What's coming at Apple's WWCD event next week?

Ashley Norris Apple, Computers, Features, Gadgets & Apps, Smart watches, Software Leave a Comment

Next week Apple diehards and fan people gather together for its annual WWDC bash. It comes at a very interesting time for Apple with its iPhone range in dire need of a refresh and its tablets under attack from all sides. However, unless there is a massive surprise, don't expect new iPhones and iPads next…

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Let out a little roar, Mountain Lion Mac OS X is finally here!

Gerald Lynch Apple, Software Leave a Comment

Apple's new desktop operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, is available today, Wednesday 25th July. Over 200 new features will be coming to Mac OS X with Mountain Lion, including deep Facebook and Twitter integration, Game Center features and AirPlay screen mirroring. When it lands in the US, it'll cost $19.99, with UK users…

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Sculpteo the 3D printing service and why we love them

Anna Leach Software, Trending 1 Comment

Okay, so you've got a printer at home.It's probably colour, and maybe it has a scanner built in, but I bet it doesn't print 3D models. Yes, I said 3D models. 3D printers are my new favourite things - through a process of squirting and layering they are capable of making three dimensional models from…

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Children in Brazil and Asia get computers for first time with low-cost Linux software

Anna Leach Computers, Software 2 Comments

A Linux-based software that lets you use one computer to control ten separate ones has been in "overwhelming demand" from schools in Asia and South America according the makers Userful. The computer system called Userful Multiseat Linux lets anyone provide desktop computers at a fraction of traditional costs, which opens up computers to places with…

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Photo software doesn't just recognise your face, it improves it

Anna Leach Software 1 Comment

We're familiar with photo-editing software recognising our faces - programmes like iPhoto or Picasa will run through your photo albums auto-tagging your friends, after you've tagged a few yourself. But the idea that photo programme could also improve your friends' faces is a new one and has just been trialled by a computer vision specialist…

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Top 20 blogs you must be following on Tumblr

olijones Social networking, Software, Top Stories, Trending 56 Comments

Tumblr is going from strength to strength. They've abandoned their weird and useless Tumblarity thing, which made the whole blogging platform feel like a silly competition (it may only have been silly because I couldn't get a tumblarity past 9). They've added a pages function which allows for more base-content and a shed-load of integration…

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X-oom Media Grabber: software that finds, saves and converts net downloads

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Want to find (legal) downloads more easily? You can buy software for that - X-OOM Media Grabber is a web download engine which aims to make finding free downloads much easier. Enter the name of your favourite band or artist and the program scours the net and downloads anything free, even the latest number one…

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Serif PagePlus – indesign for the masses

Anna Leach Software Leave a Comment

For someone who wants to do a simple design task... make a tennis club newsletter, advertise yoghurts, or create birthday invitations - spending £684 on Adobe Indesign for is out of the question. Kids will always download illegal copies of Adobe software but for someone who doesn't want to break the law - or the…

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Social-networking sites & blogs have love-children

AnnaLeach Random Stuff, Software Leave a Comment

The mounting buzz around short-form blogging sites Posterous and Tumblr puts a new spin on the blogs v twitter debate; a third way. It's got me thinking that rather than killing each other, or even co-existing, social networking sites and blogs are actually coming together and making mid-length social blog babies. Metaphorically I mean, there's…

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WoW players can now game in a virus free world with Norton AntiVirus Gaming edition

Zara Rabinowicz Software Leave a Comment

Gamers often have a rather hard time of things security wise. As much as they want to keep their computer safe from viral and phishing scams, they don't want to compromise game time by annoying pop ups or a slowed down CPU. Norton aim to help those MMORPG players with their new gaming specific software.…

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So long Photoshop! Sumo Paint provides identical editing software for free online!

Zara Rabinowicz Fun Stuff, Software 1 Comment

Now Photoshop is a really useful tool if you need to edit images quickly. It far surpass Paint, as it lets you edit, adapt and delicately create masterpieces on your desktop. But its fairly tricky to use (unless you start with Elements) and then of course, there's the licensing fee, and the fact that unless…

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Loads of friends on Facebook = likely to be victim of cyber crime

Lucy Hedges Software, Tech News Leave a Comment

You may relish in your undeniable popularity on Facebook (you have well over 400 friends - well done), but it's this same Facebook fame that could make you a target for cyber criminals. These virtual deviants are hijacking Facebook accounts and trying to con you out of your money by posing as a friend in…

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