BUKCase iPad 4 review

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If you're a fan of Dragon's Den, then you may remember a certain product called the 'BUKCase', a bespoke tablet case, designed and built in the United Kingdom! And I've been lucky enough to get my hands on one for my beloved Apple iPad 4. Design The case has been created to specifically replicate an…

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Proporta now offers DIY customisable iPhone and Galaxy S series cases

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This seems like a lovely idea. Proporta is offering people the chance to create their own customsied iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases. It seems easy to do, isn't too expensive with prices starting at £19.95 including delivery and users can incorporate existing Proporta designs from the likes of Ben Allen and the V&A into their…

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vrAse – the iPhone case that doubles as an AR/3D headset

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Here is quite a novel idea. Build a smartphone case compatible with the Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One among others and then turn it into a wearable device which delivers a big screen that's optimised for movies, gaming and more and is compatible with 3D and Augmented Reality software. That's the plan behind the…

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Belkin drops official customisable LEGO case for the iPhone 5 and iPod

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Will our obsession with LEGO ever end? Probably not, and to prove the point Belkin has announced the availability of the first officially licensed LEGO® Builder Case that is a certified LEGO® brick that you can use to create a case for your iPhone 5 or fifth gen iPod. Basically there is an integrated LEGO®…

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Proporta delivers Gecko and Frankie universal tablet and smartphone cases

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You know what it is like. You spend loads of money on a really nice case for your smartphone or tablet, but a year down the line you upgrade and that cases don't fit any more. Which is why Proporta new range of Frankie and Gecko case are such a smart idea. This is because…

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Quilted protection for your iPad – Barbour now does cases

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The (accidental?!) reinvention of the Barbour brand from one that's forever associated with hunting, shooting, fishing brigade to one that even the coolest Shoreditch hipsters can wear is one of the most bizarre transformations of the past few years. And if you can't quite get enough of quilted stuff then now you can give your…

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Shiny Shiny's guide to Luxury Samsung Galaxy SIII Cases

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It is up there with the iPhone 5 as the most popular handset onthe planet - well until they launch the S4 anyhow. So it is not suprising that there is a huge collection of high-end/luxury cases for the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Here is our pick of the bunch. Prices start at around £40 and…

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Samsung Galaxy S4 cases round up – and what do they tell us about the phone

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Over the last few days I have noticed that there are a growing number of cases on sale that are supposed to be for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Yep, that phone that is being kept under wraps and won't actually emerge until 11pm on Thursday night. So can we take anything from the cases? Do…

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First PowerCase for Samsung Galaxy S3 lands – adds 11 hours of power

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Good news for Samsung Galaxy S3 owners. The first PowerCase for the handset is just about to go on sale in the UK via retailer Firebox. The case clips on to the back of the handset and boots its power by eleven hours talk time, or six hours of web surfing. It provides protection for…

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Shiny Shiny's pick of the best BlackBerry Z10 cases and accessories

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BlackBerry launched two brand new handsets this week, the Z10 and the Q10 and already some of our favourite brands are designing cases and accessories to ensure your sparkly new handsets are safe and stylish. Here's our pick of the first few good-looking Z10 cases, expect more to come over the next few weeks... Related:…

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The ultimate shine: Swarovski crystals for iPad and iPhone

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Your Apple goods are already mighty pretty and shiny, but if you feel you could use some more sparkle then look no further. The Swarovski Crystallized range has covers both for the iPad and iPhone. It's really a must-see accessory, the crystal backs for the Apple devices. The style is something called the 'Deco Den'…

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Carry-on bag that is also a chair and a desk: Walkin' Bag takes luggage to new places

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Wheelie bags just got better. They are now also chairs and desks. Walkin' Bags are the kind of thing Wallace & Gromit would invent, if they were real. It's a wheelie bag that can transform into a simple chair and a desk. Designed for the frequent traveller who is often having to balance things on…

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Marvel Comics skins, taking Superheros to your Smartphone

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Geeks, wear your geekdom more proudly: in rubbery casing on your gadgets as well as in your heart. Pull a tight Spiderman gelaskin over your iPhone or Pod and bring some superhero to your smartphone. Marvel have teamed up with GelaSkins using the legendary comic art to bring high-drama, sharp-coloured and quintessentially Marvell skins to…

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iPad cases: let the skinning begin…

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So, we finally got the measurements, and case makers have already got busy and there are at least two ranges out already that I've heard of. The iPad poses an interesting dilemma for the casemakers - smartphones get tight-fitting skins, laptops get bags - what will the half pound, 10" iPad get? Looks like skins…

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Shiny Competition: customisable laptop bags

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Exspect offered us 3 of their MiBag laptop bags to give away to our lovely readers and we were like, "yes for sure". MiBags are available in 13" and 17" options and they have interchangeable fascias, ie. coloured fronts that zip on and off and change the colour of your bag. The 15" bags sell…

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Geek Chic of the Week: Pratesi guitar MP3 backpack

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Whether you're a rocker at heart or not, you can't deny this guitar backpack is pretty damn cool and looks realistic to boot. Perfect for musos who can't bear to be apart from their guitar when going about their everyday activities, this bag will help to give that similar guitar-on-back feeling but erm, with the…

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