Holly Brockwell with iPhone 6

I’m a die-hard Android fan. Here’s what happened when I tried the iPhone 6

Holly Brockwell Android, Apple, Gadgets, iPhone, Mobile, Must read, Premium 84 Comments

With thanks to EE for the handset I'm one of those intensely crappy people who have a passionate alliance to one side of a tech war. In fact, I have several. I'm firmly PC over Mac (though I'll probably go Chrome OS when it's more developed), digital media over physical, and Android over iOS. I…

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black fri

Psych yourself up with our Black Friday playlist

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So, it's Black Friday: that horrifying post-Thanksgiving day of hysteria and mad scrambling for the sales which has somehow osmosed into British society from America. The term 'Black Friday' originates from the city of Philadelphia, where swarms of frantic pedestrians would cause massive disruptions to traffic. Another explanation, according to Wikipedia, is that retailers traditionally operated…

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Jolla’s Sailfish tablet raises a million dollars in just 2 days

Holly Brockwell Android, Gadgets & Apps, Nokia, Tablets, Tech News 1 Comment

iOS, Android, Sailfish? Jolla's operating system looks like a major contender in the mobile market now that the Jolla Tablet, dubbed "the world's first crowdsourced tablet," has exceeded $1million of crowdfunding in just two days on Indiegogo. Even more impressively, Jolla's original target for the campaign was $380,000, which it achieved in just two hours. Clearly, there's…

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PayPal Pebble

Pebble and PayPal team up for watch-powered payments

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It's pretty clear that the physical wallet's days are numbered, and Pebble and PayPal have just teamed up to put another nail in its coffin with the launch of PayPal for Pebble. Pebble owners can now get the PayPal app on their smartwatch, which allows them to search for businesses nearby that accept PayPal as a payment…

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The OnePiece pop-up shop lets you pay with your social media followers

Diane Shipley Smart Shopping Leave a Comment

It turns out that focusing on the number of people hanging on your every word or photo on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and the rest isn’t a completely shallow pursuit with no real-world applications after all. (I knew it!) According to Engadget, onesie brand OnePiece has opened a pop-up shop in New York where people can…

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TK Maxx 'This' sign

Is happiness the secret to personal style? We join the debate with Zandra Rhodes, Dawn O’Porter & Jim Chapman

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Last Thursday 16 October, shinyshiny put our glad rags on and joined TK Maxx and a panel of industry pioneers for its the inaugural #StyleByMe debate about the future of fashion. Hosted by presenter, writer, vintage-inspired designer and owner of TV's glossiest bob, Dawn O'Porter, the panel featured 'high visibility' grand dame of British fashion Zandra Rhodes, legendary fashion…

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Vodafone Smart 4 handset

Vodafone Smart 4 review – A competent starter smartphone let down by its camera

Holly Brockwell Android, Phones, Product Reviews, Reviews, Video reviews 3 Comments

With thanks to Vodafone for the handset. The Vodafone Smart 4 is one of the lower-end phones in the Smart 4 range, one step above the entry-level Smart 4 Mini. As with the EE Kestrel and most network-branded phones, it’s actually made by a Chinese manufacturer that isn’t widely known here: Yulong. The name might…

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ModCloth models

How online retailers are finally, hopefully, starting to represent everybody’s bodies

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We always knew we liked ModCloth. The US fashion site has swished into many shoppers’ hearts with its vintage-inspired frocks and eternally flattering silhouettes (we’re still waiting for a UK launch guys, but until then we’ll be sat patiently by the letterbox for 10 business days) – but now they’re on a mission to make…

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Macbook charging

Is my phone charger a fire risk? And other boring but important safety questions answered

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Could my phone charger burn my house down? Yes, if it’s dodgy. London Fire Brigade has warned of the dangers of counterfeit iPhone chargers, following a spate of recent house fires caused by cheap fakes. While buying the real deal from Apple might seem crazy expensive compared to the generic versions (which can be found…

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The Flame Base Layer is a wearable that’ll control your temperature

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Just in time for winter, here’s a new wearable that can heat you up when it’s cold outside (or inside, for that matter) and then cool you down again once your body’s adjusted. Unsurprisingly, it comes to us from Canada. (And from Engadget, where we first spotted it.) Alex Huang and Jason Yakimovich, engineers from…

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Top 10 fashion apps to make you more stylish than ever: Mallzee, ShopChat, Vinted

Diane Shipley Fashion tech week, Smart Shopping, Style 2 Comments

With just a couple of days until London Fashion Week begins and we find out what trends we'll be wearing/rejecting next spring, now's as good a time as any to check out the best apps for staying stylish over the next few months. Whether you want to buy something new, offload your old clothes, or…

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Welcome to fashion & tech week: stylish accessories, online shopping & futuristic fashion

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Over the next week the shinyshiny team will be exploring the worlds of fashion and technology. We're going to be showing you the exciting ways brands are enhancing our buying experiences, rounding up some of the most stylish accessories for your tech, letting you in on our favourite online shopping secrets and taking a peek at…

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How a clothes steamer changed my life, and other gadgets your wardrobe needs now

Lauren Bravo Fashion, Fashion tech week, Features, Gadgets, Gadgets & Apps, Lifehacks, Living & Decor, Smart Shopping, Style, Uncategorized 1 Comment

I am a very creased person. No, I really am. Despite caring a fair bit about my clothes when it comes to buying them, I’m totally slack when it comes to looking after them, ironing them and making sure I don’t look like I fell asleep under a hedge. I don’t dare count the number…

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Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 review: Still the brightest star in Samsung’s Galaxy

Holly Brockwell Android, Gadgets & Apps, Reviews, Samsung 2 Comments

With the much-discussed Galaxy Alpha just around the corner, we take another look at Samsung’s current top dog, the S5, to see if it’s still a worthy contender half a year on. Is this the best Galaxy in the universe, or will the Alpha leave it feeling like a beta release? With thanks to Vodafone…

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Wearable tech: this shirt lights up in response to music

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New York-based company CRATED has teamed up with BotFactory, a circuitry and electronics start-up, to produce a shirt that incorporates some smart technology, allowing the shirt's logo to light up in response to audio. The garish garment, named 'Sync', features a pulsating LED '+' sign design that changes brightness according to background music - making it great for…

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Belaqise: Clothing brand changes S, M, L to ‘beautiful’, ‘amazing’ and ‘fabulous

Becca Caddy Smart Shopping, Style Leave a Comment

An innovative clothing brand from Holland wants to change the way we label and talk about the size of our bodies. The first step in making such a huge cultural shift? Do away with 'small', 'medium' and 'large' and replace them with 'beautiful', 'amazing' and 'fabulous'. Sounds great in theory, but will these new labels…

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