Five of the best – Waterproof MP3 Players

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Time for a dip, and if you want some musical accompaniment check out these waterproof players. For an updated version of our favourite swimming gadgets then check this out: Top 10 Swimming gadgets: Speedo Aquacoach watch, Finis Neptune SwiMP3 and more

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Sony drops a pair of MP3 Walkmans – the NWZ-E380 and NWZ-E580

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Does anyone still buy standalone MP3 players? Apparently so, because Sony is back with a pair of new Walkmans that it believes are perfect for the holiday season. Design-wise the Walkman E580 MP3 (and the E-360 ofr that matter) resembles an old school iPod mini, but with a colour screen, an aluminium body and brighter…

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Amazon brings AutoRip to the UK – free instant downloads of each CD you buy

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I always thought that the best way to market music these days was to offer someone a CD and when they bought it give them an instant download of the tunes on it. Well it appears that the team at Amazon have been listening for it has just announced the launch of Amazon AutoRip, a…

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You can now buy Amazon MP3s songs on your iPhone/iPod touch

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It might seem incredible but up until today you haven't been able to buy MP3s from Amazon to play on your iPhone. That has all changed with the announcement by Amazon that as from today its MP3 are compatible with iPhone and iPod touch devices. The retailer says that its 25 million song catalogue is…

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Pixie Lott's new best MP3 Player: Samsung Tik Toc

Anna Leach MP3 and Media Players 1 Comment

What makes you likely to buy one portable music player over another? Is it the storage capacity? the battery life? How about if a popstar flashes it in a music video? Ha, we knew we had you there. If blonde British popstrel Pixie Lott does it for you, then you may be interested to know…

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Shiny Review: Archos 3 cam vision mp4 player

katebaxter MP3 and Media Players 6 Comments

Generally speaking, I quite like Archos gadgets. Which is why I was particularly interested to test-drive the company's latest 3 cam vision mp4 player... And, upon opening the box, it doesn't disappoint. It's got a very reasonable 3 inch touchscreen (400x240 pixels), but - at 62g - is surprisingly petite and lightweight. And with a…

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Archos announce the Archos 9 : A miniPC with multimedia goodness

Zara Rabinowicz Audio, MP3 and Media Players, Netbooks, Peripherals 5 Comments

OK, I admit it, I'm slightly infatuated with the Archos brand, as I've never found another PMP designer that has managed to combine everything a user might want into such a sleek shell. The latest Archos news to whet my appetite (and cause my bank manager sleepless nights ) is that of the Archos 9.…

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The kiddie-esque MP3 player from Crayola

Lucy Hedges MP3 and Media Players Leave a Comment

There's me thinking Crayola only stuck to brightly coloured stationary and unnecessary amounts of crayons, and here it is with its very own MP3 player. There's no room for swank with this - it's about as basic (and childlike) as you can get. Forget luxuriously hi-tech gadgetry, this reaches out to your inner child and…

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Archos to make the move into Android based mobile handsets?

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Anybody who reads Shiny will know how highly I rate Archos products, so the news that they may have a mobile lurking on the horizon is very exciting. And it's not just a PMP enabled mobile device, no it's going to utilise Google Android capabilities, potentially making the G1 seem redundant and outdated. Read More

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