Game of Thrones: Here's how the Mountain vs Viper episode should have ended

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SPOILER ALERT Game of Thrones fans were all shook to their very core at the beginning of this week, when a character we'd grown to know, love and genuinely root for experienced a particularly gory and unexpected end. Well, if you're still feeling a little scarred and hurt by what happened, then we're here to…

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Cute overload #1: Red squirrels born in Essex

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We all cooed with excitement at how cute these baby red squirrels, born in Barleylands Farm, in Billericay last week, are. The kittens of the bushy-tailed rodents, which arrived at the park in July last year, are incredibly cute, and will be released into the wild when they are old enough. Usually squirrels can only…

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Lego acknowledges girls can become scientists, not just beauticians

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Lego came under fire when it launched a new range "for girls" called "Friends", which sadly (yet not at all unsurprisingly) featured pink boxes filled with scantily clad Lego females that came with accessories to allow kids to give animals beauty treatments, sing pop songs, dress up in things and very little else. Since the…

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Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 14.06.31

Game of Thrones actor takes to Instagram after shocking episode airs in the UK

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SPOILER ALERT Last night, Game of Thrones fans in the UK were finally able to catch up with episode eight of the latest season, The Mountain and the Viper, which caused a Twitter meltdown over in the US when it was aired a day earlier. We won't give too much away, but if you haven't…

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Gangnam Style is the first YouTube video to pass 2 billion views

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Chances are infectious K-pop single Gangnam Style will be etched onto all of our eardrums for the rest of eternity (we're still including it for you above anyway), but that doesn't mean it isn't still clocking up its YouTube views at a phenomenal rate. Today the tune by South Korean entertainer Psy became the first…

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How to kill your Facebook driven BuzzFeed quiz addiction (and take control of your news feed)

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Earlier this year I gave a couple of things up for Lent. Chocolate!? Well after a day or so salivating over Crunchie bars in my local newsagent, I pretty much forgot it existed. However my second choice for abstinence - BuzzFeed quizzes - was to prove a lot more tricky. In spite of deciding to…

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Wooah – YouTube has a video of lightning hitting The Shard

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If you live or work in London you'll know that yesterday the capital was hit by an incredible storm. There's a very striking image of The Shard being struck by lightning which was doing the rounds yesterday. And today this dramatic video has popped up on YouTube. Apparently London's tallest building was hit several times…

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Watch what happens when Netflix becomes real-life

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As much as we love Netflix, and its seemingly endless amount of TV shows and movies to watch, it can get very annoying with its recommendations sometimes. Just because we loved Big Daddy doesn't mean we're going to like Just Go With It. As much as we love Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler - it's…

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