FCKH8 has released a follow-up to its ‘F-Bombs for Feminism’ video

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The original 'F-Bombs for Feminism' was pretty controversial, given that it featured young girls dressed as princesses spouting more swearwords than your average episode of South Park. The original was one of the most-watched ads in October, and is nominated for 'Most Shareable Video' in this year's ShinyShiny awards. So it's no surprise that there's a follow-up. Rather than covering the general…

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Watch this video and decide whether you need to 'Look Up' from your phone

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In case you missed it over the weekend, a five-minute spoken word film urging people to unplug from smartphones and social media has, ironically, gone viral through people sharing it on social media. Titled 'Look Up', the sentimental Youtube video shows writer and director Gary Turk reading a poem, ordering people to "look up from…

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Watch what happens when Netflix becomes real-life

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As much as we love Netflix, and its seemingly endless amount of TV shows and movies to watch, it can get very annoying with its recommendations sometimes. Just because we loved Big Daddy doesn't mean we're going to like Just Go With It. As much as we love Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler - it's…

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Watch old and new London combined in this awesome spliced up video

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Wonderful London 1924 & 2014 from Simon Smith on Vimeo. People from all over the globe visit London because it's just bursting with history, whether it's a cool piece of architecture up there, an interesting anecdote about the famous author who lived over there or a creepy tale of murder just right there where you're…

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Now Sky is going to take on Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Tesco in download and keep movies

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Apple's iTunes Store, Netflix, Amazon and Tesco's Blinkbox will soon have a new rival. According to reports today Sky is planning to launch a new service that will enable customers to download and keep movie titles from its Sky Store. Up until now they have only been able to download them and keep them for…

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ShowYou finds all of the best viral videos so you don't have to

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Everyday there are so many new videos that "OMG YOU'VE JUST GOT TO SEE!!!", to the point that it can be hard to keep up with them as well as eat, do work, function like a human, etc. Well a new update to the ShowYou video app means you'll be able to keep abreast of…

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Tweets and Vines to be shown on US cinema screens this summer

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Tweets and Vines can sure be entertaining. But are they entertaining enough to be plastered all over cinemas before big budget movies begin? Although we're not too sure, Twitter certainly feels its content is worthy of the silver screen. This week the micro-blogging platform confirmed a deal with in-cinema ad firm National CineMedia (also NCM)…

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Instagram Vs Vine – there's only one winner

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In case you haven't heard the news Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has launched a video recording app that is set to take on the Twitter owned Vine. Yes Vine remember that? The six second video app? In case you've forgotten here is a classic Vine to jog your memory. However it looks like…

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Scooter man has four crashes and plunges into a pit in one minute – the best driving video ever?

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There really isn't a great deal to say about this video- just watch it. How he manages to crash four times in around a minute is astonishing. And then the grand finale in the pit - and judging by the time it takes the water to splash it looks pretty deep. Spotter tip.

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Top 3 videos of the week: Twi-hards, Boris Johnson and celebrity tweets

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This week's top videos include a very animated Twilight fan, a Casette Boy mash-up of Boris Johnson and celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves. Enjoy. 1. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS KRISTEN?! 2. Boris Johnson's Olympic welcome 3. Celebrities read mean tweets

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Mixin: Merge videos, comments and memes in one place

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New video platform Mixin has launched today, with more than 20,000 users already under its belt and a unique offering that allows you to merge videos, comments and memes all in one place. Popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have become more and more advanced over the years, but it's safe to say…

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