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The week in hashtags: #BlackLivesMatter, #TheSunLogic, #OstentatiousBreastfeeding, #Love

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Twitter was angry for a lot of good reasons this week – and funny for plenty more too. Tag along with our round-up of the week's trends.   #BlackLivesMatter, #CrimingWhileWhite Only a week after the outcome of the Michael Brown case sparked anger and disbelief across Twitter, another grand jury decision – this time not to…

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The week in hashtags: #WakeUpCall, #NHSstrike, #ThorneTravel, #GBBOfinal

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#NHSstrike Today, thousands of NHS workers from across six different trade unions are striking in protest at the government's refusal to give all staff a one per cent pay rise. Messages of solidarity have spread across Twitter, with celebs including Sue Perkins, Rufus Hound and David Schneider all tweeting their support for the strikers.  …

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The week in hashtags: #EidMubarak, #Stoptober, #CassetteBoy

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#EidMubarak Muslims across the world have been celebrating Eid al-Adha, also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice. Also marking the end of religious pilgrimage Hajj, this year more than 2 million people made the journey to the Grand Mosque in Mecca.   #MeanGirlsAppreciationDay Because if there's one thing the internet was really lacking in,…

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Five situations in which we’d like to taste and smell with our phones (and three we really wouldn’t)

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This week Adrian Cheok, professor of pervasive computing at City University London and the inventor of the Scentee, a Japanese iPhone attachment that emits pre-programmed scent, revealed that he's working on technology that will allow our smartphones to transmit taste and smell electronically. Considering how much of our youths we spent excitedly waiting for the…

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The week in hashtags: #Bendgate, #OccupyCentral, #NotInMyName, #BakeOffInnuendo

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#NotInMyName and #MuslimApologies In his speech at the United Nations last week, President Obama referenced East London’s Active Change Foundation – the community group who began the #notinmyname campaign earlier this month, encouraging young Muslims to add their voice to the fight against Islamic State. The hashtag spread fast, and the #notinmyname video was viewed…

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The week in hashtags: #Phones4U, #WhyIStayed, #LFW and more

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#Phones4U After its final remaining network EE cut ties with the company on Sunday night, Phones4U has gone into administration. The store may have been one of the less soothing retail experiences out there, about on par estate agents and the Primark returns queue, but with 720 outlets the cheap and cheerful mobile merchants were…

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Is the golden age of Twitter over? Why nobody retweets anymore

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‘My very best gag about [X] and not a single retweet? You lot don’t deserve me!’ – another day, another person on my timeline. They may seem cheerfully self-deprecating, but under the faux outrage of those tweets there bristles a real insecurity (I’ve decided) about their place on the platform, and the future of Twitter. After…

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Angry twitter birds - Ross Breadmore

How to complain on Twitter: A six step plan for sure-fire social justice

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Whether it’s dodgy products, bad food or collective public rage, Twitter is now apparently the quickest way to get a response from a brand. But that’s only when they do respond. It’s also the least satisfying channel for complaints, with only 39 per cent of UK organisations able to answer questions successfully through their Twitter…

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Online conversation analysis reveals wearables are more popular with women

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Women are much more positive about wearable technology than their male counterparts, a social media monitoring platform has found. Brandwatch partnered with Brilliant Noise to gather and analyse more than eight million online conversations about wearable technology between the months of January 2013 and July 2014. While it found that men dominated the conversation (65%), female authors were 42%…

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The new narcissism: why am I addicted to my own Facebook profile?

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I’d like to admit something, and ask politely that none of you judge me. We are all friends here, in the cozy and confidential circle of trust that is the internet, aren’t we? Right then, here goes. My name is Lauren, and I Facebook-stalk myself. I am ashamed of the amount of time I spend…

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Is Twitter about to buy SoundCloud?

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Another day, another acquisition rumour. This time it's Twitter reportedly considering a deal to buy SoundCloud, the Berlin-based audio and music-sharing firm. This would be Twitter's largest buyout since it acquired mobile ad company MoPub in September 2013, with SoundCloud valued at $700m. According to Recode's Peter Kafka, who first broke news of the possible…

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Pay for your food by taking photos at this new pop-up restaurant

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When you think of Instagram, you immediately think of #foodporn, so it comes as no surprise that a pop-up diner in London is letting people settle their bills by uploading photos to their social networks. The world's first pay-by-picture restaurant opened to the public yesterday, and allows diners to eat a two-course meal for the…

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#AmazonBasket lets you shop on Twitter with hashtags

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Amazon and Twitter have teamed up to launch #AmazonBasket, a cool social shopping service that allows you to add things to your shopping basket just by tweeting about them. Launched over the Bank Holiday Weekend, #AmazonBasket (yep, the hashtag before it seems obligatory) allows shoppers to instantly add products to their Amazon shopping baskets. All…

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Twitter trials 'mute' feature for annoying tweets

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Yep, you read that right. It looks like one of the most requested features on Twitter (the ability to shut up annoying people), may soon be integrated into the platform's mobile apps. According to The Verge, a select few Android and iOS Twitter users are now seeing an option to mute accounts that they follow,…

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You can get Twitter's new Facebook-style profile now

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A few weeks ago, we revealed that Twitter would soon be changing its users' profiles so they look very VERY Facebook-like. Up until now only a select few users have been able to play around with the brand new design, but today you don't need to be Michelle Obama to get nice things, because it's…

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Vine copies Instagram and adds private messaging feature

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Today Vine has taken a leaf out of Instagram's book and has added a private messaging feature into its popular video-looping app. But the big question is: will anyone use it? A post on the Vine blog today by Jason Toff, the app's Product Manager, reveals that Vine users can now send each other…

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LOLZ of the day: The @buzzfeedquizz parody Twitter account

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As much as we love Buzzfeed and its abundance of quizzes, cats, lists and quizzes we love a good parody Twitter account that rips at the fabric of its existence and makes a mockery of everything it stands for even more. Enter @buzzfeedquizz, a new but absolutely hilarious Twitter account that satirises Buzzfeed's quizzes by…

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Twitter launches real-time music chart (but only in the US)

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Twitter and US-based music magazine Billboard have teamed up to launch a new chart, which will rank music based on what's being shared and tweeted about the most (but only by US users). According to a post on the Twitter blog, the chart will rank the most popular tracks being talked about in real-time and…

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