The Fast Fingered Keyboard respects typists all levels

Lucy Hedges Keyboards Leave a Comment

Here's a keyboard that not only respects the alphabet, it respects our need to implement abbreviations into out messages and IM's. For the beginners (or the one finger at a time typists) the keyboard is laid out alphabetically and is activated with a press of the 'ABC' button. Those who posses more adroit typing abilities…

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CES 2009: Dishwasher friendly tech from Seal Shield

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Now I love my gadgets. My phone is my prized possession and when on occasion it has fallen into the toilet it has plummeted me to the depths of despair.The idea of voluntarily submerging items of tech, seems far fetched but Seal Shield has made it a reality with their line of dishwasher friendly mice,…

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Luxeed coloured keyboard: A poor man's Optimus Maximus, but we're down with that

Susi Weaser Keyboards 2 Comments

I can't think of many circumstances where you'd *need* a colourful keyboard. Perhaps if you were working in the accounts department of the Care Bears, or if you were particularly worried about going colour blind and needed an instantly accessible checking mechanism. But even if you don't fall into either of those (quite specific) categories,…

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Optimus Tactus touchscreen keyboard entices you with hot lesbian action

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Something tells me this keyless touchscreen concept is aimed at the boys, or girls of a lesbian persuasion. Only because its makers Art Lebedev have put their pervy little heads together and are attempting to attract potential customers with a bit of tongue on tongue action from t.A.T.u (remember them?) slap bang on the keyboard's…

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Keyboard shortcut skins for Macs – freakin' genius

Susi Weaser Accessories, Computers, Keyboards, Peripherals 3 Comments

Warning: you're about to have one of those "Oh man, that's so gosh darn simple why didn't I think of that?" moments. Sorry about that. This is a skin you can lay over your Mac keyboard which will provide colour and graphic references to all those keyboard shortcuts you know you should memorise but have…

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The human sized keyboard: Type with your feet

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Ever since watching Tom Hanks dance around on that massive keyboard in Big, I've always wanted to have a go, or better still own my very own giant keyboard. So imagine how ecstatic I was when I cast my eyes on this beauty. Yes I know it's not a musical keyboard, but it's a keyboard…

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Top ten office gadgets for National Secretaries Day

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As it was National Secretaries Day this week (23rd), we've decided to pay homage to this appreciation/celebration of administrative duties carried out by secretaries worldwide (even though we're a day late). Take a look at our top ten list of office gadgetry, great for practicality, convenience and general all round silliness. All in the name…

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The Kensington Slim Blade Media Desktop Set is one sexy Keyboard

Zara Rabinowicz Keyboards Leave a Comment

Keyboards? Sexy? Those two words really never felt like they should be used in conjunction as one brought up images of clunky keys tapping away, whilst sexy conveyed sleek sophisticats and little black dresses. Well now those categories have merged and produced the Slim Blade, the loveliest piece of desktop equipment I've ever used. Should…

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The Keyless Keyboard and Mouse: driving you crazy, one letter at a time

Staff Writer Computers, Keyboards 11 Comments

We all know that too much tip-tapping away on the old keyboard can leave you with a serious case of carpal tunnel syndrome, but I'm not convinced this is the answer. It's the Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard and Mouse - yes, you are reading that right - and rather than the traditional old QUERY keyboard it…

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The Hello Kitty Keyboard – now with Kitty keyboard cover

Staff Writer Computers, Keyboards 1 Comment

Keyboard covers have always seemed a little pointless to me. Sure, I know they keep your keyboard clean when you're not using it, but my keyboard is at more risk during my breakfast, lunch and dinner times than it is while I'm asleep, so the only keyboard cover I've ever owned ended up being used…

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USB keyboard with handwriting recognition

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Lately people keep emailing me forms to sign. This never fails to annoy me, because... well, because I'm lazy, really, and because signing these forms involves printing them out, doing the signing, scanning them in and then emailing them back i.e. too much hassle for a lazy girl. Making things a whole lot easier is…

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Optimus Maximus keyboard puts an OLED in every key

Camille Dumas Keyboards Leave a Comment

Allowing the ultimate in easy reconfiguration, the Optimus Maximus keyboard from Art Lebedev has an OLED in every key, simply containing an image file which can be transparently changed - if you want DVORAK, ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Cyrillic, Morse, or some mishmash alphabet of your own devising, just program it in. The display is housed…

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Apple's all-new iMac range announced

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Apple's much-rumoured all-in-one iMac range has finally been unveiled, and among the line-up are gorgeous brushed aluminium 20" and 24" widescreen machines. They're all Intel Core 2 Duo- based, of course, and feature the ultra-thin keyboard that is to replace all Apple keyboards in the future. The iSight webcam that has become a staple feature…

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Medion 6486 budget PC available in Tesco UK for £550

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Medion's supermarket-friendly approach and budget devices have been steadily increasing its popularity, and their new PC is no exception to their rule of good performance at affordable prices. The 6486 PC is a high-end desktop which, for £550, offers an Intel Core 2 Duo chipset (E6750 for those of you who like to do your…

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