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Always have a pen at hand with the biro lamp

biro lamp.jpg

I don't know what it is about my office, but there's some sort of space time continuum around my desk that sucks up all spare pens and highlighters. Similar to the case of the single sock left in the washing machine, there just seems to be an issue with finding and holding onto writing devices. Hopefully the biro lamp has enough pens dangling from its shade to keep your hands ink stained for the following year. Every pen works, and you can attach new ones if they ever run out (or disappear).

Check it out at Enpieza

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toast clock.jpg

Some like a hefty dollop of butter, others are margarine fans, and then you get the whole marmite debate as well. Then there's cream cheese, peanut butter, chocolate spread, jam, and even caviar to elevate the humble slice to a gourmet breakfast dish. It has many variations, but up till now it has never been celebrated in clock form. Have this delightful timepiece hanging in your kitchen, and breakfast will always be an orgy of toast. How do you like yours?

$18.99 from Perpetual Kid

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Watch what you put on this table

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First off, please excuse me for that terrible pun. If you look at the picture you can really see where I was coming from though. There's something about the combination of accessory meets utility that really brings out the worst in me. The table/watch is fully functional in both areas, with its 80cm x 230cm proportions easily enough to rest your coffee safely on, and its steel finish pleasing to the eye.


I think this is a kid's room. I *hope* this is a kid's room. If it is, the child certainly has retro tastes. The 8-bit design of this Mario Wallpaper is both chic and geek, and I'm impressed that a young 'un can embrace these sensibilities. It couldn't possibly be that there's an overly enthusiastic gaming parent somewhere in the background, denying their child the superior graphics of the PS3 for the old-time nostalgia of a SNES. Could it?

[via TokyoMango]

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A SkyCeiling faux skylight is exactly what you need to brighten up and inject some life into a dull room. The aptly named Sky Factory has just announced that their SkyCeilings faux skylights now include programmable lighting. Sit back and relax indoors, while taking in the sunset mid-afternoon, or when the weather's being British, opt for a clear and bright summer's day (you won't get a tan but the illusion will definitely suffice).


Getting comfortable in front of your computer often involves a lot of fidgeting about in order to find a comfortable position, that won't have you moaning about back pain after a couple of hours. Geeks aren't the only ones who like to lie comfortably while glued to their computers for hours of internet-play. Also, the picture clearly shows a woman using it to read a magazine, and the last time I checked, reading magazines wasn't classified as geeky. But I suppose Thanko had to come up with a catchy name for their unique cushion.

Fully functioning NES coffee table

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You've got to have a kind of grudging respect for the people who birth such creations as a fully functioning NES controller coffee table from their loins. Imagine the time spent, the questions fielded, the dedication that must have gone into it. And what does he have to show for it?

Well, a unique coffee table, probably the most over-sized controller in all of the world, storage space (it opens like a trunk) and the envy of all the internet. Not bad for a day's work...

[via Tech Digest]

Create your own canvas print at Photobox

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canvas photoboz.gif

I've been after some art for a while but have been struggling to find something that I like to cover my wall in. Obviously price is an issue, but I'm also looking for something that is original, unique and amazing. I'd kinda like a Banksy print, but they're a little generic nowadays. Well, with
Photobox you don't have to settle, as they'll print literally anything onto canvas for you, and at a really reasonable price.

solo.jpgThis is a more elegant addition to the ever growing list of solar powered gadgets. As you can probably tell, it's a table. But you'd never guess what it does, and that's what we like about it.

It's designed to take in all that sunny energy (not so good for the UK then) and turn it into stored power, so you can charge your gadgets when they need refuelling. It's also weatherproof, so if you can't be bothered to cart it back and forth due to the sporadic English weather, it's fine to leave it outside.


Now it's a sad but true fact that I live for books. Seriously, I read everything, from fun and frothy chick lit, to science fantasy and even detective fiction. Most of my reading seems to be done on the tube nowadays, with someone's elbow sticking into my side, but occasionally as a luxury I lose myself in book at bedtime. But reading with the overhead light on is not fun, so it's good to invest in a quality lamp. This quirky design features a miniature man reading a book, and the book is also the lampshade! He's made from polished zinc, and would look ever so sweet resting by the bed.

£28.50 from Where Did you Buy That?

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Have a habit of changing your living room's colour scheme? Self-confessed design geek? Obsessed with sofas that look like Post-it notes have been stuck all over them? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, you might want one of these Pixel Couches. The design from Royal College of Art grad Cristian Zuzunaga is being made by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and will be sold through Moroso. If it wasn't likely to clash with the flock wallpaper I'd suggest we got one for the Shiny video reviews...

Moroso [via DVICE]

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rechargeable_candles.jpgThere's no reason why technology can't be used to create an old fashioned homey atmosphere, and not just with LED twinkly fairy lights, either. Candles are a wonderful look but don't survive outside for long; if you don't want to be constantly to-ing and fro-ing with a lighter then silicon rechargeable candles might be the way to go. The LED core flickers as realistically as possible and is designed for outdoor scene-setting. On a full charge, you should get around 12 hours of candlelit picnicking. They're also pretty eco-concious and, helpfully, splashproof, though you should whip them out of a downpour sharpish.

A set of four plus charge is $89.95 (£45) from Home Infatuation. [via OhGizmo!]

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blossom-lamp.jpgChilean-born designer Francisca Prieto has made a name for herself by creating detailed, interactive furniture, and her new Blossom Pendant Lamp is no exception. The deceptively simple design is designed to be personalised by adjusting the petals on the bloom and rather reminds me of a child's drawing of flowers. The pretty lamp also pivots and uses an eco-responsible low voltage energy saving lightbulb. With an option of black, red or white laser cut petals, the acrylic and stainless steel lamp is an unusual and pretty feature for the living room - if you can afford it, at £350.

Francisca Prieto

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victoria96712BLb.jpgAnd you thought Custom Phones couldn't sink any lower than the freaky angel...

I actually think this is worse. True, it doesn't have the death mask / Chucky vibe going on, but it crams in so many features it's not just ugly but impractical too. I want to be able to pick up my clock and wave it near my eyes because I'm hopelessly myopic, and I also don't want a phone I can't switch off right next to my bed. So why not have both, plus a lamp, and then slap on a layer of fugly to complete the travesty of design and affront to taste? You can even spend $69 for the privilege of owning such a masterpiece, choosing between blue-grey or goldtone. Mmmmm.

Custom Phones

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tassellight.jpgI see lights like this, I think Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. I'm pretty sure everyone else does to, but since I like heels and big, chunky, bow-tied heels I reserve the right to also like tasselled lights. Apparently it's really inspired by "Victorian decadence" - close enough.

Liking them is one thing, living with them another since I think this would be a bit too much for my heavily magnolia surroundings. Still, Rothschild & Bickers also make some other much prettier, funkier and less potentially controversial light fittings. Oh, hang on, the tassel lamp is also way out of my price range at £230 so I don't even have to debate it.

Rothschild & Bickers [via Retro To Go]

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Created by Fredrik Olsson for the 2008 Stockholm Furniture Fair, this chair is for gamers who value unusual interior design as much as virtual shoot-'em-ups. Instead of being a rumbling, speaker-packing ultra plush bit of bottom padding for devoted gamers, it's a luxurious lounger with intricately cut, video-game inspired, solid wood arms. Given that it's one of a kind, I think actually buying this takes us into the realms of "if you have to ask, you can't afford it".

[via Yanko Design]

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ice cream bulbs.jpg

No need to sacrifice kitsch if you're trying to live a more ethical lifestyle; these ice cream cone shaped lamps are designed specifically for eco-friendly bulbs.

CFL bulbs have been described as looking a bit cone-shaped before, so it's great to see a designer stringing that concept out in a range that includes white or realistic honeycomb beige lamp holders. The come complete with cable and UK electrical fittings for £38 including postage.

Mixco Boutique [via Hippyshopper]

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firewinder_charlton_trees.jpgThe Firewinder takes the virtues of a spiralling, pretty wind chime or lantern and harnesses the very wind they spin in to provide a sparkling glow for your garden.

Somehow this looks like it should only be used on those wide porches in films about the deep South of the US, but - as the site's gallery suggests - the Firewinder looks just as good twirling from the branches of a tree or dangling from a street lamp. A wind-powered outdoor light doesn't come cheap, though, as they're £99.95; still, Hippyshopper fans should be pleased.


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sleppless_tiago_da_fonseca_bedtime04.jpgMore bookworm geeky than techie, I couldn't resist a chance to encourage a bit more reading all round. Whether you prefer to do it online with American Gods, use an eBook reader or just like real paper, bedtime reading is a real joy, and this geeky quilt aims to make it a pleasure on an even grander scale.

The Bedtime Stories Project envisions multi-layered quilts printed with classic stories to peel off as you read, so by the time you've finished you're snuggled up and not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

Bedtime Stories Project [via Geeksugar]

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From the Aurea to the Sense and Simplicity showcase, Philips has really immersed itself in light technology and pretty, soothing environments. The company has now expanded that to provide an interactive light display for the brand new Mercy Medical Centre in Rogers, Arkansas.

The installation, displayed in the Women's and Children's waiting area, is a 14-ft long, 6ft-high canvas that uses touchscreen technology to animate 1,420 LEDs. Each 'painting' a visitor produces last for a few minutes before fading away, and up to six 'artists' can make their mark at a time. Despite the apparent power of the canvas, it only uses the same amount of daily energy as a toaster. Art has often been used a therapy, and this generous gift from Philips is a way of providing a distraction and soothing experience for families during the anxiety of the childbirth experience.


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