iPhone separation causes psychological problems, researchers say

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In a study that sounds like it was sponsored by Apple (although it apparently wasn’t), researchers have found that iPhone users being without their beloved devices causes psychological, physiological, and cognitive issues. Russell Clayton and Glenn Leshner from the University of Missouri recruited subjects for what they told them was an experiment to test a…

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Holly Brockwell with iPhone 6

I’m a die-hard Android fan. Here’s what happened when I tried the iPhone 6

Holly Brockwell Tech 84 Comments

With thanks to EE for the handset I'm one of those intensely crappy people who have a passionate alliance to one side of a tech war. In fact, I have several. I'm firmly PC over Mac (though I'll probably go Chrome OS when it's more developed), digital media over physical, and Android over iOS. I…

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Apple iPad Air 2: Everything you need to know about the thinner, 10 inch tablet

Becca Caddy Trending 1 Comment

This story is developing... We've been keeping our eyes glued to the latest livestream from Apple's highly-anticipated iPad event so you don't have to. The biggest announcement was the unveiling of the iPad Air 2, and we've summarised the top specs and features of Apple's latest tablet below. What do you think of it? Let us…

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Apple accidentally leaked details on the new iPads

Tom Pritchard Tablets, Tech Leave a Comment

Usually leaks for new devices come from anonymous sourced within a company, or workers within the manufacturing divisions where the devices are actually being made. It's not usually the company itself, which makes this all the more embarrassing for Apple since someone posted parts of the user manual for the new iPads on iTunes last…

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Tim Cook

Reports say the new iPad will be released on the 24th October

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Tomorrow's big event is where everyone is expecting Apple to unveil the brand new iPads and unleash them upon the world. That event hasn't even happened yet and we're already hearing rumours that the devices in question will be released on 24th October. This information comes from a source speaking to MacRumours who claims that…

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iOS 8.1 code reveals details on TouchID for iPad and Apple Pay settings

Tom Pritchard Tech Leave a Comment

iOS 8 hasn't actually had a great time during the roll-out period, but reports from Mac Rumours indicate that iOS 8.1 might be on the way fairly soon. It also claims that the developer release contains information for Apple Pay, due for US release in October, and TouchID systems for the iPad. The code seems…

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