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maplin 3d printer.jpgYesterday High Street Electronics store Maplin announced some pretty significant news. It confirmed it was going to become the first retailer to sell a 3D printer in the UK from its stores. Up until now they have been available but via the web.

It is offering the Velleman K8200 for just £700, which is way cheaper than any of its rivals.

So it sounds great, but what exactly are you going to use it for?

Well first up, here's a quick resume on how it work? First you you have to use PC software to design what you are going to print. You then send this data to the printer which then builds up the layers in plastic.

After a while the printing is completed and you have your object. It can produce basic things in less than 30 minutes. More complex stuff can take hours.

Maplin is selling the printer with five metres of polylactic acid (PLA) -- the 3mm plastic wire which is used to create the objects.

Ok, so what can you make? Well the headline story has always been about engineering a gun and there are examples of how this has worked, and how it has gone horribly wrong.

You can create mobile phone covers, ornaments and more, but I suspect that it will get most of its use creating jewelry or fashion items. Some of the more complex things that have been created on professional 3D printers such as a violin, weird shoes and more are way beyond low-end models like this for a number of reasons. One of the main obstacles being that printing complex objects can take days to complete, another is that 3D printers require a deal of technical knowledge to be operated. It isn't just plug and play and out pops an item.

There are other downsides though. Firstly Maplin is now showing a 30 day wait for the product. Secondly the printer is a self assembly model so it will take the user a while to put it together.

Nevertheless the arrival of a 3D printer in a UK store is the start of a journey - who knows where it will lead.

Still maybe one day you will be able to use a 3D printer to create another 3D printer - now that would be progess.

There are two types of StarTrek gadgets. There are those that featured in the films and the TV series - that one day might actually become a reality.

And then there's the fun stuff. the things you can collect and display to show that deep down you are and always will be a Trekkie. Here is the best (and worst) of what's available now

hovercraft.jpgThat pesky Channel Tunnel! Before Eurostar opened it doors there was only one cool way to get to the, ahem,continent, and that was by Hovercraft. Sadly almost all the Hovercraft operators saw the writing on the wall and the only place you can get a scheduled trip by the best and fastest way of traversing water these days is on the Isle of Wight.

Unless of course you have a spare £13,400.00 kicking around. For Hammacher Schlemmer, which seem to have recently opened an online UK version of their amazing gadgets emporium, is now offering this two person Hovercraft.

The tech stuff is that glides on a 20 cm cushion of air over water and land at speeds of up to 100 kph. It boasts a 60-horsepower two-cylinder, air-cooled gasoline engine drives its 91 cm 12-bladed fan.

And while it is designed for use on water it can also scoot across ice, sand, mud, snow, or grass.

It is simple to control too as long as you cay work your way round the handlebars that control the Hovercraft's four rudders for steering and the right handle grip throttle which controls speed.

It is approved by the US coastguard, though you might have to check before you head out to sea the UK.

If you have a lot more money to spare then Firebox has this, which frankly looks amazing, and you don't need a pilot's license to drive it (ulp).

XFactor-tech.jpgNews has been spreading like wildfire across the internet this morning that super knowledgeable tech experts (and fame whores) Simon Cowell and are soon to be launching the hunt for the next big name in the industry to rival the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Yep, we have no words either.

According to The Telegraph today, at a recent event in London of Black Eyed Peas and stupid hat and glasses fame, revealed that he would be teaming up with Cowell to start a new tech-based endeavour:

"We're working on a project called X Factor for tech -- and it's going to be out of this world.

"Singing and performance create a couple of jobs. But this will create lots.

"It's about getting in touch with youth and giving them a platform to express themselves -- whether that's in science or mathematics."

OK so it sounds fairly positive in theory if's jumbled and vague explanation is anything to go by and it'll be a great move if it gets "in touch with youth" about tech. Whatever that actually means.

We also imagine it'd be super entertaining, like some kind of X Factor, Dragon's Den, Apprentice and hopefully even Battle Royale hybrid.

But on the other hand it all just seems far too contrived. But what else were you expecting from a member of The Black Eyed Peas and the big S-Co?


There are all kinds of things we need in the world, like a way to transport us to work instead of getting the tube, a cure to all of those diseases and a way of shutting up TOWIE stars, but instead today we've been given GPS shoes.

Designed by Dominic Wilcox (who calls his Wizard of Oz-inspired shoes No Place Like Home), and commissioned by Global Footprint, the left shoe in the pair has a GPS sensor placed in the heel, which is activated by clicking the two heels together.

After uploading a destination to the shoes through a USB connection from a laptop, a circle of brogue perforations reveal LEDs that light up to indicate which direction the wearer should take. The right shoe indicates distance travelled, with a progress bar of red LED lights that illuminate as the wearer gets closer to their target.

It's cutting edge and brings together the quirky design world with tech and fashion, but should you rely on your shoes for directions when you have other clever things like brains and phones for directions? Well probably not. Oh and don't even get us started on the health and safety implications of you wandering around looking down all the time. We can imagine the Daily Mail headlines now "MAN DIES FROM PRETENTIOUS SHOE TRAGEDY."

The idea behind No Place Like Home is cute, pretentious, fun and obviously completely unnecessary and a bit stupid, which is why we'll probably end up wanting a pair ourselves.

If you're interested in checking out the shoes, No Place Like Home is currently being exhibited as part of Dominic's Variations on Normal exhibition at KK Outlet, Hoxton, prior to its installation in the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery as part of Global Footprint. The exhibit will then go on show at the DESIGN TIDE event in Tokyo later in the year.

maru-the-catt.jpgThey put a smile on everyone's face regardless of age, race or gender, they bring offices together with laughter and brighten up even the darkest of days. Hell, we're even pretty sure one day they'll cure diseases and resolve conflicts too. Have you guessed what we're talking about yet? Well, CAT VIDEOS, that's what.

Whether you're a die-hard Maru fan, prefer the ones that shriek things, show everyone you meet the one with the ninja moves or could never get sick of Nyan Cat, there's a video out there that we're pretty sure would appeal to everyone on the planet. So given how widespread the cat-video-love is right now, it's hardly surprising that a number of them have been showcased at The Minneapolis Art Museum this month. That's right, no longer just confined to the deep, dark depths of the internet, cat videos are on display at a real life museum.

The cat videos make up part of #catvidfest, a celebration of all things feline on the web and includes some of our all time favourites, like the one that barks out of the window and ninja cat.

View the full list of everything from #catvidfest on YouTube.

[Via Jezebel Via CBS News]


It may look like one of those neon all-in-ones from Tron, but in actual fact this is the eSSage, a suit that allows you to receive a massage from anyone, anywhere. Don't worry, we're thinking the exact same thing...

The eSSage has a dedicated app that the masseuse of your choice can play with to deliver a series of strokes, touches and umm, other kinds of sensual things:

"Loved ones are able to massage you from anywhere in the world with the stroke of a comfort stylus with any Android or Apple device. No longer are you limited to the local massage parlour, the world is your massage parlour."

The world is your massage parlour. What a thought.

According to designer André Cofield's presentation about the eSSage, these WiFi signals are read by micro controllers that then engage EAPs, or Electro Active Polymers. There polymers are specially designed to act like muscles when they receive an electrical charge providing the user with a massage-like feeling all over their body that replicates the sensation of skin against skin.

The person delivering the massage simply needs to have the eSSage app on their iPhone or iPad along with a dedicated "comfort stylus". They're then presented with an image of the suit and can then use the stylus to pinpoint which bits of the wearer's body needs seeing to, so to speak.

The eSSage suit and its accompanying app are both still in development right now, but we imagine if it ever comes to life it'll have a huge impact on the sex massage industry.

[Via Yanko Design]

Customer service representatives at a number of airports across the states are being replaced by avatars that provide travellers with basic information while smiling manically.

Who wants to hire someone who might get sick, express their opinions or have feelings? That kind of rubbish could cause all sorts of problems, so let's take tips from James Cameron and create an avatar to work for us instead. YEAH. Well that seems to be the thinking behind the new airport avatars that are being installed at LaGuardia, JFK and Liberty Newark airports in early July.

More than 70 life-sized flat screens in the shape of a smily and crazy-looking woman will provide passengers with flight information, tips about services and pick-ups, which will begin when someone approaches. Unfortunately the avatars won't be able to interact with people just yet, which maybe renders them a little useless for now, but we're interested in seeing what the next iteration of the devices can do.

This all sounds like a step forward in the world of customer service, right? If avatars can dispense standard bits of information, then maybe real people (the kind made of flesh and blood and muscles and things, remember?) can deal with more complicated problems. But the thing that worries us a little is what the new avatar says when you first meet her. We'll let her do the talking:

"I am the latest and greatest in next generation public guidance and advertising!

"I never take a break, don't charge overtime, hardly ever take sick leave, and I don't need a background check!

"I'm so versatile, I could be used for just about anything!

"I can say what you want, dress the way you want, and be just about anything you want me to be!"

We know what you're thinking you bad, bad people. But, she's REALLY just designed to tell you about flights and stuff and not become someone's filthy sex avatar. Not yet anyway...

But other than the fact she has no self respect, we don't really understand why she has to exist in the first place. Do people really feel more comfortable talking to a creepy fake woman than say interacting with screens crammed with tonnes of information?

[Via Jezebel via WNYC]


A new social networking site has been launched to ensure your furry friends have innocent play dates or serious mating activity with the right partner. We genuinely couldn't make this up.

New to the realm of "WTF WHY DOES THIS ACTUALLY EXIST?!" comes MatchPuppy, which is essentially a New York-based online dating site for your dog.

You start by signing your dog up to the site and creating a profile, including information about what kind of match you're looking for, where you like to walk and of course a super flattering avatar with a filter over the top of it.

Just like regular human online dating you can specify whether you're looking for a loving relationship, or in this case a walkies buddy, or someone just to have a bit of fun with, or in this case another dog to breed with. How. Romantic.

Despite the fact we think it's a bit of a crazy idea, we do like the fact MatchPuppy is being turned into a mobile app soon (obsessed dog owners have iPhones too you know) and it has a parks feature too, which connects you to other walkies regulars.

We can see this working if you're the type of person who dresses your pets up in coats and little booties, or if you've exhausted online dating yourself and you're willing to settle for someone who has a cute dog.

[Via Mashable]

baby-is-sad.jpgA recent study looked into how well we'd cope without internet access and the results are rather worrying (yet totally unsurprising) with more than 27% saying they'd rather have no water. Well, it's not like we really NEED water is it.

STOP. Imagine a world without the internet. Yeah, we know you're shuddering right now. How would you know how to get to your house from the tube? How would you know who your ex is planning to date next week? How would you know what Kim Kardashian had for dinner? It just doesn't bear thinking about does it.

Well, new research from Infosecurity Europe proves that we'd rather trade basic human needs in exchange for a quick peek at Twitter and Perez Hilton. More than 27% of people admitted they'd be more distressed by not having internet at home than a lack of heating and water. Wow, talk about first world problems.

72% of those polled admitted that they wouldn't be able to copy for more than a few days with internet access at their homes and a shocking 17% said they wouldn't cope at all. We're not entirely sure what that means, but we know it's very VERY disturbing.

When asked what people would do to combat their lack of internet 17% said they'd stay at work and a third said they'd go sit in a coffee shop, just to get their hit of Facebook crack.

We're scared by these stats. We really are. But hell, we'd happily give up part of an arm or an insignificant relative if we were guaranteed to ALWAYS have uninterrupted internet access, so we're not ones to judge.

Infosecurity Europe commissioned a street survey of 1,000 people conducted in London 26-30 March 2012.

[Image via bbaunach]

i-love-apple.jpgNot content with having all of the Apple products, Apple hair cuts and Apple tattoos (YES REALLY), Apple fan boys and girls all over the globe can now smell like Apple products. But not just any old Apple products, those that have just been birthed into the world from their boxes. Ahh, we wish we were kidding.

As if the world's obsession with Apple wasn't creepy and disturbing enough already, it seems devoted fans may soon be able to get their hands on an elusive scent specially designed to mimic that magical moment when you open the box to see your new gadget smiling up at you.

Now luckily a big fan with too much time and money on their hands hasn't decided to make the scent, but fragrance marketing agency Air Aroma was given the challenge by art group Greatest Hits for some kind of odd exhibition they're holding soon. Oh you crazy art world you.

According to Creativity Online, the scent is layered, meaning you'll be able to identify the distinctive top notes of plastic wrapping and cardboard, along with the fresh, subtle hints of paper. Then, the sensual climax, the aluminium and plastic fusion of the gadget underneath. Hot.

We hope the scent is just sprayed onto pretentious arty types at the Greatest Hits exhibition and doesn't start being stocked at your local Apple store. Although we really wouldn't be so surprised if it was...

[Via Creativity Online]

noel-edmonds-image.jpgNoel Edmonds met the online troll who wanted him dead and afterwards, like some kind of prophet for the digital age, urged the nation to take more responsibility for what they say and do online.

If you found out you had an angry little online troll who'd set up a group about killing you what would you do? Rant about them to everyone you see? Contact the police? Become crazy and start hurling abuse right back at them under a pseudonym? Well they'd all be normal, human responses but all round nice guy and Deal or no Deal presenter Noel Edmonds put the world to shame by just meeting up with his very own troll for a little chat. We're not sure whether this gives us faith in humanity again or it's just far too sickly sweet and proves that Noel is in fact some softly spoken alien here to brainwash us all with his cosmic ordering malarky.

In a video over on, Noel Edmonds admitted that he knows very little about social media, but pays a company to monitor all mentions of him online to weed out weird stuff, like crazy impostors or death threats. The company found a Facebook page called 'Somebody please kill Noel Edmonds' (no laughing there in the back) and told him to alert the police about the matter. Of course that's hardly necessary given how many trolls are out there right now aggressively typing awful things about EVERY celebrity to have ever graced our screens, but for someone who knows very little about the ins and outs of interweb crazy it's no surprise Edmonds was worried.

However, instead of go to the police he met up with the troll after his monitoring company tracked him down. He turned out to be a student who was super apologetic and seemed genuinely worried about his consequences when he spoke with Edmonds. HA, no deal angry troll (SORRY).

But the most fascinating thing to come out of the meeting was Edmonds' wise words about online responsibility. Here's an excerpt from the video on

"It taught me so much about social media. And it proved to me that this is an incredible communications weapon, but like all weapons it can be used for bad as well as good. And what we've got to encourage people that use social media to do, is act with more responsibility. Because if people are not more responsible you know what's gonna happen. The state, those politicians are going to take that huge freedom away. They'll try and control it in the way they control so many things and THAT I believe would be an absolute disaster for society and would have massive ramifications for all of us in the future. So responsible use of social media is absolutely vital to life in Britain."

Now I think we can learn a lot from Edmonds right here. Firstly, DO NOT FEED THE TROLL, if someone is angry and saying a lot of hurtful stuff maybe it IS better to just chat with them about it or outright ignore them. Sure it may not seem as fulfilling as signing them up to a load of porn spam or setting up a hate blog, but it'll work wonders for your karma.

Secondly, Edmonds is right when it comes to online responsibility, people need to be aware of what they're saying and what consequences that TOTES HILARE Facebook page will have in a few weeks. We just wish we could have seen the troll's face when he realised he'd been tracked down.

[Via The Guardian Image via Press Association]

kanye-west-glasses.jpgUPDATE: So it IS an April fools day joke. Or just a random hoax, no one's quite sure.

When we read on Gizmodo this morning that Kanye West was setting up his own tech company we were excited.. Really excited. This is it, the first step in Kanye taking over the world. Next there'll be Kanye snacks, Kanye clothing, Kanye housing. Our imaginations are running wild. The sensible ones in the office told us (ok me) to hold our horses. Could this be a prank for April fools day they said. No I said. This is it. This is the beginning. First, next the globe. Scrap that. The universe.

Luckily i wrote that it could well be a prank (see, in the final paragraph) and a number of sources have revealed that yes, it was all one big joke. We're sorry for falling for it. But admit it, you did too. However, rather than being embarrassed, we're actually just really disappointed. Come on Kanye, you owe us a tech startup and you owe us it NOW.

[Via The Huffington Post]

Although Watch The Throne is one of Shiny Shiny's all time favourite albums, we haven't been sure what to make of Kanye West since he replaced his teeth with ACTUAL METAL and then began the most insane Twitter tirade in which he shared his arrogant (yet kinda creative) views about tech, architecture, design, education. Oh let's just elect him as KING OF THE WORLD and be done with it already.

Well now according to Gizmodo, details of his first venture since he set up his start-up Donda Media have been revealed.

Drum roll please... It's called (of course it is) and the tagline is "the Facebook of websites", which is so fabulously cryptic. It basically tells you who owns websites, which we're pretty sure a LOT of other companies do already. But, we're hoping Kanye has something pretty special up his sleeve with this one and doesn't think he's come up with the idea himself.

Here's Kanye's explanation, which is of course IN ALL CAPS:


At first we thought this might be some kind of April Fools' Day joke, but we're now convinced that it's such a strange move it could have only come from the mind of Kanye West.

[Via Gizmodo Image via Socialisbetter]


A recent study has found that we're all a little bit too obsessed with owning the newest tech products, so much so that we'd even be willing to pay extra to get our hands on the latest gadgets before anyone else in the office. What a smug bunch we all are.

As well as teaching us that the new Retina Display screen is better than our actual eyes, the recent third generation iPad launch has proved that we're all a little bit obsessed with getting our hands on the latest tech before everyone else we know.

A new study from has even found that 52% of us would be willing to part with a few more pennies to be the first with the latest tech and new gaming releases sooner than the planned release date.

The study into our tech purchasing behaviour initially asked respondents if a new game, gadget or DVD was released, would they be more likely to purchase the new release online or in store. 54% admitted that they purchased new releases on the high street ASAP, so they could get their hands on the newest releases straight away.

Those polled were then asked if they'd be willing to pay more to get the gadgets sooner, as a kind of VIP purchase, and 52% said they'd jump at the chance, with most admitting they'd pay at least £10 more to be the first on the tube with the latest iPad in their hands.

So are we just becoming even more passionate about the latest tech or are we a nation of show-offs?

1,744 UK adults were polled as part of the poll by

PhotoGee from Kobi Ka on Vimeo.

There's nothing quite like opening an email on a Monday morning to be greeted by the line, "I thought you may be interested in my new project. It's a doll that poops photos". Yes, really.

But fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) it's no joke. The new toy/printer/freaky gadget called the PhotoGee is a quirky doll with a weird face that will 'produce' your photos instantly from its tiny little body. It's a bit gross, funny and ideal for kids.

You can pair PhotoGee up with most smart phones that are Bluetooth-enabled, so you're able to print your photos out instantly, then they're either tiny little keepsakes or stickers.

Of course PhotoGee is essentially just an odd doll with a Polaroid Pogo printer stitched into its tummy, but where's the fun in using a regular printer?!

The PhotoGee was dreamt up by artist and doll-maker Grace Shortlidge who came up with the idea at the last Burning Man festival and makes all of the dolls herself by hand.

You must check out the Photogee video above, which starts of as a fairly normal demonstration, then a guy with a husky voice kicks in singing 'Oh Photogee, oh Photogee'. Priceless.

PhotoGee is currently a project listed on indiegogo looking for funding and for $30 you can get your hands on a doll yourself.

It may be the stuff of dreams, but an LA-based bakery has ACTUALLY created a cupcake vending machine in real life...

They may not be very fashionable anymore (we're trying to act like we care), they may be super girly and sickly pink, but wow do we love cupcakes. It could be down to the creamy frosting, the cute colours, or the fact that if you put in some effort you can get the whole thing in your mouth at once.

Well cupcake lovers your dream machine is here, an LA-based bakery (called Sprinkles, obviously) has opened the world's first cupcake ATM. It's pink, it's cheesy, it doesn't boast particularly advanced tech (kinda just a regular vending machine), but wow do we want to try it out for ourselves.

[Via LikeCool]


Japanese scientists have created a new device designed to silence annoying people who talk too loudly and too often in public places.

I'm sure most of us have been at a coffee shop, bookstore or restaurant when someone with very little social awareness walks in and starts talking very loudly about all kinds of personal rubbish.

Well now a new gadget from scientists in Japan called the SpeechJammer could shut them up for good. The device works on the premise that it's impossible for anyone to continue speaking when their own voice is played back to them right away.

Of course this does mean we'd have to hear their stupid words twice, but if it means they're a bit embarrassed and quiet straight after, then we're not complaining.

The SpeechJammer consists of a microphone attached to a speaker, which records people's voices. The sounds are then transferred to a speaker, which replays everything about 0.2 seconds later right back at them.

According to The Telegraph, the microphone and speaker are very sensitive to the direction noises are coming from, so can direct audio at people "like a gun". Lovely.

Of course the device was designed to facilitate discussion in meetings and teach people more about turn taking as well, but we like the fact it'll stop shouty, obnoxious people from telling strangers in the room far too much about their health problems and sex lives.

[Via The Telegraph]

sex-phone-kissing.jpgIt seems that none of us have learned from the recent spate of celebrity photo scandals, as according to a recent study more than a quarter of Brits have sex photos on their mobile phones right now, and that's just the ones who are willing to admit it. Maybe we're not such an uptight and prudish nation after all...

The study, carried out by, found that 26% of the 1,976 respondents with a camera phone have taken a sex photo or video of themselves and sent it onto someone else. We're not entirely sure what constitutes a sex photo or video by the way, but imagine it's anything that would need a NSFW warning on Twitter.

It may seem pretty innocent and normal (don't judge us) to send a naughty snap to someone you're seeing, but BEWARE, more than 34% of those who admitted to receiving any kind of sex photo or video also said they shared it with their friends shortly after. Awh how charming.

The findings started to get a little weird after that, when 12% of those with a photo in their possession admitted it was of an ex, despite the fact 53% of those were seeing someone new. Ew.

The lesson here is to think before you start posing à la Miss Johansson. If you wouldn't be happy with the thought of your boyfriend's (or girlfriend's) mates seeing you naked, then you probably shouldn't send it, or at least make sure you look really damn good in it.

Alternatively you could try an app like Picaboo, which flashes photos up on mobile phone screens for a matter of seconds, that why you're sending it without the worry of everyone in the pub laughing at your sexy posing face.


We've come across our fair share of weird beauty gadgets here at Shiny Shiny, but this one has to be the strangest (and most useless) we've seen for some time. We genuinely couldn't care less if it works, because it makes the person wearing it look ridiculous, and... someone's gotta say it... it looks far too much like a crazy sex toy.

The Face Slimmer Mouth Exercise Mouthpiece is a new Japanese beauty gadget, designed to tighten and firm your face muscles. It promises great results if you use it for around three minutes a day while making a series of expressions and saying vowel sounds out loud.

Granted the idea behind this crazy contraption makes sense, by working out the muscles in your face with that kind of resistance in your mouth would (we presume) tighten everything up a little over time. Whether that tightening is noticeable and worth looking like some kinda caricature for, we're not quite sure...

If you're still convinced this is the magic answer to younger looking skin (it's probably not) then you can get your hands on one from the Japan Trend Shop for $84. Just don't leave it hanging around the house, even the most innocent minds are bound to get the wrong idea about your new "beauty gadget"...

[Via Chip Chick]

porn-stick-pro.jpgWe've heard of creepy 'porn detection' software and devices before, but now a new gadget called the Porn Stick Detection Pro will snoop around in the dark depths of your computer and uncover any kinds of pornographic images or videos that it deems to be a little too inappropriate.

It may look like a regular flash drive (aside from the fact it's got 'porn' written on it in caps of course), but it uses advanced software and algorithms to work out what's a bit too adult and what isn't. Whether it actually works is another question, but according to its manufacturers it will be able to thoroughly look through all kinds of video files, like MOV,MP4, MPEG1 - MPEG4, DV, Ogg, Real, ASF, AVI, SWF, FLV and pretty much every image file you could imagine. It'll look everywhere too, it can search all your different drives, the browser cache and deleted folders.

What worries is us why people are using it, as the website stresses that it "works covertly". Some of the top ways it's suggested that people can put the gadget to good use are to monitor what their family are doing online, find out if their other half has a porn addiction (what a trusting and mature way to go about it), check that their employees aren't doing anything naughty in company time, or just find out if they've accidentally (yeah, right) downloaded anything dodgy in the past. Oh, and one funny commenter suggested he could use it to find all of his porn and put it in one safe place. Ahh, there's always one.

Whether it works in practice and weeds out everything pornographic on a computer remains to be seen, but is it good this gadget exists so parents can keep an eye on what their kids are looking at? Or is it a creepy spying device that's all a little too Ninteen Eighty-Four for your liking?

If you're less freaked out and more excited at the thought of playing a fake detective, then you can get hold of a Porn Stick Detection Pro from Gadgets and Gear for $99.

[Via Chip Chick]

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