Shiny Poll: Is social networking making us liars? Yay or nay?

Elisabeth Edvardsen Yay or Nay? Leave a Comment

Have you ever written a status update for Facebook or Twitter only to delete it before publishing because it didn't sound cool enough? Or is your LinkedIn page perhaps filled with fancy descriptions like 'master of content creation' or 'digital guru' when in reality the only digital work you've done is a bit of personal…

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IFA 07: Sharp dancers singing the hilarious Aquos song

Katherine Hannaford Yay or Nay? 1 Comment

Only in Germany could a company get away with something so cheesy as four brightly-clad dancers singing along to a ditty about a TV range. And only in Germany could the whole audience lap it up, cheering wildly and demanding more. I'm sold - they do these performances every half hour, I think I might…

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Yay or Nay: Are you worried about your online privacy?

Susi Weaser Fun Stuff, Poll, Yay or Nay? Leave a Comment

We've all heard lots about how long Google stores your searches for, and there's been plenty of reactions from other search engines to assure us they are the better option. Just a few weeks ago announced they'd be cutting down their cookie storage time to 18 months, and you could delete those whenever you…

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Yay or Nay Wednesday: Text message parking meters

Staff Writer Yay or Nay? 2 Comments

In an attempt to stop thieves causing £100,000 worth of damage to boring old cash parking meters every year, Westminster City Council is planning to rip out 2,000 of the traditional boxes, replacing them with text-driven payment systems instead. This paves the way for all the old style meters to be removed from Central London…

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Yay or Nay Wednesday: Safari browser for Mac AND Windows

Staff Writer Fun Stuff, Tech News, Top Stories, Yay or Nay? 1 Comment

The Apple Developers Conference held a few surprises, including one that's caused a fair amount of blogosphere controversy: Safari browser for Windows. We've reviewed it, Tech Digest has its own take on it... Now we want to know what YOU think. Will it tempt you away from Mozilla or (hiss! spit!) IE? Have you tried…

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Yay or Nay Wednesday: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6

Staff Writer Yay or Nay? Leave a Comment

The first Windows Mobile 6 phones have already hit the US and the UK is welcoming the HTC S710 (as reviewed by us). Updates to the mobile software include HTML emails, proper rendering for the 100 most popular websites, more messenger usability and improved Windows Live Search. Worth upgrading? Was Windows Mobile 5 good enough?…

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Yay or Nay Wednesday: TV on Demand – is BT for you?

Staff Writer Yay or Nay? Leave a Comment

We've been hearing a lot about on-demand services recently, from Virgin's 007 announcement to the multi-million pound campaign for BT Vision. Now we want to hear from you: are you planning to get on board with BT? Are you already using another service and plan to stick with it? Making a switch? Or just happy…

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Yay or Nay Thursday: MOTORAZR Purple V3i phone

Zara Rabinowicz Phones, Yay or Nay? 1 Comment

It seems like the Razr has been around forever with its natty design, easy interface and spanking colour combinations. Previously issued in everything from gorgeous gold to bubblegum pink, and a 3G compatible device, the metallic purple version, is well, just because really. Motorola say this colour is being issued for Mother’s day, but we…

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Yay or Nay Wednesday (in time for May): Dual format Bluray HD-DVD Players

Staff Writer Home Appliances, TVs and Home Cinema, Yay or Nay? 1 Comment

We reported on the launch back in January, and LG are now formally announcing that the BH100 dual Bluray HD-DVD player will hit UK shops in May. It will not be a particularly economical proposition, with a recommended retail price of £1000. Last time we contemplated MySpace. The survey overwhelmingly said Nay. So it seems…

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Yay or Nay Wednesday – wireless devices

Camilla Chafer Yay or Nay? 4 Comments

What do you think of wireless devices? Like all gadgets, wireless devices - which can be keyboards, mice, headsets and so on - have their good points - no wires being the obvious one since it means no tangling or fraying cables. The bad points can be the device's temperamental natures and battery sucking qualities.…

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