS apps will allow customers to access a limited number of mobile banking services without having to type…

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Pushbullet now lets Android users reply to messages on their computer

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Pushbullet is one of those apps that I often wonder how I lived without, since it's so monumentally useful for transferring files and links between devices. Now, though, Android users are going to find that it's even more useful, because they canrespond to messaging apps from their computer. At the moment Pushbullet supports WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger,…

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Shopping app Mallzee has teamed up with Samsung.

Shopping app Mallzee is teaming up with Samsung for exclusive offers

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Personal shopping app Mallzee has just announced a new partnership with Samsung in the UK and Ireland. Throughout 2015, Mallzee will be available on Galaxy apps and Galaxy gifts, and will be offering exclusive discounts to Samsung customers, the first of which is 20% off at Warehouse. If you’re unfamiliar with Mallzee, the company’s branding…

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