New mobile game Flowy wants to stop panic attacks in their tracks

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A new mobile game from Playlab London has been designed to help people living with anxiety and panic attacks. Flowy is a series of puzzle games which not only distract the mind but deliver training to breathe more calmly, thus reducing stress. The player touches the screen while inhaling and removes touch while exhaling, which…

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iPads can make penguins procreate (probably)

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It’s been a big year for penguins. Not only have they embraced their robot brethren and starred in the best John Lewis Christmas ad of all time, like orangutans before them, they’ve now started using iPads – with unexpected side effects. As Fast Company reports, little magellanic penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific in…

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The new NT100 List highlights socially-conscious tech projects

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Nominet Trust, which funds philanthropic technology projects, has just launched the 2014 NT100 List to recognise inspiring tech endeavours around the world. All the projects are using tech for social good, from improving educational opportunities to providing innovative health solutions. In fact, the latter category is especially full this year, in part inspired by advances…

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‘Shazam for clothes,’ ‘Tinder for fashion’ and more – it’s the year in fashion innovation

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It’s been an appy year for fashion-lovers, with some of the biggest digital hits of recent years – Tinder, Shazam, Pinterest, and so on – turned into tools to help us hunt out the best frocks and keep one eye on the sales. This was the year that we were finally spared the embarrassment of chasing…

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2014: the year internet dating went seriously mainstream

Hayley Minn ShinyShiny Awards 2014 1 Comment

2014 really seems to have been the year that it’s become not just socially acceptable but actually mainstream to date online, thus making the cliched profile tagline ‘If anyone asks, we met in prison’ completely defunct. So many dating apps have sprung up, including Happn, Hinge and the newest one Antidate, to name but a…

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PayPal Pebble

Pebble and PayPal team up for watch-powered payments

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It's pretty clear that the physical wallet's days are numbered, and Pebble and PayPal have just teamed up to put another nail in its coffin with the launch of PayPal for Pebble. Pebble owners can now get the PayPal app on their smartwatch, which allows them to search for businesses nearby that accept PayPal as a payment…

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The Fashion ID app lets you share your style

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Something to Talk About Media has just released a new, updated version of their style app, Fashion ID. Initially launched in September, the app is designed to cater to the clothes-obsessed. (Plus handbag lovers, shoe aficionados, and anyone else who loves to shop, whether online or IRL.) Users can both browse the latest trends for…

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Tailio is the first wellness monitor for cats

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Given the popularity of human health-tracking devices, it was only a matter of time before our pets got in on the action, too. There are already activity monitors for dogs, but being sedentary (and often rejecting collars entirely) that's not the best option for our feline friends. Enter Tailio, a new WiFi enabled device (with…

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Meet Drivebot, the new wearable for your car

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You might think that wearables are just for people and animals but there’s no reason not to let your car get in on the action, too. As PSFK points out, a new device called Drivebot is designed to be ‘Fitbit for your car’, keeping track of its wellbeing and alerting you to any problems before…

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Could social media slow the spread of HIV?

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Social media could slow the spread of HIV, according to a digital analyst. Sean Young (not that one) from the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior presented his ideas in an article in the journal Trends in Microbiology. He says that people often share health and personal information freely on sites like Twitter, and that hospitals,…

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Samaritans’ new Radar app spots tweeters in mental distress

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The Radar app is a new mental health tool from Samaritans. The charity is best known for lending a listening ear to people in emotional distress, but they also offer help via text and email, so an app was probably the next logical step. But rather than offering psychological support, it tracks the people users…

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Careless Whisper? Guardian raises major privacy concerns over ‘secret’ app

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Yesterday evening, The Guardian broke a big story: they claimed that the secret-sharing app Whisper has been storing users’ location data against their wishes. What’s more, they said, Whisper has been handing over info on what members of the armed services have been sharing to the US Department of Defense (DoD). So, of course, given…

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A new motion controlled app could make it even easier to use our phones

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A team of computer scientists from ETH Zurich has created a motion controlled app that finally makes it possible to operate a smartphone using gestures. (Just not the kind of gestures you might make when it's run out of charge for the third time today...) The controls include pointing, spreading the fingers, pinching, and everyone’s…

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Patients using health apps (and Google) are making GPs’ lives miserable

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A new survey has found that patients are increasingly asking doctors for treatment they’ve seen recommended online or in an app, reports the BBC. Research firm Cello Health Insight spoke to 300 UK GPs and found that a third of them have patients who come to appointments already knowing what they want to be prescribed,…

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The StudentLife app wants to track stress… by monitoring everything

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Computer scientists have built an app that monitors students' wellbeing by using their phone to measure as many variables as possible, from mood to sleep quality to how sociable they are. As New Scientist reports, the aim isn’t to totally invade their privacy, but to identify and help people at risk of dropping out for…

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Researchers ask: do wearable activity monitors really work?

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Wearables are increasingly advanced and increasingly popular (the market is expected to be worth $8.36 billion by 2018), but are they as helpful consumers hope? A group of scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch wanted to find out whether wearable activity monitors live up to their promises – and if they could be…

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