Sleepphones review: blocking out my rhino of a neighbour with Bluetooth

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My upstairs neighbour is a rhinocerous. This is the only conclusion I can come to, considering the noise he makes tramping around on his wooden floorboards every night. Given the total absence of any kind of soundproofing in rental flats, this has been keeping me awake every night  – and I've had it. I've tried earplugs…

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ASUS ZenFone 5

ASUS ZenFone 5 A500KL review – a 5-star smartphone at a 3-star price

Holly Brockwell Android, Gadgets & Apps, Reviews 3 Comments

We go hands-on with the upgraded ASUS ZenFone 5, the middle sibling in the ZenFone family. At just £199.99 SIM-free, this 5-inch marvel doesn't just threaten the Moto G's 'best value' title – it full-on steals it. With thanks to ASUS for the handset.  The handset 8/10 The red, gold and purple versions of this handset…

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Vodafone Smart 4 handset

Vodafone Smart 4 review – A competent starter smartphone let down by its camera

Holly Brockwell Android, Phones, Product Reviews, Reviews, Video reviews 3 Comments

With thanks to Vodafone for the handset. The Vodafone Smart 4 is one of the lower-end phones in the Smart 4 range, one step above the entry-level Smart 4 Mini. As with the EE Kestrel and most network-branded phones, it’s actually made by a Chinese manufacturer that isn’t widely known here: Yulong. The name might…

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Archos Helium 50

Archos Helium 50 review – a generic 4G Android saved by its screen

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With thanks to Archos for the handset Better known in the UK for its audio and video players, French firm Archos has been making smartphones in Europe for quite a while. The Helium 50 is one of two phones in its first ever 4G LTE offering: a mid-range black plastic slab running Android Jelly Bean.…

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Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 review: Still the brightest star in Samsung’s Galaxy

Holly Brockwell Android, Gadgets & Apps, Reviews, Samsung 2 Comments

With the much-discussed Galaxy Alpha just around the corner, we take another look at Samsung’s current top dog, the S5, to see if it’s still a worthy contender half a year on. Is this the best Galaxy in the universe, or will the Alpha leave it feeling like a beta release? With thanks to Vodafone…

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Jawbone Up24 Review: Stylish, comfortable and wireless activity tracking

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So what's a Jawbone Up 24? Jawbone is a company that creates all kinds of cool tech products. Earlier in the week, we wrote about its new bluetooth headset, the Era, and chances are you'll recognise its colourful little Jambox speakers too. But Jawbone has also been one of the first companies to really get…

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REVIEW: Slim and padded be.ez LA Garde Robe laptop bag (in juicy raspberry)

Becca Caddy Accessories, Reviews 5 Comments

Here at Shiny Shiny we're on a mission to find lots of different laptop bags that don't just carry our gadgets around, but look good and aren't too bulky. You'd think there'd be plenty of choice, but accessories that tick all of the boxes are actually REALLY hard to come by. A few weeks ago…

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REVIEW: Kodak Pulse Digital Frame lets you share photos instantly

Becca Caddy Photography, Reviews 8 Comments

As part of our fortnight of Instagram goodness we were sent a 10" Kodak Pulse Digital Frame to try out, so we could showcase our favourite images from a fancy frame and not just squint at them on our teeny iPhone screens. The Pulse looks like a regular digital photo frame, but what makes it…

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REVIEW: Atomic Floyd SuperDarts the ultimate headphones for music lovers

Becca Caddy Audio, Reviews 16 Comments

A lot of headphones claim to bring us good quality sound that'll rival anything we've ever tried before. Most of them are good, but don't really stand out in a sea of similar products that all deliver in terms of sound and look good too. However, we were sent a pair of Atomic Floyd SuperDarts…

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Review: Wacom's clever new Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch tablet CTH-670

Becca Caddy Gadgets, Reviews, Top Stories 16 Comments

Wacom is well known for its clever tablet and pen solutions, which aim to make all kinds of activities, from sketching to game development to image editing as easy and intuitive as possible. The brand creates different kinds of interactive pen displays for specialist industries, the Cintiq range for animators and designers and we can't…

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Review: The LG Optimus 3D – nice phone but our poor little eyes can't deal with the third dimension

Anna Leach Features, LG, Reviews 16 Comments

I'll say it straight out - I'm not convinced by 3D cameras or 3D screens. I liked watching Avatar and of course 3D cameras were involved there, but outside several select films in the cinema I find the technology to be more hype than performance. More ow than wow. My eyes are naturally squinty and…

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Five Game-Changing Motorola Phones

Anna Leach Phones, Reviews, Top Stories 10 Comments

In many ways it has been Motorola (and not Nokia or even Apple) that has lead the way in mobile design. Since the late nineties it has delivered an array of game-changing handsets which have been hugely popular and very influential. So with the deal with Google in the can now, here's five mobiles that…

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Stitch-Your-Own iPhone case: X Stitch and iShoe

Anna Leach Accessories, iPhone, Reviews 13 Comments

If you fancy giving your iPhone 4 more of a stitched DIY feel then why not get a case which lets you STITCH ON YOUR IPHONE. Not into the glass of course... but into a soft silicon iPhone 4 case with stitchy holes in it. It's the cunning idea behind the X Stitch case from…

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Review: Beautiful Video Magazine Astronaut most innovative iPad Mag I've seen yet

Anna Leach iPad, Reviews, Top Stories 2 Comments

iPad magazines have been hyped hard, but the form is still finding its way. Many iPad mags I've looked at have simply been paper magazines dropped onto the tablet with little alteration except for maybe a video in the middle. There's a lot more to be done with the format and Video Magazine Astronaut is…

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Blackberry fix their Touch Screen: Liquid Graphics on new Blackberry 7

Anna Leach Blackberry, Reviews 5 Comments

Blackberry the masters of the QWERTY keyboard have made a serious effort to improve their touchscreens with a new system that they call Liquid Graphics, promising that it will be more responsive and faster. All three of the top smartphones they launched today on Blackberry 7 feature the new capacitive touch screens with the Torch…

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Why The Huffington Post might struggle in the UK

Ashley Norris Random Stuff, Reviews 12 Comments

Today is a big day for the UK media with the long awaited arrival of the British edition of The Huffington Post. The HuffPo has had a huge impact on US media and is apparently in the nation's top the nation's top three news sources. Can it repeat that sucess here? Well it chose a…

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Brugo Tip'n'Sip mug keeps drinks at optimum temperature for Tea Fascists

Anna Leach Reviews 3 Comments

If you're one of those people who refuses to drink tea or coffee unless it's at an optimum temperature, then you should probably should consider an insulated mug: for the good of yourself, of the environment and of the other people in the office who make you all these cups of tea that you BARELY…

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Listen to music in the back garden: Wireless Outdoor Speakers from BestBuy

Anna Leach Audio, Reviews 2 Comments

Glastonbury has got us all thinking about spending time outside lying on the grass, listening to sweet tunes. And if that means lying out in your back garden, so be it. And especially if you chose to take your music while lying in in your back-garden, you'll want a decent set of outdoor speakers. Which…

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