Will you be buying the Google Chromecast?

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It has been hailed as a smart move by Google, but will you be investing in one? The Google Chromecast, which debuted yesterday is a dongle that plugs into your TV's HDMI socket and enables you to stream video content from a number of devices to your screen. It is apparently compatible with Android and…

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Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at 'new products' – the iWatch?

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Interesting stuff over night as Apple CEO Tim Cook faced investors and business journos poring over the company's latest financial figures at its annual shareholder meeting. The CEO is facing a mini revolt from investors who aren't keen on the fact he is taking a 51% rise in his base salary. Details here. So no…

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The Google TV Box – Is It Too Geeky for the Masses?

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Google TV was announced open on Monday promising a brave new world of content on demand, full-screen YouTube and apps for TV. Key to the appeal of the idea is the simple plug-and-play box that will bring full internet functionality to a normal TV. The Google TV box is manufactured by Logitech and as they…

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Apple TV: Take Two – this time it has movie rental and internet

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This is Apple's second crack at the TV market. They went out and they talked to their users, and discovered that people want more content for cheaper, and they want it in HD. A slashed price and a deal with popular film rental site NetFlix (American LoveFilm) could see this become a contender in the…

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Macworld Expo 2008: The Jobs Keynote – Apple TV, iTunes and Movie Rentals

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Movie rentals were the big new announcement for iTunes, which is also showing healthy growth, with 20 million songs sold on Christmas Day. Touchstone, MGM, Miramax, Lionsgate, Newline, FOX, WB, Disney, Paramount, Universal and Sony have all joined the party now for movie rentals; a goodly collection by anyone's reckoning. Although iTunes Movie Rental is…

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Extender for Windows Media Center. Crap name, great product

Susi Weaser Peripherals, TVs and Home Cinema 1 Comment

Not a million years ago, Microsoft were telling us that everyone living room would have a computer in it, merrily delivering your photos, music and the like to your home TV/monitor. In response, people like Logitech brought out a whole slew of gorgeous peripherals designed to look pretty in your living room - MX Air…

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Apple TV and YouTube to make beautiful streaming together

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Apple has announced that YouTube will be compatible with Apple TV, starting from mid-June. Well, almost. Although the full catalogue won't be available until the autumn, once that happens you'll be able to stream videos through the Apple TV box, browse YouTube with your Apple Remote and access your account. The obligatory Steve Jobs quote:…

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Revive Your Telly with Lifebox

Kimberly Audio, Hard Drives, MP3 and Media Players, TVs and Home Cinema 10 Comments

Perhaps you resist going buckwild over every Apple announcement, but would still like technological innovation in your home. Welcome to Lifebox TV. It's a media storage hard drive that hooks up to your television, with results similar to the much talked about Apple TV. Lifebox supports a variety of audio files and a plethora of…

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iPhone Shuffle, for true 1337 styling.

Kate Walker Fun Stuff, Phones Leave a Comment

Apple are just all go these days. First they introduced some random thing called the iPod. Don't know much about it - the advertising campaign obviously failed. Then there was the iPhone, which everyone and their dog got excited about, even though we won't even see them for what seems like decades. Then there was…

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