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Ford Vignale Concept

Once buying a car was simply about choosing the model that could get from 0-60 the quickest. Now it seems for many it's just as much about getting one to match your handbag!

In a bid to extend its brand into the world of fashion, car maker Ford has introduced a new high end car called the S‑MAX Vignale Concept alongside a range of matching products, including handbag, clutch bag and even Nespresso coffee machine case!

Inspired by trends from furniture and fashion, the S-MAX Vignale Concept features distinctive 21-inch alloy wheels; dark-chromed polished aluminium detailing; special Vignale grille; quilted, premium leather seats; and an exclusive exterior colour called "Milano Grigio".  

Announced in Milan, the S-MAX Vignale will be the second Ford Vignale after the new Ford Mondeo Vignale reaches customers next year. Says Martin Smith: "Spacious and aspirational, the S-MAX Vignale Concept goes beyond traditional automotive design and speaks to customers who value aesthetics." He adds: "Our Vignale designers were inspired by trends from furniture to fashion to create this new expression of Ford."

In addition to revealing the S-MAX Vignale at the Palazzo Reale in Milan, Ford is also showcasing its vision for the Vignale consumer experience this week at furniture design expo, Salone del Mobile. The design of the Ford stand at Salone del Mobile is a preview of the "Vignale Lounge" retail experience which will be rolled out in select Ford retailers throughout Europe. This includes the Vignale lifestyle collection, comprising items like a Vignale handbag, travel bag, even Nespresso coffee machine cover! Whatever next, maybe a car with a built in coffee machine!

See our gallery below for full collection. 

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nike air max-big.jpgTomorrow it's the 27th birthday of Nike's iconic Air Max trainers and to celebrate ASOS and Nike are teaming up to wow us all with a Google+ Hangout that'll feature tips about the best ways to style your sneakers.

It sounds like a solid social media plan that's bound to draw in a few Nike fans, but it's a huge deal for Google+ because the Hangout will make use of a new +Post ad unit that appears right in your Google+ News Feed. People who are served the ad will be able to watch the Hangout and then buy the products that are being touted all from within the Google+ platform.

Although Google added in +Post ads late last year, this is the first time brands will allow consumers to shop directly from an ad unit. We've seen similar fashion brands attempt to sell their products by using smart ways to dress up video content - like French Connection's Youtique - but maybe this is how Google+ will prove it's a destination brands really should pay more attention to.


Just a week after Google published its kinda cringeworthy list of Google Glass Myths, that addressed outlandish claims like "Glass Explorers are technology-worshipping geeks" (you said it guys, not us), it's been revealed that the tech giant has signed a deal with Luxottica, the company behind brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley and Burberry, to design versions of its achingly geeky really cool and hip spectacles.

A statement on the Luxottica website reveals it "will join forces to design, develop and distribute a new breed of eyewear for Glass" and name drops both Ray-Ban and Oakley as the pioneering brands - of course the latter is a natural fit given it's already ventured into the wearables market a number of times in the past.

But the deal isn't just interesting because Oakley and Ray-Ban collaborations might inject some much-needed style into Google Glass, but Luxottica's retail brands, like Sunglass Hut, could also make distributing the geeky googles to a mainstream market much easier.


Lily Cole, the supermodel with the flame red hair, beautiful doll face and big brains, has been developing her social network, Impossible, for a few years now. It's all based on wishing, giving and sharing, which sounds amazing in practice, but are we all really that nice?

Impossible is a little like Instagram when it comes to looks and functionality, but instead of selfies, cat photos and blurry cake snaps it's about sharing your wishes, dreams and desires (but less in a having lots of sex and making millions way and more in a travelling to a different country and learning French kinda way).

People sign up and share their wishes with the rest of the magical, happy-clappy, positive little community of wish tellers and fulfillers. Others can respond to wishes, see popular and featured wishes and even like wishes with a little heart - see, just like Instagram.

If you're still not really getting it, then a random selection of current wishes include things like, "I wish I could find a beautiful bookstore in Toronto", "I wish someone from a foreign country could send me a package" and "I wish I could become a model no matter what my height." So as you can see, some lend themselves much more to community gifting and sharing than others...

The web version of the site over at has slowly been gaining traction, but this week the Impossible app for iOS has been topping the App Store charts, so that's bound to get a few more people interested. To be honest we're not sure whether it'll really catch on in this big bad world of ours, but we applaud Lily for trying to sprinkle a little bit of her magic and joy onto the masses.

You can download the Impossible app for iOS devices for free.

ebay-phisix.jpgMost of us oddly-shaped people find online shopping a little frustrating, because we only have a super skinny model to show us how our clothes will look in real life. This makes the whole process a bit of a stab in the dark given models generally seem to be a good few feet taller and a good few pounds lighter than the average Joe or Jane.

However, a number of online retailers have been attempting to remedy this problem. For instance, ASOS now provides its customers with their models' vital stats so they can guess how they'd compare and there's a catwalk feature to get a better idea of how fabrics move, hang and cling in the flesh.

This is still quite restrictive and not a great gage as to whether clothes will fit or suit online shoppers, which is why PhiSix has been working on ways to make the e-commerce experience more enjoyable, accessible and ultimately profitable.

Founded in 2012, the computer graphics company creates 3D models of clothing from photos, pattern files and a range of other sources in order to provide shoppers with virtual simulations of how their outfits will look. It's been going from strength to strength and today it's been revealed that PhiSix has been snapped up by none other than online shopping super giant eBay.

According to a post on the PhiSix website, the finer points of the deal haven't been ironed out yet, but the team writes that the technology they've created could well be integrated across eBay's entire online portfolio to "enable a more immersive and compelling user experience so consumers can make informed choices."

Interestingly, PhiSix also envisions its technology being used offline in stores so that shoppers can get a better idea of how the clothes they're trying on will fare in different situations. Although this seems less likely to catch on as quickly as a web-based shopping tool, it could certainly make the awkward changing room experience more worthwhile and less restrictive.

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