Careless Whisper? Guardian raises major privacy concerns over ‘secret’ app

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Yesterday evening, The Guardian broke a big story: they claimed that the secret-sharing app Whisper has been storing users’ location data against their wishes. What’s more, they said, Whisper has been handing over info on what members of the armed services have been sharing to the US Department of Defense (DoD). So, of course, given…

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A new motion controlled app could make it even easier to use our phones

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A team of computer scientists from ETH Zurich has created a motion controlled app that finally makes it possible to operate a smartphone using gestures. (Just not the kind of gestures you might make when it's run out of charge for the third time today...) The controls include pointing, spreading the fingers, pinching, and everyone’s…

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Patients using health apps (and Google) are making GPs’ lives miserable

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A new survey has found that patients are increasingly asking doctors for treatment they’ve seen recommended online or in an app, reports the BBC. Research firm Cello Health Insight spoke to 300 UK GPs and found that a third of them have patients who come to appointments already knowing what they want to be prescribed,…

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The StudentLife app wants to track stress… by monitoring everything

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Computer scientists have built an app that monitors students' wellbeing by using their phone to measure as many variables as possible, from mood to sleep quality to how sociable they are. As New Scientist reports, the aim isn’t to totally invade their privacy, but to identify and help people at risk of dropping out for…

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Researchers ask: do wearable activity monitors really work?

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Wearables are increasingly advanced and increasingly popular (the market is expected to be worth $8.36 billion by 2018), but are they as helpful consumers hope? A group of scientists from the University of Texas Medical Branch wanted to find out whether wearable activity monitors live up to their promises – and if they could be…

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Chromebooks are getting their first batch of Android apps

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At the Google I/O back in June Sundar Pichai, head of Android, promised that devices running Chrome OS would be able to use Android apps at some time in the future, and now it seem that this promise is coming true. Google announced on Thursday that it is working with four high-profile app makers to get…

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An app could help doctors diagnose Parkinson’s

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Researchers from Aston University have developed smartphone software to make it easier for doctors to diagnose and assess patients with Parkinson’s. The neurological disease affects millions of people worldwide, around 127,000 of them in the UK. But it can be difficult to gauge from one 10-minute-max appointment how someone’s symptoms are progressing or even to…

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Here’s why the Apple Watch could be a wearable fitness game-changer (and why it might not be)

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Apple's highly-anticipated, first foray into the world of wearables certainly didn't disappoint fanboys and girls all over the globe when Tim and the team lifted the lid on the Apple Watch in Cupertino, California, yesterday The device is packing its own payment system, it allows you to send emojis, you can share your heartbeat with loved…

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Top 10 fashion apps to make you more stylish than ever: Mallzee, ShopChat, Vinted

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With just a couple of days until London Fashion Week begins and we find out what trends we'll be wearing/rejecting next spring, now's as good a time as any to check out the best apps for staying stylish over the next few months. Whether you want to buy something new, offload your old clothes, or…

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Brain in Hand: this new app for people with autism was just awarded 200k

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Investors have just awarded £200,000 to an app that helps people to navigate the world more easily. Brain in Hand is designed for people with autism, mental illness, or cognitive impairment who feel anxious being out and about on their own. Users can input a situation that makes them anxious, for example, needing to catch…

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20 Gadgets, apps and accessories to make your running experience better #RunningWeek

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Running isn't quite as simple as pulling on a pair of trainers and jogging around the nearby streets. Sure, that might work for some people but for most of us that isn't particularly enjoyable. Just throwing yourself out there might lead to thoughts like 'how far have I run?', 'how long have I been running for?', 'where…

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