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If extremely cool gadgets are your thang, the Eee Keyboard (from whom else but those purveyors of the Eee) might just take your fancy. Upon first glance, it's a basic keyboard with a small display akin to the Optimus Tactus keyboard. But upon closer inspection (and a quick read-through of what it does), it' turns out that underneath its keyboard exterior, lies an entire PC.

fastfinger-300x225.jpgHere's a keyboard that not only respects the alphabet, it respects our need to implement abbreviations into out messages and IM's. For the beginners (or the one finger at a time typists) the keyboard is laid out alphabetically and is activated with a press of the 'ABC' button. Those who posses more adroit typing abilities than a typical beginner, can switch the 'ABC' button off for the standard QWERTY keyboard experience. These letters are laid out underneath the keys in alphabetical order, in red. For its last trick, the Fast Finger Keyboard does typical IM abbreviations ('LOL, 'CYA' 'BTW') with the push of the 'F' key to make your abridged conversation reach your IM buddy in a nice and speedy fashion.

Get the three-way keyboard here for $27.95 USD.

[via Chip Chick]

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Now I love my gadgets. My phone is my prized possession and when on occasion it has fallen into the toilet it has plummeted me to the depths of despair.The idea of voluntarily submerging items of tech, seems far fetched but Seal Shield has made it a reality with their line of dishwasher friendly mice, keyboards and remote controls.

No longer do you need to put up with sticky germ infested pieces of electronics as you can just rinse and go to bring them back to a storefront shine. If you're still unconvinced,all devices come with a three year warranty, and are 100%waterproof guaranteed.

The Keyboard for Blondes makes my blood boil



Ooh, a keyboard that demands a sense of humour! How fab!! The space bar says 'I need my space' and the Delete key is labelled 'Oops!' Wow!! This is like, sooo much fun. And it's pink- or hadn't you noticed?? In the ten reasons why you must have one they've listed that it's 'better looking than some of your co-workers' and that 'It's an excuse for the cute guy in your office to talk to you'. Yay!! Finally, a reason!!

You must check out the site though, as it's too bizarre for words.

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I can't think of many circumstances where you'd *need* a colourful keyboard. Perhaps if you were working in the accounts department of the Care Bears, or if you were particularly worried about going colour blind and needed an instantly accessible checking mechanism. But even if you don't fall into either of those (quite specific) categories, how could you not crave one of these?

The white version lights up the whole keys, thanks to its translucent buttons, but personally, I'm a fan of the (relatively) more subtle black version. You can pick a colour for each key individually, or if you actually have some kind of life to get on with, pick one of the presets. Je. T. Aime.

$199.99 from Think Geek [via Geek Alerts]

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I don't want to panic anyone, but the weather report says it's going to get to 27 degrees today, which is about seven degrees more than I'm happy to sit in front of a computer at. If I'd found out about this in advance, I could have prepared, perhaps with the USB fanning keyboard.

The computer keyboard is a sadly overlooked peripheral, aesthetically speaking, but even so, this is a pretty sad looking design. Still, the three fan vents more than makes up for it.


Something tells me this keyless touchscreen concept is aimed at the boys, or girls of a lesbian persuasion. Only because its makers Art Lebedev have put their pervy little heads together and are attempting to attract potential customers with a bit of tongue on tongue action from t.A.T.u (remember them?) slap bang on the keyboard's concept art. Lesbian action aside, the concept keyboard doesn't have any physical keys, just a clean keyboard slate, so there are no restrictions on their shape or size.

For info and another pic see after the jump

Warning: you're about to have one of those "Oh man, that's so gosh darn simple why didn't I think of that?" moments. Sorry about that.

This is a skin you can lay over your Mac keyboard which will provide colour and graphic references to all those keyboard shortcuts you know you should memorise but have never really got round to. There's separate ones for Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, After Effects and Logic Pro.


Ever since watching Tom Hanks dance around on that massive keyboard in Big, I've always wanted to have a go, or better still own my very own giant keyboard. So imagine how ecstatic I was when I cast my eyes on this beauty. Yes I know it's not a musical keyboard, but it's a keyboard nonetheless which allows you to type with your socks on. I was unable to contain my excitement until I realised it's not actually available to buy. It was created by electronics hacker Maurin Donneaud. If you want one you have to (pause) make it yourself!!

So if you've got a bit of time on your hands and fancy yourself as a bit of computer geek come DIYer, you might want to undertake the challenge that is creating this human sized keyboard, rug thingamabob.

See after the jump to see more pictures and find out more.

As it was National Secretaries Day this week (23rd), we've decided to pay homage to this appreciation/celebration of administrative duties carried out by secretaries worldwide (even though we're a day late). Take a look at our top ten list of office gadgetry, great for practicality, convenience and general all round silliness. All in the name of this unofficial holiday.

Mouse.jpg1. Vacuum Cleaner USB mouse
Fed up of those old McVities crumbs getting stuck to your hand as you're typing away? This desktop vacuum cleaner will suck those pesky crumbs right up. It will also clean all the gook that congregates between your keys and behind your monitor. Saying that, this is a reminder that I am in desperate need of one of these!


Keyboards? Sexy? Those two words really never felt like they should be used in conjunction as one brought up images of clunky keys tapping away, whilst sexy conveyed sleek sophisticats and little black dresses. Well now those categories have merged and produced the Slim Blade, the loveliest piece of desktop equipment I've ever used. Should I start with the super slim design, the decadently dark colour, or even the way the smooth trackball feels under my fingers?

This set combines four pieces, three of them magnetically attached modules and a mouse, so you can customize your little heart away. Whether you want the media player remote to the right or left of the main key frame it's up to you, and the whole shebang is wireless as well. Yup, a tiny wireless receiver hidden inside the mouse (slightly tricky to find) is plugged into the USB port to provide you with wire free action. The portable mouse has a scroll ball for 360 intuitive scrolling and it also goes into sleep mode when you turn off your computer. The whole package is coated with a smooth veneer making it very desk-glam, and apart from possibly needing some mini legs to give it extra height, it's a dream to use.

£109.99 from Kensington

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We all know that too much tip-tapping away on the old keyboard can leave you with a serious case of carpal tunnel syndrome, but I'm not convinced this is the answer. It's the Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard and Mouse - yes, you are reading that right - and rather than the traditional old QUERY keyboard it has two large roller balls.

Here's how it works: with the keyboard comes a complicated looking chart, detailing the movements you must make with the rollers in order to "type" each character. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to commit this chart to memory and then sit and painstakingly recreate each movement. It won't give you carpal tunnel, but it may just drive you completely crazy - and I wouldn't expect to be writing many 'War and Peace' length manuscripts on it either. Of course, I could be wrong, and it could be that this is a sheer joy to use: the fact that it'll cost you $399 to find out, however, may well put you off trying.

[via Uber Review]

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hello-kitty-cover.jpg Keyboard covers have always seemed a little pointless to me. Sure, I know they keep your keyboard clean when you're not using it, but my keyboard is at more risk during my breakfast, lunch and dinner times than it is while I'm asleep, so the only keyboard cover I've ever owned ended up being used for about a week and then promptly forgotten about.

None of that matters to the Hello Kitty keyboard-and-cover, though, because I suspect that, rather than being a genuinely practical device, the cover on this is mostly an opportunity to get more Kitty coverage on the thing. The keyboard is $79.99. My, that cat's expensive!

Product Page | [via Chip Chick]

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Kids. They love happy slapping, reality TV and texting. And it's this last great love affair that cre8txt are catering to, with their new translating keyboard. It plugs into a free USB port, and can then be used to type in the same way that you type on a phone keypad. The software translates the text slang into the real actual English language.

Death of literacy, blah, blah, text speak is the scourge of a generation, blah, blah, whatever happened to writing in longhand, blah, blah. But seriously, is this really, as they claim, "text input for a new generation"? My English Literature professor is turning in his grave as we speak.

Product page: Crea8txt

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091807b.jpg Lately people keep emailing me forms to sign. This never fails to annoy me, because... well, because I'm lazy, really, and because signing these forms involves printing them out, doing the signing, scanning them in and then emailing them back i.e. too much hassle for a lazy girl. Making things a whole lot easier is this USB keyboard which comes complete with touch screen and stylus for handwriting recognition. No more printing things out just so you can spend two seconds signing them, and you can presumably also use it to save handwritten notes to your hard drive, if you so desire. Personally I haven't written anything by hand since 1999, but for for just $25 I could be persuaded to give it a try.

Product Page | [via Get Usb Info]

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Allowing the ultimate in easy reconfiguration, the Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev has an OLED in every key, simply containing an image file which can be transparently changed - if you want DVORAK, ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Cyrillic, Morse, or some mishmash alphabet of your own devising, just program it in. The display is housed below a transparent button which is the moving part, so the displays themselves are protected. Each button pops out discretely so the whole thing can ACTUALLY BE CLEANED unlike nearly all TOTALLY DISGUSTING keyboards. Layout is stored in an SD card and it also has two extra USB 2.0 ports. The next batch is due out just before Christmas, and you can preorder now for 1256.86 €. [Camille]

Optimus Maximus keyboard

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07imac_hero.jpgApple's much-rumoured all-in-one iMac range has finally been unveiled, and among the line-up are gorgeous brushed aluminium 20" and 24" widescreen machines. They're all Intel Core 2 Duo- based, of course, and feature the ultra-thin keyboard that is to replace all Apple keyboards in the future. The iSight webcam that has become a staple feature of iMacs is still in place, with iLife '08 on board.

The 20" iMac starts at £799, which Apple is keen to point out shaves £200 off previous models, despite boasting an even slimmer and more elegant design. The 24" iMac starts at £1,349 with a similar saving; Apple is clearly eager to address the persistent whisperings that Mac hardware is too expensive. More about the specifications and look after the jump.


Ulright boys, just, uh, run your fingers over my Angel Kitty USB Keyboard Bra to bring up those, uh, stock quotes. Okay, that's as far as I got with that. Seriously, it's a keyboard that's molded like a bra, and like nearly all bras, it's probably not really in your size and is probably really filthy uncomfortable. It will also get you plenty of geeks staring at your chest, but I mean, they do that anyhow. About £65. [GT]

Angel Kitty USB Keyboard Bra [via Inventor Spot]

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medion_tesco_pc.JPGMedion's supermarket-friendly approach and budget devices have been steadily increasing its popularity, and their new PC is no exception to their rule of good performance at affordable prices. The 6486 PC is a high-end desktop which, for £550, offers an Intel Core 2 Duo chipset (E6750 for those of you who like to do your research), Vista Home Premium edition, DVD RW drive, NVIDIA graphics card and an HDMI port. 2GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive are standard. It's designed to handle 3D gaming and Vista's hefty graphic load so it's targetted specifically at home users, which explains some of the other added features, too.


Great news for everyone who knows how hard it is to clean your keyboard or is just sick and tired of staring at QWERTY every time they sit down at the computer. Make your own DVORAK - or ZOBLAW if that pleases you - with this offering from Fujiitsu. The LiberTouch customizable keyboard allows the user to remove the keys with a tool that seems to work like a bottle opener. The keyboard also comes with a single USB port. No price as yet. [GT]

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