5 alternatives to the Tesco Hudl

James O'Malley Amazon, Android, iPad, Tablet PCs 1 Comment

So Tesco have announced that they're getting into the tablet game with the announcement of the Hudl tablet. Running Android Jellybean 4.2.2, has a 7" 1440x900 screen, and will only set you back £119. Presumably they can afford to be so competitive because the point of the tablet is to point you into the direction…

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New, fairly convincing iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 pics leak

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Two days on from that launch and we are already thinking about Apple's next big venture. Sonny Dickson has got some pics which purport to show both the Apple iPad 5 and the Apple iPad mini 2. They don't exactly show us much do they? Nevertheless this is the guy that got some very realistic…

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Flipboard – now targeting your web browser

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As anyone who has an iPad knows already Flipboard is a fabulous way to keep tabs on your friend's social media output.The company recently also started to enable users to update their own magazine type feeds too. Now it appears that the company has designs on your web browser too. Flipboard CEO Mike McCue has…

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Apple CEO Tim Cook confirms two new products for 2013 – but which ones?

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So it was an interesting night for Apple watchers, with the company's financial results not really anywhere near as bad as some analysts had predicted. There does however seem to be some underlying issues that the company needs to tackle the most urgent of which is getting some new product out to rival the endless…

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The iPad app that trains your dog and lets them send you Facebook updates

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If you own a dog you probably wonder what it gets up to when you are nit around. Of course you can install a webcam to check to see what Rover is up to, but now an new iPad app hopes to take remote dog monitoring to a new more interactive level. The $1.99 Pavlov…

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Literary pretensions for your iPad – the George Orwell 1984 case

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Well this was always going to happen, The trend for putting Kindles in classic book jacket style cases has now crept over to the iPad and you can now house your Apple tablet in a suitably retro 1984 by George Orwell cover. And if wrapping your iPad in Doublespeak doesn't appeal then there's also Origin…

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The app book gets a makeover – London – A City Through Time review

Ashley Norris Apps, iPad 2 Comments

There's a lot of London publishing going on at the moment, like this ace free iPad book (disclaimer - there's some Shiny involvement in it) but in terms of digital publishing nothing quite as ambitious or an innovative as this. London - A City Through Time is an iPad app that is an extraordinary in…

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The London Project, Blizzard and the growth of 'ebook magazines'

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Over the last few months members of the Shiny team have been working away on an ebook called The London Project. It features a group of bloggers writing passionately about the past and the present of the city they love. The book was created using a new-ish platform called iBooks Author, which enables the user…

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Pinstagram arrives on the iPad… before both Pinterest and Instagram

Becca Caddy Apps, iPad, Mobile phone apps, Trending 5 Comments

Pinstagram is one of those annoying mash-ups of... you guessed it... Pinterest and Instagram, but now it's got its own shiny new iPad app it might be more appealing than them both. The app allows you to see all of your Instagram feed photos in the popular Pinterest format, as well as search by keyword.…

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8 Cool iPad sleeves and accessories to carry your tablet in style

Becca Caddy Accessories, Apple, iPad, Top Stories 8 Comments

We've noticed that more and more lucky iPad owners are throwing caution (and their cases) to the wind and using only a smart cover, screen protector or NOTHING to protect their lovely tablets. This kind of behaviour may be a little risky, but it's totally understandable. Why wrap a gadget designed to be super slim…

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APP OF THE DAY: Explore Leonardo da Vinci's famous sketches with new Anatomy app

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The Queen's Gallery in London is currently exhibiting a number of fascinating anatomical sketches by Leonardo da Vinci, some of which have never even been displayed before (like, EVER). In order to make the collection more accessible to his fans, as well as art and science enthusiasts, The Royal Collection has developed an impressive, interactive…

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New iPad 3: 10 Best retina display apps to get you started

Becca Caddy Apple, iPad, Mobile phone apps, Top Stories 10 Comments

The new iPad/iPad 3/third generation iPad is here, we don't really care what it's officially called, we just want to know what to do on it to please our eyes. The new tablet from Apple boasts a 2048 x 1536 Retina Display and we've collected together 10 apps that have been given a super high…

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UPDATED: New iPad 3 Tech Digest's best UK network deals

Becca Caddy Apple, iPad 2 Comments

It's nearly time. By 8am tomorrow the first die-hard Apple fan will be lovingly clutching his/her first New iPad (3rd generation) after high-fiving all the insanely enthusiastic Apple employees. But amidst the excitement, shouting and crazy queues, you're going to need to know which data plan to opt for and Tech Digest's editor, Gerald Lynch,…

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