Top 10 #ToryBingo memes: the story of a #PRfail in tweets

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#budget2014 cuts bingo & beer tax helping hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy. RT to spread the word -- Grant Shapps MP (@grantshapps) March 19, 2014 The Tories are currently in the midst of a particularly LOL-worthy PR fail after MP Grant Shapps tweeted a condescending ad aimed at "hardworking people".…

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Selfies in the changing room? Has Karl Lagerfeld gone too far this time?

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Karl Lagerfeld, famous for being a world-renowned fashion designer and expressing a creepy desire to marry his cat, has had iPads built into the walls of the changing rooms inside his new flagship store in London. The reason? To encourage people to take more changing room selfies, of course! According to reports, the store will…

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5 Things we learnt from the Ideal Home Show: John Lewis, Virgin, Ye!!

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This week the Shiny Shiny team were invited along to the Ideal Home Show at Earl's Court Exhibition Centre in London. After hours getting lost in the maze of smart tech products, treehouses that looked like huge spiders and a sickeningly pink health and beauty section, we've managed to pick out just five things we…

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7 Things to give up for Lent: Buzzfeed Quizzes, Mail Online, Inbox Zero

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Instead of giving up chocolate or alcohol for Lent (assuming you want to take part in the archaic act of giving up luxuries for weeks on end all in the name of religion), why not try something a little different this year. We all know what's good for us when it comes to giving up…

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Will you ever get sick of Buzzfeed's quizzes? I got never, I need them to breathe!!

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We've got a theory here at Shiny Shiny that you can't scroll down through your Facebook News Feed over the past 24 hours and not see (at the very least) one quiz result from Buzzfeed, along the lines of "I got Harry Styles!! Which famous person should you get drunk with?". GO ON, TEST OUT…

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MWC 2014: The best smartphones and tablets you've missed so far

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So far we've been focusing on the newest wearable devices and smartwatches from the big names at Mobile World Congress, but let's not forget about the stars of the show: the mobile phones. Here's our rundown of the best smartphones and tablets that have been unveiled this week: Huawei wants you to be better at…

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MWC 2014: Wearables and watches you've missed so far

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This year, Mobile World Congress was always going to have a big focus on wearable gadgets that hook up to our phones, track our activity and vibrate every time anything remotely interesting happens. Here's our rundown of the top wearable gadgets that we're most excited about getting our hands on: Samsung unveils Galaxy Fit, 'world's…

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MWC 2014: Nokia unveils the X series phones – Android mobiles with a twist

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It has been rumoured for quite a while and now it has been confirmed, Nokia doesn't just make Windows phones, it is also manufactures Android ones too. But in typical Nokia style there's a twist or two. At MWC 2014 it unveiled the Nokia X, X+ and Xl smartphones, but as CEO Stephen Elop insisted…

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Here's why Facebook paid $16bn for WhatsApp

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Last night even those who usually ignore the ins and outs of the tech world were sharing news that Facebook will acquire WhatsApp for a whopping $16 billion. But why such an astronomical figure for what's essentially just a messaging app? WhatsApp has 450 million monthly users - and 70% are active on any given…

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02 unveils unique wearable phones built into shoes, bags and gloves

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Wearable tech goes vintage, well that is kind of the concept that designer Sean Miles had in mind with this collaboration with 02. He has basically created a collection of vintage fashion accessories made from recycled mobile phones, which have included Christian Louboutin heels, a pair of vintage Miu Miu gloves and an Alexander McQueen…

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Vinyl revival! Five great record decks

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So the vinyl revival continues with hipsters across the globe discovering that the best way to listen to music is via an old school record deck. But while sales of vinyl albums may have gone stratospheric, it is early days for the record player revival. Specialist audio dealers and record stores are reporting a bit…

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Does Facebook make you sad? Surveys say it might

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There's an interesting article in the New Yorker today which suggests that Facebook, that loveable social network, might actually be making you unhappy. It isn't the first time that social networks have been accused of adding to human misery but this article, which references a new study from the University of Michigan psychologist Ethan Kross,…

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More Sony Xperia Z1 pics – and the phone looks really rather good

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In less than a week's time Sony will take the wraps of its Xperia Z1 smartphone at the IFA exhibition in Berlin. If you can't wait until then take a gander at these images. They come from a Chinese website 365dian and give us a very clear idea of what the phone will look like-…

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Who has the best UK 4G package? Vodafone, O2, Three or EE?

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Ok, so now we have heard from all four big UK networks about their 4G plans. EE, Vodafone and O2 are live now and Three will follow in December. So which of the quartet has got the best deal. Here is a quick round up. Best 4G prices Three of the four networks have pitched…

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