PayPal Pebble

Pebble and PayPal team up for watch-powered payments

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It's pretty clear that the physical wallet's days are numbered, and Pebble and PayPal have just teamed up to put another nail in its coffin with the launch of PayPal for Pebble. Pebble owners can now get the PayPal app on their smartwatch, which allows them to search for businesses nearby that accept PayPal as a payment…

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Life beyond ASOS: the best online fashion stores you’ve not discovered yet

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It's the world's most visited fashion site, and we've never wondered why – the postman always rings thrice where our ASOS habits are concerned (then pops back for our free returns). But even with its colossal choice of trends and labels, we're still getting a few too many 'ASOS? Snap!'  moments these days – notably one…

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Window shopping at Simpsons, Toronto, 1937

Inspiration and perspiration: how to survive shopping in summer

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Online sales growth has actually slowed this summer. And although the proportion of online retail sales has leapt up a whole per cent from last year, at 16.7% it’s still a surprisingly small fraction compared to all the shopping we do in real shops. Whether that’s because (despite all the tech at work to minimise…

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Sephora has launched mirrors that show what make-up will look like on you

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We all know that shopping for make-up is never straightforward. You can't ever try colours on your face (where you actually need to), and if you do, it's usually done by a really orange girl at the counter, who convinces you that you need a primer, lipstick and blusher as well as the foundation you…

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Veleza: a simple app to help you shop for skincare products

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We know there are plenty of life-hacking, game-playing and selfie-sending apps on the market, but what about those dedicated to the world of beauty? Launched in the UK this week, Veleza is a free app created to take the stress away from buying, trialling and often failing to find the right products and is dedicated…

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Pinterest: Why promoted pins won't destroy the user experience

Becca Caddy Features, Shopping 1 Comment

Over the past seven months, Pinterest has been "experimenting" with promoted pins, but will its news plans to step up its monetisation game have too much of a negative impact on the experience of its users? Four years after its launch and Pinterest is still a firm favourite for content curation, visual inspiration and, of…

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Google Now to bring annoying ad retargeting to your daily life

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Ever been shopping online to then see the same shoes you were thinking of buying appear on EVERY web page you visit for the next week? Well that's called retargeting and not only is it really annoying, but (in our personal experience) it never makes us go back and buy the shoes. In fact, we…

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Will anyone really buy a Tesco smartphone?

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Tesco is set to launch its own branded smartphone by the end of the year, according to a radio interview with the supermarket's Chief Executive, Philip Clarke. According to reports today, the Tesco phone will be running a version of Google's Android OS and will come with a number of Tesco services already installed, much…

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#AmazonBasket lets you shop on Twitter with hashtags

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Amazon and Twitter have teamed up to launch #AmazonBasket, a cool social shopping service that allows you to add things to your shopping basket just by tweeting about them. Launched over the Bank Holiday Weekend, #AmazonBasket (yep, the hashtag before it seems obligatory) allows shoppers to instantly add products to their Amazon shopping baskets. All…

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Asda and Zappar team up for an in-store "Easter Adventure Hunt"

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This Easter, augmented reality company Zappar is teaming up with Asda to bring shoppers an in-store Easter creature hunting experience. At Asda stores this weekend there'll be stickers attached to the floor that you can "zap" with the Zappar app. Once zapped they'll reveal a world with one of the Easter Bunny's friends hiding inside.…

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