Retrojam creates playlists of the popular music throughout your lifetime

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Nostalgia and music are both wonderful things, so why not take a couple of minutes out of your day to experience them both? That's the point of Retrojam, a site that creates playlists of the most popular music from throughout your lifetime. All you need to do is enter your birthdate, and Retrojam will generate…

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Twitter now has group messaging and Vine-style video sharing

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Twitter has announced the introduction of  two new brand new features which will be rolling out from today. Group messaging, which means that the normally public forum becoming a little bit more private, and video sharing. Anyone who's used Twitter will know that the messaging aspect has been a bit lacking. Now you can message up…

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Facebook has removed Reclaim Yourself, an app that watermarks your photos

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Any photos you upload onto a social network technically become their property, meaning the photos can be sold to advertisers, for marketing purposes, and so on. Reclaim Yourself was an app fighting back against that on Facebook, and now it's gone. Released last December, Reclaim Yourself was a Facebook app that added watermarks to your…

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Are young people sick of Facebook and broadcasting their lives online?

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This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Veeemotion.  Rewind to about five years ago and Facebook was (IMO at least) in its heyday. Everyone who was anyone was on it, teens and 20-somethings were obsessively uploading photos, updating all of their friends about the minutiae of their lives and frantically 'friending' everyone they came…

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Magzter Gold Lite lets you have unlimited access to five magazines for £5 a month

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All-you-can-consume content is very popular these days, and for a few pounds a month you can get yourself unlimited access to films, tv, and even e-books. Magazines are no exception, but who has time to read entire back catalogues of hundreds and thousands of magazines? Let's not forget the fact that only a few of those magazines…

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Our phones could help us make decisions in future

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Computer scientists from MIT have developed software that could help us make decisions by predicting the probability of success of different options. Brian Williams, from the university’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, says he and his colleagues wanted to make ‘a better Siri’. So rather than just retrieve information, it can help you make…

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5 Apps that give you control of your content: Veeemotion, Evernote, Snapchat

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This post is sponsored and written in collaboration with Veeemotion. A few years ago, when social media was relatively new and young, many people mindlessly shared their thoughts, their photos, their videos, and everything else whizzing through their heads on a daily basis, with friends and contacts online. However, over the past twelve months there's…

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Weevmee creates colourful unique art from your Instagram feed

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Over the years we've come across so many different companies dedicated to transforming your Instagram snaps into, well, pretty much anything. Marshmallows? Check. Cushions? Check. Think of any product and there's likely to be someone pasting (or digitally printing, or whatever) an Instagram photo to it right now. Weevmee is no exception, promising to turn…

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CES 2015: BonBonBear is the world’s first graphene thermometer

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It’s clearly the time for smart temperature-taking tech for children at this year’s CES. Not to be outdone by VivaLnk’s teddy-themed eSkin Thermometer, which has an embedded NFC chip, Linktop Technology is debuting the BonBonBear. The China-based wearables company has developed what it says is the world’s first cloud thermometer to be made from graphene,…

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CES 2015: Baby Glgl is a smart baby bottle to help your child’s health

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French company Slow Control has invented a new smart baby bottle called Baby Glgl. It’s designed to stop babies gulping when they drink, so their digestion runs more smoothly, thus preventing colic and burping and making for happier mealtimes all round. If you’re holding the bottle at the wrong angle, so it’s creating lumps or…

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