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drunk-asleep-large.jpgOh don't worry, we've all been there. You got a bit drunk, you dropped your phone down the toilet, or left it on the bar, or just threw it somewhere and now you have no phone and no numbers. Awhh lots of sad little emoticons for you :( :( :(. But fear not because a clever new service called is here to piece your life back together one Facebook friend at a time. removes the need for you to set up one of those "OMGZ I LOST MY PHONE AGAIN, WHAT A LOSER" groups and re-add each number separately, instead it connects up to your Facebook account and gives you a breakdown of every group and event you're part of. It'll then create a list of all of your friends and the phone numbers they've shared with everyone recently.

There's bound to be some repetitions and incorrect numbers, so you can then go through them, amend the contact details and have the numbers and contact details saved directly to your phone.

Now admittedly this isn't always going to work and people have pseudonyms and some people don't share their correct numbers, etc, etc, but it's certainly a clever and handy idea for the clumsy phone losing people amongst us.

[Via TechCrunch Image via Jo Jakeman Flickr]

704 facebook top.jpgMany of you probably didn't know that in the past if you tried to delete a photo on Facebook of you looking particularly drunk/falling over/kissing a random person, then it would have been removed from your profile straight away but stayed right there on Facebook's servers, meaning it still existed somewhere in the dark depth of the internet with a long and confusing URL.

Now admittedly it'd be hard to ever find those incriminating photos, but it's kind of not right that deleting something never actually, well you know, deleted it. But now the social network has finally got round to deleting the photos. Like actually. For good.

According to Cnet, Facebook will now only be holding onto photos for 30 days in its content delivery network (CDN) until they're gone forever:

"As a result of work on our policies and infrastructure, we have instituted a 'max-age' of 30 days for our CDN links."

However, the statement from Facebook spokesperson Frederic Wolens also stated that all photos still disappear from profiles straight away, and some of the CDN links could be gone in a matter of hours.

It's a little irritating that Facebook hasn't been deleting deleted content sooner, but it's probably only those who have no lives or have terrible things to hide that are really that bothered, right?

[Via Cnet]


We haven't been excited about the launch of a new social network since Google+ (you know, the one with the dancing circles), but over the past week we've heard a lot of interesting things about the subscription-based alternative to Twitter,, which is currently in development...

So what is it?

On its home page right now is described as a "real-time social feed without the ads", so just think Twitter but for those who get irritated by some of the annoying things it does and want a platform that's dedicated to them and not advertisers:

"We believe that advertising-supported social services are so consistently and inextricably at odds with the interests of users and developers that something must be done."

Awh what a lovely little online utopia.

However, it's not just about creating a nicer online space for users, but after growing concerns about Twitter's relationship with developers the creators aim to keep the platform as open as possible.

The catch with is that unfortunately you do have to pay for it because, let's face it, the creators have to bring money in somehow. You can sign up now to become a member for a year and it'll cost you $50, although there's no indication of whether that number will get higher or lower in the future.

But is it actually going to be any good?

Well it's hard to say given the fact it's not properly up and running yet (and obviously because we don't have $50 to just throw into the online ether right now), but regardless of whether you think is genius or ridiculous it seems plenty of others are really buying into the idea of a fairly ad free online space. This morning The Next Web reported that the creators have already surpassed their funding goal of $500,000 and big tech names as well as celebrities have already signed up, such as Stephen Fry.

The main problem with the idea behind is that we wonder how many people out there (other than social media geeks, of course) REALLY care about an ad or two in their Twitter feed or the fact an app has been granted access to their account? The answer is probably very few, so whether will be successful among anyone but techies in the future remains to be seen, but we guess that's kind of the whole point...

Find out more about

early-adopter-site.jpgThe term "early adopter" was first used by Everett Rogers in his Diffusion of Innovations theory to describe an adopter category of individuals who are often early customers of any given company or product or technology. However, it's often used as a bit of an insult to take the mickey out of those who brag about being one of the first to try this product or one of the earliest to start using that.

Well now if you're interested in learning just how early you really are when it comes to adopting new social networks (or really just Instagram, Google+ and Twitter), then a new site called tells you when you first signed up and where you stand in relation to the rest of your friends.

You simply visit the website and then give it access to your Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Google Plus accounts to see where you rank.

The Next Web says it seems a bit like navel gazing, and it is, but if you're obsessed with being the earliest (you're just so cool), want to see where you stand in relation to your mates or you're just intrigued to see when you signed up, then give it a try.

Do bear in mind that you're giving the app access to your social media profiles, so you may want to go and revoke access quickly after...

[Via The Next Web]

new-facebook-images-copy.jpgFacebook has taken a leaf out of Pinterest and Tumblr's book and will be rolling out a brand new look for photos over the next few weeks, which it claims will be "more beautiful" and "make viewing photos more enjoyable".

The changes will mean that your photos no longer neatly sit side-by-side one another below all of your albums, but instead they'll stretch to fit the whole screen. You can showcase the ones that make you look awesome by highlighting them in the same way you can draw attention to certain pieces of content on your timeline.

The new layout makes a lot of sense, because instead of seeing albums followed by photos you're tagged in there are now just three tabs, "photos of you", "photos" and "albums". After all, it's only the elite stalkers who really bother to browse through albums anymore, right?

Some users are noticing the new "mosaic" layout right now, but we expect you'll all start to see it over the next week or so.

[Via Facebook's Newsroom]

facebook-list-digital-trends.jpegA group of clever Facebook engineers have finally brought us a way to see upcoming events in a calendar-style layout. So you can view everything you've been invited to in a given month at once, which is usually how calendars work...

Facebook's new Events Calendar feature allows you to flick between a list or calendar view and not only do you see the events you've been invited to, but you can see suggested events, events that friends are attending, photos of people who have a birthday coming up soon and even take a look at things going on at places you've checked-in to before and events pages you've liked are holding, whether it's a venue or a band. Wow, we're all going to be REALLY busy once the new feature kicks in.

You click on any event to be taken through to the dedicated page set up for it and can move back through months too, just as you would with a regular calendar. It's not particularly exciting or innovative, especially if you're good at organising your commitments elsewhere, but it's handy for Facebook social butterflies and will probably make us more likely to turn up to things.

Facebook product engineer Bob Baldwin told Digital Trends:

"A few of us created a Facebook group called "Social Calendar Dreamers" to spark discussion around making Events more visual. At the next hackathon, engineers from the events, photos, messages and other teams hacked through the night to build a better way to view events. By 6 a.m., we had a prototype that worked."

Some users have already noticed the added feature once they click through to Events Calendar, but if it's not been rolled out to you yet expect it in the next few weeks.

[Via Digital Trends]

Our sister site Connected Health explores the latest idea to get people moving from Nike Mexico, a Facebook auction that allows you to win cool stuff the more you run...


Most fitness apps reward users the more they workout, whether they get a shiny little badge (on their phones, not in real life unfortunately), climb up a leader board above their friends or gain access to exclusive content. But why not add a REAL incentive and allow users to win things for their efforts too?

Nike has a range of fitness apps, gadgets and apparel, but in Mexico the brand is working on a new Facebook application called the Subasta de Kilometros, which according to Springwise translates into runners' distances into currency action.

Users must download the Nike+ Running app that we've got here in the UK, or buy one of Nike's many training products that can also track important data like pace, distance and time, such as the FuelBand. Every time a user runs they must then take the gadget with them, collect the data and build up as many kilometres as they can over seven days. Each week a new auction is added to the Subasta de Kilometros app and users can bid based on how many kilometres they've managed to clock up (there's a minimum, so don't take a brief walk and expect to get in on the action, Nike are serious bad asses). If you've got the right amount of kilometres you bid and whoever has the longest distance under their belt wins the prize, which includes Nike clothing, Nike+ equipment and fancy footwear.

For now the Subasta de Kilometros app and challenge is only being held in Mexico, but we can see the idea of gaming within fitness apps being taken even further by other brands in other countries as an extra incentive to get people moving and keep them motivated.

[Via Connected Health Via Springwise]

couple-kissing.jpegThe fact many of us share so much of our lives online means break-ups can be pretty confusing, do you delete your ex from all your photos? Do you hide all of those cheesy statuses about how smitten you are? Do you go from "single" to "in a relationship" and force your friends to see the little breaking heart symbol in their news feeds (thanks for that btw Zuckerberg)? OK, so it may be the ultimate in First World Problems, but it's hard to know what to do and the new timeline format makes it easy for anyone and everyone (including potential new love interests) to see all the gory details of your relationship history.

Well it seems that although many of us are quick to try and hide exes from our Facebook profiles, a lot of us will sneakily keep old photos of former partners hidden away, according to a recent study.

The research, commissioned by Friends Reunited (yeah, it's still kicking around), has found that 21.6 million Brits have kept photographs of past flames (we're not sure how the research was conducted to come to that conclusion, mind...). It seems that men are more likely to be harbouring a stash of secret images, with 20% of those polled admitting that they have photos of their ex despite being in a new relationship and they keep quiet because they don't think their new girlfriend would approve, whereas only 9% of women do the same.

The research continues to hate on men, as it suggests 17% feel guilty about keeping photos and that could be because 12% admitted they still have feelings for their old lovers. Ouch. Apparently women claim to keep photos because they don't want to forget part of their lives. Hmm.

Call us scumbags, but we don't see the problem with keeping photos of our exes if it reminds us of good times. However, if they feature heavily in a shrine you've made to them complete with locks of hair and nail clippings then that's when your current partner probably needs to worry...

To be honest we're probably all just reading into these statistics and the fact we have photos of exes will most likely be down to the fact many of us (maybe men more than women) don't clear out things from our computers enough. Simple.

[Image via DavidMartinHunt's Flickr]


If we ever needed more proof that one day Lady Gaga will take over the world and turn us all into flamboyant little activists, the singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and general badass has now launched her own social network.

Little Monsters has been a private beta entity for some time, but today it's been released into the wild and any Gaga adoring creatures can sign up to connect with others, share all kinds of content and talk about Lady G in a slick Facebook/Pinterest/Chat Room kinda space.

We took a quick look around the site and here's what we saw...

There's a simple sign-up process, just fill in a few basic details, take a quick tour and away you go. Little Monsters feels a lot like Pinterest when you first sign in and this is the Media section, where you'll see everything other little monsters have been posting, you can click on things to zoom in, write comments and then rate them, because the better content then moves up to the top of the screen.

The Discuss tab is basically like a forum, allowing you to respond to different topics and post your own. There's a real sense of community throughout the whole platform, allowing you to rate and police all kinds of content and discussions that are taking place.

The Open Chat feature over to the right hand side is like your very own dynamic chat panel, allowing you to flick between rooms and get to know other monsters.

The News and Events tabs are full of Lady Gaga focused content right now, but we imagine that monsters can fill these sections up with other things that interest them over time too.

Just like Facebook you can receive messages, view recent notifications and the Monsters tab shows you who you're following, who's following you and suggests other monsters to connect with.

We've only just dipped our toes into the crazy Little Monsters pool, but so far we like what we see and wonder whether other artists and celebs will follow suit and create their own online destinations or whether Gaga's the only one with the dedicated fanbase to really pull it off? We think the latter.

It certainly helps that she's so outspoken and spreads her ethos of being strong, kind and original with users as soon as they sign up. Here are the inspirational words we got from the lady herself after becoming a member, also known as The Monster Code:

Be brave. Dare to create and share your art with the world.
Be kind. Encourage and support your fellow monsters. We don't want to put anyone down, be it other Little Monsters or other artists.
Be tolerant. Never make anyone feel unwelcome or judged; treat everyone with respect, love and acceptance.
Be original. Please only upload content you've created or have permission to post.
Be a contributor. Post good content and good discussion will follow. Don't ask for likes. Up-vote great comments, and down-vote those that take away from to the discussion (there is no room for negativity within
Be safe. Protect your privacy, and respect the privacy of others.
Be respectful. Keep things appropriate for everyone, including all of the young little monsters out there. Please no nudity or explicit content. If you repeatedly post content that offends the community, we may have to limit your access.
... be yourself.

Whatever you think of Lady Gaga's music, you can't deny she speaks up about a lot of important and often controversial topics and has really pushed the boundaries when it comes to fashion, tech, human rights, current affairs and the unique way she really connects with her adoring fans.


bikini-girls.jpegMost of us have fallen victim to the fugly Facebook photo tag at some point in our lives, but why oh why did your good 'friend' really decide to do it? Well, we hate to break it to you, but they may have thought your clothes looked nice, that you seemed like you were having fun OR they might just not like you that much...

Although we thought we left playground bitchiness back in our teens, a recent study suggests that many female Facebook users are becoming increasingly catty by deliberately tagging unflattering photos of their (supposed) friends.

According to the research commissioned by, a quarter of the 1,512 women polled admitted to having purposefully uploaded a gross photograph of a friend in a bikini. An even bigger 45% said they upload unflattering outfit shots all the time and 41% decide to tag when someone hasn't got make-up on. Oh how very Regina George.

OK, so why are we doing this to one another and acting out scenes from Mean Girls?

Well, 51% admitted that they did it because they didn't like the friend in question (not your friend then, love) and 32% claimed someone had done the same to them so saw it as a form of revenge. However, 65% would be angry if someone uploaded an unflattering photo of them. Hmm talk about double standards.

We're not sure what we think of the slew of "women do this" and "girls are so inclined to do that" stats that we've been coming across recently. We certainly don't want anyone reading this to scroll back through the photos they've recently been tagged in and start accusing people left, right and centre of being evil in some self-perpetuating cycle of pure hatred.

However, maybe it IS time we all started being a little nicer online, considerate to one another on Facebook or just stop posting holiday photos altogether. Some of us aren't going abroad this year you know.

[Image via Jacrews7 Flickr]

woman-laptop.jpegAh social media, first it's making us more insecure then it's making us more confident, later it's improving our language skills and the next minute it's reducing us all to dumb sub-humans that ONLY TLK LYK DIS. Well now it seems linguistics professors believe all the time young people spend texting one another and updating their Facebook statuses is making them much more aggressive, especially girls.

According to Newser, researchers have found that over the past few years young people have begun to talk in a much more straight forward way online due to the fact they've got limited time and space. Although many of us may see this as normal and would never speak that way in real life, professor Deborah Cameron has suggested this could make people come across as much more aggressive than they actually are.

We can't tell whether we're being scared into believing this is a good thing or a bad thing?!

But don't be offended ladies, it's not that females are becoming much more angry and mean, it's just a more noticeable change because according to Cameron we're just really "innovative" or something:

"Girls are the innovative ones, more than boys are . . . The teenage years are a period of life where you find linguistic innovations of all kinds, and girls are generally ahead of the curve."

[Via Jezebel Via Newser Image Via borderlys' Flickr]


Well isn't Facebook a funny creature? Sometimes it likes to shout about its shiny new looks, features and profiles and other times it sneakily rolls out changes under the radar for us to either completely ignore or get unnecessarily angry about months later.

Recently we've noticed a few new changes that could have a big impact on the way we use the social network. Some of these features have been well publicised, but others seem to have slipped through the social media net.

So here are 10 cool new features that you may or may not have noticed, including silly, subtle, handy and annoying tweaks.

1. Email changes

Earlier in the week the social network quietly swapped the email addresses displayed on our timelines with a new one. As you'd expect, users have been a bit angry about the changes, especially as we already have work and personal email addresses and ABSOLUTELY no need for another.

We weren't at all surprised that Facebook made the changes without telling us, but according to a statement from a Facebook spokesperson published on All Facebook, we've been kept informed at all times:

"As we announced back in April, we've been updating addresses on Facebook to make them consistent across our site.

"In addition to everyone receiving an address, we're also rolling out a new setting that gives people the choice to decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines.

"Ever since the launch of timeline, people have had the ability to control what posts they want to show or hide on their own timelines, and today we're extending that to other information they post, starting with the Facebook address."

The email address basically allows people who aren't on the site to message you, so you never EVER have to leave in order to check your emails elsewhere. Sneaky yet clever, huh?

To get rid of your email address from your profile go to your Timeline, click on About, scroll down to Contact Info, click Edit and play around to choose what you'd like to display yourself.

2. Translation tool

Apparently the translation feature has been around on Facebook pages for months, but we've only just noticed that it's rolled out to personal profiles too here at Shiny Media HQ.

The social network has teamed up with Bing in order to provide you with a Translate link, which you'll see under any comment or status that isn't in your first language. You simply click the link and a translation will pop up in the place of the original update or comment. Genius.

According to Mashable when the feature first came to pages bilingual users were able to add their own translations too:

"The feature lets bilingual users enter a human (and often more accurate) translation in that pop-out window. If enough other users vote positively on the accuracy of a human translation, it will replace the one from Bing each time the Translate button is clicked. The human translations can be managed by page administrators using a "manage translations" link underneath posts on pages they manage."

3. Voice for admins

If you're an admin on a Facebook page, next time you visit it you'll probably notice a new tab in the menu bar called "Voice". This tab reminds you that you'll be liking, commenting and interacting as the page and not yourself, it even gives you the option to become you again too.

This is a pretty subtle change, but it's presumably been added to stop users from getting confused about whether they're engaging as themselves or a page. It sounds like even a monkey would be able to do that, but if you're an admin on multiple pages and haven't had enough coffee, it's an easy mistake to make.

4. In-app following

Yesterday a post was published on the Facebook Developer Blog, which explained that soon users will be able to follow actions within apps.

This means that you'll be able to follow a certain person's activity from within an application (even if you're not friends with them) and it'll show up in your news feed.

However, don't worry that every Tom, Dick and Harry will be able to see your runs or stalk the films you watched today, you still have complete control over who sees what you publish through the privacy settings of the apps in question. For now anyway.

5. Edit comments

The long-awaited edit comments feature is slowly being rolled out to all users right now, allowing you to make edits to anything you've written in the past under an update or photo. Just be aware that anyone can see the history of what you've amended.

6. Advertising icons

Facebook has added a teeny tiny megaphone symbol next to its Sponsored Ads sections, which takes users to a page explaining why they see ads and best practice tips for brand managers.

This may seem really insignificant and most users probably won't even notice the new icon, but it's good to see the social network being as open as possible about its use of advertising across the site.

7. Deeper Instagram integration

Instagram rolled out its latest update this week and one of the biggest features is much deeper Facebook integration.

By going to YOU within Instagram (we're not sure why it's shouting at us either) and clicking Sharing Settings then Facebook you can make likes visible on your timeline (this means photos you've liked and those who've liked yours) and also change your default settings so everything you snap is sent directly to Facebook without the hassle of ticking that little box. Because we all know how hard that is.

8. Pages app

If you're an admin for any pages on Facebook you'll want to download the Pages app, which gives you complete control over them while you're on the move.

You can download the app for free from iTunes.

9. Facebook Camera or just Camera (with a dot) app

Another Facebook app that's had everyone talking over the past month or so is Facebook Camera, or just Camera, or Camera with a dot that we can't find on the keyboard right now.

It's a slick application which allows you to take, edit, add filters and share photos with your Facebook friends. Did we mention filters?!

You can read our full review of the Facebook Camera app or download the app for free from iTunes.

10. Emoticons added to chat

And last but not least, you can now add silly emoticons into your Facebook chats for pre-teen style flirting. Just what we were after.

Have you noticed anything else over the past few months?


A new fashion start-up called The Cools has launched today, with backing from some top names in fashion, funding from MTV founder Bob Pittman and a slick, minimal website that's guaranteed to appeal to style junkies.

We hate saying a new platform is a bit like this and this, or a mashup of that one and that one, but if we had to describe The Cools we'd have to say it's a mix of Tumblr and The Fancy, because you can collect together "cool" images, add your own and even go on to buy them. The great thing about The Cools is that users have a LOT of freedom, they can show off their own designs or create their own style blog. You don't have to be an industry insider to get started either, even us regular, ugly, non-fashiony types can pretend we know a thing or two about style.

It doesn't just have to be about fashion either (although that's what the team behind The Cools is rightly focusing on), there are sections for photography, design and even TECH that might prove to be popular as the site gains momentum.

When you first sign up to The Cools you're asked a series of different questions about your ideal home, what you flat is like and what kind of clothes you wear. You're then asked to pick five images that you think are "cool", which all combine together to make a kind of taste profile that the site will use to fire ideas at you later down the line.

There are four main sections of The Cools, Feed, Shop, Sell and Me. Feed is a continuous, uh... feed of all the content other users are adding right now, which you can browse through, mark as "cool", add comments to or re-blog on your profile. Shop feeds you all of the content that's available to buy and the only difference is that when you hover over the images you can choose to click "cool" or "buy". Sell takes you to a form where you can fill in your details in order to sell your items and finally Me takes you to your personal feed with the content you "cool", a Tumblr-esque status bar that allows you to update and share content and plenty more customisable features.

If you're already a die-hard Tumblr, The Fancy, WIWT or Pinterest fan and follow a lot of other fashion-obsessed users then you might not find much use for The Cools right now, but if you're into style and like trying out new platforms that could one day be kind of a big deal, then sign up to The Cools and start "cool"-ing (we wonder if that will catch on?) a lot of lovely content that pleases your eyes right now.

We get that the fashion industry as a whole is a little pretentious, glitzy and unattainable (and the site is called The COOLS after all), but we hope the site gets filled up with juicy content that makes us excited about style and want to shop, rather than just confused/annoyed/jealous of everything. Of course the fact the first post we see when we visit the site is a blurry Lindsay Lohan with a gun to her head bodes oh so well...

[Via Venture Beat]


Yes Facebook is confusing, yes the team likes to change stuff, make stuff public and annoy us all regularly. But come on guys, it's hardly rocket science, if your status updates have a little world next to them that means you're sharing them with THE WORLD, so think before you write about your sexual exploits, drug habits and how much you wish your boss would die, because anyone could be reading them RIGHT NOW and (quite rightly) judging you for it.

To prove just how naive some users seem to be, UK teenager Callum Haywood set up the site, a kind of experiment that collects together the most dumb, ridiculous, offensive and pointless updates from some of Facebook's biggest geniuses.

The updates are hilariously divided up into four categories, Who wants to get fired? Who's hungover? Who's taking drugs? And last but not least, Who's got a new phone number?

Here are some of our personal favourites:

What's better than saying you'd wish your boss would die? Well, threatening to kill him of course!

"Im getting so mad right now I hate my boss Jay I hope he dies better yet I feel like killin him if you in a bad mood don't take it out on everyone at the job like wtf its way to hot to take your shit-_- #Piss off"

Not one, not two, but three reasons why you shouldn't be employed...

"Who's hungover? Who's high? Who hates their boss? Find out here..."

This is rather profound.

"My story with my ex love(cannabis): My first joint:2004 i see the world perfect 2004_2008:I smoked for pleasure in about once a week 2008:i'm addicted I became the worship of that plant 2009_2011:Promoter drug with my friend Jamel He is currently incarcerated :( now i'm in the country of zakataka we smoke every days not every days every hours not every hours every moment...We kill ourselves to ourselves 2012:For me tasted tired .Hatred has become a smoke.. Now i'm freeeeee.. fuck u my love (maria vitta)"

As you'd expect there's a pretty hefty disclaimer at the bottom of the site, which states:

"All data is pulled directly from Facebook, it is not censored, and it is publicly accessible via the Graph API. I cannot be held responsible for any persons actions as a result of using this experiment."

The website doesn't really do anything special, these updates are already shared with everyone and anyone, but it just highlights the fact people REALLY need to be more careful about what they say on Facebook.

[Via Gizmodo]

facebook-bad-large.jpgSTOP THE INTERNET, Facebook has done something or changed something without really telling us. How will we ever... We can't keep this going any longer, we're so used to Facebook changing our settings, adding new features and screwing up our profiles. In fact if we didn't get all angry and upset about Facebook every week we'd have to get off the internet and deal with, like, ACTUAL PROBLEMS. And who the hell wants that?

Well today another feature has been changed without our say so (YAWN). Do you remember back when Facebook wanted to revolutionise the way we message one another by giving us all email addresses? Yeah it was pretty "meh" and no one really cared. Well now in an attempt to make our Facebook inboxes more relevant Zuck and the gang have got rid of your regular email addresses and replaced them with a Facebook one.

To fix this and give people an email address that you'll actually use, then go to your Timeline, click on About, scroll down to Contact Info, click Edit and play around to choose what you'd like to display yourself and not what the Ministry of Truth, we mean Facebook, wants you to display.

[Via Gizmodo]


Everyone has at least one over excited parent as a Facebook friend who loves to share far too much information about little Susie or Billy. You only have to scroll down your news feed to see their first steps, laughter, paintings, trips to the playground and potty experiences accompanied by plenty of gory details.

Well it seems there's hope for us all in the form of new app 23snaps, which has been designed specially with snap happy parents in mind. The app allows mums and dads to capture and share moments of their children's lives among only a select few friends and family members.

23snaps, which looks a lot like Path, allows parents to set up a Timeline for their children where they can post photos, videos, status and milestone updates about their cute little lives. Parents can pick who sees the content and can even share select bits and pieces to other social networks too if they just can't handle showing off on Facebook.

Of course we joke that baby photos annoy us (THEY DO), but really 23snaps is an ideal app for parents who are reluctant to share information online too, as it gives them control to keep friends and family members updated in a safe and private environment.

23snaps is available from iTunes for free.

stalker-cat-watching.jpgFacebook has sneakily rolled out a new feature called 'Find Friends Nearby' and we can't work out whether it'll be cool and useful or just plain creepy.

As you can imagine, the new 'Find Friends Nearby' feature allows you to do just that, find people that are sitting, dancing or scarily staring at you that are in your close vicinity RIGHT NOW.

According to Venture Beat, TechCrunch first spotted the new feature, which you can access inside the iOS and Android apps by clicking Apps > Find Friends > Find Friends Nearby or by visiting from your mobile browser, but you'll obviously need your location settings turned on first.

Now this could be a REALLY useful tool if you've just met someone and want to add them to Facebook (not that typing in their name is particularly taxing). However, it's also a bit worrying that if you left the page open on your browser, as you'd be visible to lots of other users nearby until you logged out.

We've tried out the feature a few times this morning and although it's slow to get going, we did manage to locate a few random users, but couldn't find them in Starbucks no matter how much we stared at everyone's faces. Hmm, maybe WE'RE the creepy stalkers you should be worried about?!

Obviously 'Find Friends Nearby' hasn't been officially rolled out yet, but it'll be interesting to see how Facebook launches the new feature and whether the usual suspects will get all whiny about it.

[Via Venture Beat Image via jul13d0wn3s]

facebook-edit-comments copy.jpg

Today Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature, which will allow users to edit the comments they make on the social network. It's about time Zuckerberg.

Up until now if you wrote something silly/mean/misspelt in a comment you'd just have to delete it and start over again, but now you'll see a little pencil icon next to all your comments, which you can click to make edits.

If you start amending everything do bear in mind that each comment will be flagged as Edited and if you click the link there's a full Edit History, which will enable other users to see what you wrote before. This makes sense so that if other people comment they have context after you've made edits and also helps with any spam/abuse issues. However, it does mean everyone will know how bad you are at spelling.

The new feature is being rolled out to most users over the next few days.

pinterest-attribution-one.jpgLast month Pinterest began to address some of the whiny criticism it's been facing since its launch by adding in automatic attribution for content from Flickr, Behance, Vimeo and YouTube.

Now, according to the Pinterest blog (called Oh, How Pinteresting!) the platform will be adding these kinds of automatic citations to content that's been gathered from the likes of Etsy, Kickstarter, Slideshare and even Soundcloud too.

The new attribution will apparently take some time to work across ALL content that's been pinned from those services in the past, but expect vintage crafts and crazy gadget ideas to have the right citations appear under them on a board near you pretty soon.

As well as the fact Pinterest is taking steps to ensure people are happy about their content being pinned here, there and everywhere, the integration with the likes of Slideshare and Soundcloud proves that the platform is making a real effort to allow you to pin EVERYTHING to your boards. The new inline play feature means you won't be constrained by images and videos anymore, but you'll be able to go wild with presentations and mash-ups too.


Today Tumblr has released the latest version of its iOS application, complete with a host of changes to the main dashboard, quality of images, offline support and even Spotify integration.

We've all been waiting for a revamped version of the popular app since CEO David Karp hinted about a "completely rebuilt" offering, but we didn't expect him to deliver on that promise quite so much in practice...

The newest iteration of Tumblr for iOS has added in more tap and swipe functionality throughout, which makes it all feel much easier and more intuitive than before.

Images now look a lot better as the app supports high-res photos, which is important for such an image-based platform.

A very handy new feature for big Tumblr fans is that you can now do all kinds of things when you're offline, like commenting, posting and re-blogging. Obviously things go live on the site once you've connected to the internet and you'll need to load content to read while you're connected too, but it's still really handy and a great new way to fill those lengthy commutes.

We all know that Spotify came to Tumblr earlier in the year, but now users can share songs from the music streaming service from within the app too.

The changes are pretty substantial and make blogging using the Tumblr platform even quicker and easier than it already was (and it was already REALLY quick and easy). Of course it's a shame that there still isn't a dedicated application for the iPad, but we expect that to follow pretty soon...

If you don't have it already, the Tumblr app is available from iTunes for free.

[Via The Next Web]

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