Apple iWatch pushed back till November due to its super advanced tech

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We'd all been collectively crossing our fingers for Apple's iWatch to be launched in October, but now a top (and often accurate) analyst has suggested that production may not even begin until late November. Urgh come on already Apple! Today the tech press is full of KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's predictions that the Apple iWatch won't…

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INSIGHT – The 10 things I want to see from Apple’s iWatch: female focus, awesome design, best in class tracking

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The Apple iWatch is quickly becoming the Loch Ness monster of the tech world. I've heard rumours about its existence for as far back as I can remember (okay a year), but as of yet we've had no concrete evidence that it's going to be an actual, real life thing anytime soon. Of course a…

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MacUser "iWatch" mockup with user interface examples

Apple iWatch will come in different sizes and have ten tracking sensors

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Apple's iWatch is rumoured to be launched in October and this week WSJ has revealed some pretty interesting details about the highly-anticipated new wearable. According to WSJ's source, the Apple iWatch will be available in a range of different models and sizes. This is music to our ears here at shinyshiny because wearables are so…

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Is Apple secretly trademarking 'iWatch' all over the globe?

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It looks like we could be one step closer to Apple's big iWatch announcement, because according to sources the tech giant is pursuing the iWatch trademark in a handful of countries around the globe. According to reports from Cult of Mac and Consomac, it looks like Apple is using a shell company called Brightflash USA…

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Nike might help Apple with its new iWatch after ditching the FuelBand

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Late last week details emerged that Nike had laid off a large percentage of the team behind the FuelBand activity tracker and won't be continuing in its pursuit of the ultimate wearable for the time being. This has left many wondering about whether Nike is actually throwing in the wearable towel for good or whether…

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Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 coming. Works with more Galaxy mobiles

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If you were intrigued by the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch but a bit disappointed that it only worked with one phone - the Note 3 - and not the S4 you splashed the cash on a few months back, we may have some good news. Cnet is reporting that a Korean news site Daum is…

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Apple iPhone 5S launch date – September 10th looking likely

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September 10th - get that in your diary now, for it seems pretty certain that it will be the day that Apple unveils its next iPhone. It has been rumoured as the big day and now US blog All Things D is saying that a very reliable source has confirmed it. The day will be…

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Forget smart watches, are smart textiles and implants the future?

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We are only months away from an almighty battle for the smart watch market. Apple is rumoured to be beefing up its iWatch team, Samsung is working on a similar device and Sony has been in the market for a while with its range of watches. Might however the smart watch be a small blip…

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Sony's new Smartwatch is imminent. Apple and Samsung will be watching it very closely

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Samsung and LG have Smartwatches in the pipeline and Apple is rumoured to have one up its sleeve too. But there is one high profile maker that already has a Smartwatch on its books and that's Sony. And it looks like the Japanese company is about to undertake a major refresh of its intelligent timepiece…

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Has an Apple exec inadvertently confirmed the iWatch?

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Apple's iWatch is of course the worst kept secret in the tech world. Yet no Apple execs have acknowledged its existence. Well not until now.. Bill Campbell, Apple board member and Silicon Valley veteran, gave a talk to employees at Intuit, the software firm to which he acts as chairman where he shared his views…

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Now Microsoft preps a smart watch

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It appears that smart watches are like buses... For after rumours emanating from Apple, an announcement from Samsung and a big hint from LG, Microsoft is now also reportedly working on an intelligent smartphone friendly watch. A story in The Wall Street Journal, which quotes 'anonymous execs' suggests that company exces have been chatting to…

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Five reasons why the Apple V Samsung smart watch battle is so important

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I read the note from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster earlier this week in which he plots Apple's upcoming year. It revolves around tweaks to existing products - iPhone 5S, a cheaper iPhone and an upgraded iPad and iPad mini. Munster believes that Apple will leave the innovation until the end of the year when…

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Apple iPhone 5S coming in June says analyst – but won't be as big a hit as the iPhone 5

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Waiting for the next Apple iPhone? Well according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster you won't have too long to wait. He has told Cnet that he thinks that the next gen iPhone - the 5S - will land in June but also adds that he thinks it won't be as big a hit as…

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Does this Plastic Logic prototype give us clues as to what the Apple iWatch might be like?

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Here's an interesting prototype from British maker Plastic Logic. The company, which these days specialises in high quality flexible plastic displays, have been parading a prototype of a watch that may give us a few clues as to what might be Apple's sleeve with its iWatch. As you can see from the picture the flexible…

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Samsung is working on a smartwatch – official!

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So it is official. Samsung have confirmed to Bloomberg that it is working on a watch that will work with its range of smartphones. And apparently it isn't just a knee jerk reaction to recent gossip emanating from Apple HQ that it will, launch an iWatch sometime this year. "We've been preparing the watch product…

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Smartwatch for fitness freaks on its way – Smartfitty

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Heres' an interesting new addition to the range of smart watches that may go on sale soon. Smartfitty is an inexpensive-ish (it should retails for around £80) watch that its maker hope will be available in September 2013. What set it apart is that it has two key features. Firstly, unlike some rival watches, it…

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Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at 'new products' – the iWatch?

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Interesting stuff over night as Apple CEO Tim Cook faced investors and business journos poring over the company's latest financial figures at its annual shareholder meeting. The CEO is facing a mini revolt from investors who aren't keen on the fact he is taking a 51% rise in his base salary. Details here. So no…

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