Review: hands-on with 5 pairs of touchscreen gloves

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They call me Icefingers. My hands are never, ever what you'd call warm, and on winter days they're basically a bunch of icicles attached to my wrists. So I'm the perfect person to test smartphone gloves, both in terms of how well they work with phone screens (less well than you'd expect, as it turns out) and how…

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31 beautiful pairs of Christmas party flat shoes

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Trudging around bars, restaurants and rainy pavements in sky-high heels doesn't sound very fun to us. And besides, after half an hour on the dance floor, everyone takes them off anyway – so start the Christmas party as you mean to go on with our round-up of the most festive Christmas flats this year. Oh, and…

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Destiny map of the heavens

Top 12 Christmas gifts for gamers

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Buying for gamers can be tricky, especially if you're not one yourself. Whether they play on PC, console or mobile, we've got you covered for presents a whole lot more impressive than the default strategy guide. Even better, they're all available now (or in the next week) and in the UK. Shop away. …

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Articulate clutch bag

Meet Articulate, the security-conscious clutch bag

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The amazing-looking Articulate Clutch just closed for funding on Kickstarter, having raised six times its $10,000 goal. Not surprising given that in addition to being a classy, colourful little bag to take out with you, it comes with some pretty smart features for protecting your money. The main one is RFID-blocking, which is becoming popular with the rise of…

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The best Samsung Galaxy S5 accessories: cases, speakers, headphones

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If you're lucky enough to have got your hands on a new Samsung Galaxy S5, then you're going to want to know the top accessories to pair it with. Whether you need a way to protect it, listen to it, charge it or just carry it around in style, we've got you covered. Check out…

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New iPhone case lights up to show your friends' mood

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We thought we couldn't know any more about what our friends are doing at any given moment, thanks to the world of social media, but The Feeling Skin has now created a social network based on emotion, complete with a smartphone case that lights up to tell you what mood your friends are in. The…

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Proporta now offers DIY customisable iPhone and Galaxy S series cases

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This seems like a lovely idea. Proporta is offering people the chance to create their own customsied iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases. It seems easy to do, isn't too expensive with prices starting at £19.95 including delivery and users can incorporate existing Proporta designs from the likes of Ben Allen and the V&A into their…

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Rhino Shield – super tough iPhone 5 screen protector lands

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We have all been there. Watched as a smartphone has tumbled from our bag or pocket only to land screen facing down on concrete. If you were unlucky you would have then been looking at a cracked screen and a replacement bill of around £50. Which might make the £17.99 Rhino Shield, iPhone screen protector…

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02 unveils unique wearable phones built into shoes, bags and gloves

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Wearable tech goes vintage, well that is kind of the concept that designer Sean Miles had in mind with this collaboration with 02. He has basically created a collection of vintage fashion accessories made from recycled mobile phones, which have included Christian Louboutin heels, a pair of vintage Miu Miu gloves and an Alexander McQueen…

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Goo.ey – the sticky smartphone add-on that might make your life a bit easier

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There are times in life when you really do need an extra pair of hands, especially when you are holding your smartphone, Well a brand new gadget accessory aims to make your life a tad easier. 'goo.ey' which is the brainchild Sydney born entrepreneur Rachel Verghis is add on for your smartphone that enables you…

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BACtrack – the first ever Breathalyser for your iPhone from Firebox

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Need to know how much alcohol is in your body after a bit of drinking session? Well there's an app that's admittedly paired with a device for that. Firefox has unveiled the BACtrack iPhone Breathalyser . which it claims is the first Blood Alcohol Content trackers that works with a mobile phone. It basically measures…

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Proper bling – Happy Plugs' £10,000 gold earphones

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I don't know about you but i am always losing my earphones! If I had these beauties though I guess I'd be a bit more careful with them because Happy Plugs' latest set of in-ear phones are finished in ulp, 18-carat solid gold. Made by a Swedish goldsmith in Stockholm who creates the headphones by…

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vrAse – the iPhone case that doubles as an AR/3D headset

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Here is quite a novel idea. Build a smartphone case compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One among others and then turn it into a wearable device which delivers a big screen that's optimised for movies, gaming and more and is compatible with 3D and Augmented Reality software. That's the plan behind the…

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Forget smart watches, are smart textiles and implants the future?

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We are only months away from an almighty battle for the smart watch market. Apple is rumoured to be beefing up its iWatch team, Samsung is working on a similar device and Sony has been in the market for a while with its range of watches. Might however the smart watch be a small blip…

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Five of the best – Waterproof MP3 Players

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Time for a dip, and if you want some musical accompaniment check out these waterproof players. For an updated version of our favourite swimming gadgets then check this out: Top 10 Swimming gadgets: Speedo Aquacoach watch, Finis Neptune SwiMP3 and more

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£700 3D printer lands at Maplin. But what can you use it for?

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Yesterday High Street Electronics store Maplin announced some pretty significant news. It confirmed it was going to become the first retailer to sell a 3D printer in the UK from its stores. Up until now they have been available but via the web. It is offering the Velleman K8200 for just £700, which is way…

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Proporta delivers Gecko and Frankie universal tablet and smartphone cases

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You know what it is like. You spend loads of money on a really nice case for your smartphone or tablet, but a year down the line you upgrade and that cases don't fit any more. Which is why Proporta new range of Frankie and Gecko case are such a smart idea. This is because…

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Pink gadgets are back! Here's the evidence

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Round about five years ago the stores were awash with gadgets in all manner of pink. Pretty much every consumer electronics maker had a selection of phones, music players and more in salmon, fuchsia, coral or just shockingly loud. But then along came the iPhone and the market for girly pink gadgets seem to die…

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Star Wars and A Team commemorative plates

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There's a great spot by the team at Stylist today who have picked up on a commemorative plate designer who is doing her bit to bring old school crockery to a new audience. So rather than focus on royalty and religious figures artist Angela Rossi upcycles vintage, antique and just plain old plates and gives…

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