Buy a TokyoFlash Watch in the next two days and all the money goes to Japanese Red Cross

Anna Leach Accessories, Tech Tip 1 Comment

Donate to the Japanese relief fund and get yourself a kooky watch at the same time - TokyoFlash the Japanese watch-makers are donating the proceeds from all watches sold in the next two days to the Japanese Red Cross. Until 5pm 24th March (Japanese time) any money you spend on the site will go…

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Sony offer a VAT-free Christmas with a money-back offer

Anna Leach Tech Tip 2 Comments

Sony are making a nice gesture towards easing the pain of the Christmas bill bite. They are offering customers VAT back on most Sony gadgets bought between 28 October and 24 December. Another good reason to spend before Christmas is that VAT in the UK will hike up to 20% in the first month of…

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Review: new Online Meeting Tool Join.Me promises to make conferences easier

Anna Leach Social networking, Tech Tip, Trending 3 Comments

If you ever wanted to meet 249 other people at once, but couldn't quite get around to the physical logistics of organising a real-world meeting, then perhaps you might be interested in Forget 10-way calls on Skype, is an online meeting and screen-sharing tool that will connect up to 250 people. The core…

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The other thing new social network Disapora teaches us: use Kickstart to get funding

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A buzz site this week has been "Diaspora". Billed (a bit prematurely) as a Facebook rival, it's the project of four New York students and got touted in a few places last week as the privacy-friendly alternative to Facebook. Why? largely because it just got funded to the tune of $180,664 (as of today) There…

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How to get the best out of Spotify — 10 neat tips

olijones Spotify, Tech Tip 5 Comments

Spotify is one of those services, that from the day you download, unpack and install it you use it constantly. What suited types call a "game-changer". And they're right. Spotify is a service that most people will use for months without really thinking about it, without exploring it's amazing and various tricks. So I thought…

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Stinky Teddy, search engine with a weird name and a fierce real-time

Anna Leach Fun Stuff, Tech Tip 2 Comments

Meet Stinky Teddy, a gossip fuelled real-time search engine. As Read Write Web says, Stinky Teddy "reinvents meta-search for the real-time web". Okay so what's with the silly name? It sounds a like a joke student project, but was actually developed by one David Hardtke formerly a physicist at the University of California Berkeley Space…

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Evernote: the web service that wants to be your new extra brain

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Meet the web service that wants to become your new extra brain. Like a long personal blog - or perhaps a memory... it stores all the random shit you come across in real life or on the internet and lets you remember it. Then search for it later. Evernote wants to help you organise your…

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Bing – why you should be using it

AnnaLeach Tech Tip, Tools 6 Comments

To say that Google runs the biggest most successful search engine on the world wide web is so obvious it's slightly ridiculous, so when Microsoft launched its search engine Bing I didn't really envisage myself using it beyond the odd curious poke-around. But having Binged (Bung?) for a few months now, I'm going to recommend…

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Four great FREE Photoshop style programmes

Zara Rabinowicz Columns & Opinion, Tech Tip, Zara Rabinowicz Leave a Comment

Now Photoshop has long since been the favourite programme for those who like to try their hand at image editing, but credit crunch times means you can't always justify forking out £70 odd quid just to remove red-eye. Sure, if your job revolves around editing images you're going to want to buy this (plus Quark/…

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The idiots guide to HDTV: LCD vs Plasma vs OLED

Zara Rabinowicz Columns & Opinion, Tech Tip, TVs and Home Cinema, Zara Rabinowicz 4 Comments

So you're thinking of buying an HDTV? Congratulations, you'll be entering the world of hi resolution imagery, and getting a picture so sharp it will make you want to start attacking your old TV with your fingernails . But what should you buy? With three main technologies on the market, you're entering a confusing world…

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The Shiny guide to creating your own website: How to make a blog in 5 easy steps

Zara Rabinowicz Columns & Opinion, Tech Tip, Zara Rabinowicz 4 Comments

It seems pretty much everyone has a blog nowadays but if you're one of the shrinking number that has never quite got to grips with web 2.0, I'm here to simplify this process for you. It doesn't have to be baffling talk of mySQL and server accounts, I'm going to break down the tools you…

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How to take super snow snaps: Five Camera tips to make the most of Britain's freak weather

Zara Rabinowicz Cameras, Columns & Opinion, Tech Tip, Zara Rabinowicz Leave a Comment

OK, we've now discovered the world DOESN'T end when it snows. Yes, a day at home was a wonderful experience, but I'd say the majority of the workforce is back at their computer screens now. The snow however, looks like it may be here to stay for while, and now the initial shock has been…

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