Did Ryanair let the cat out of the bag on Google's flight booking plans? (note: replacement cats incur surcharge)

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Ryanair boss and part-time pantomime villain Michael O'Leary has been speaking to the Irish Independent, and seems to have announced something that Google are working on - it seems they're working on a way to enable users to buy flights. O'Leary, pictured above hopefully before suffering a terrible accident, is perhaps best well known for…

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The Martin Jetpack – a James Bond style gadget becomes a reality

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There is a fabulous tale from the early days of the airship Back then aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont would parade his new fangled Airship by hovering at roof level along the boulevards of Paris. Santos-Dumont's party piece was to fly one of his smaller airships to his favourite restaurant. Suitably emboldened by steak and frites…

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The personal Hovercraft is back – and it is almost affordable

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That pesky Channel Tunnel! Before Eurostar opened it doors there was only one cool way to get to the, ahem,continent, and that was by Hovercraft. Sadly almost all the Hovercraft operators saw the writing on the wall and the only place you can get a scheduled trip by the best and fastest way of traversing…

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STUDY: Londoners are apprehensive about tube Wi-Fi plans

Becca Caddy Transport 1 Comment

Yesterday the mayor of London announced plans to introduce Wi-Fi service to parts of the underground in time for the Olympics this summer. Some super connected Londoners have been excited by the news, but many others are a little more wary about what the plans could mean for them. According to a statement released by…

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Book a helicopter with your iPhone: Viator Tourist App gets our approval

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Harnessing the power of an existing travel website with 3 million unique visitors a month, Viator is an iPhone app with a nice simple interface that lets you find out tourist stuff nearby and then book it. All from your phone. It's stuff like tours of the Empire State building or helicopter trips over Los…

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